Miamisburg Vikings: Booster Information

What is the Booster Organization?
 This is an organization of parents/guardians who want to support and promote the High School Soccer program.  We want to develop and encourage good sportsmanship among our members and teams.  We look to provide financial assistance not generally covered by the High School Athletic Department.  We also work with the Athletic Director and soccer coaches to aid in the achievement of their goals. 

Who is a Member of the Booster Organization?
Any parents/guardians with a player on the High School Soccer teams is a member. Four board members (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected each year by the membership to provide leadership to the organization.  

Where and when are the meetings?
 The meetings are usually on the second Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the High School Commons.  Please check the website for the schedule of actual dates. 

Who should attend these meetings?
 Everyone who is interested in helping support the soccer teams.  Everyone who wants to learn about new information regarding the teams throughout the year.  Everyone who has questions or concerns about the soccer teams.  Everyone with new and better ideas about fundraising, improving program morale and increasing game attendance.  These meetings are very informal and usually last no more than an hour.   Please check our website, mark your calendar and show your support in helping make this soccer season a success for all of us!!!  Each person is needed and can add value to our program.  

Booster Committee Chairs
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