Miamisburg Vikings: Important News

Wednesday, October 1

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Our next meeting will be held on  : October 14th at 7pm in the High School Lecture Hall

We would appreciate that each family have someone present at the meeting.  It is vital for our growth that we have as many families as possible attend.  See you there!

Sunday, May 11
Please join me in congratulating Patrick Zengel on winning the 2014 Soccer Scholorship . He will be attending Sinclair college and studying Architecture . We wish you the very best Patty !!!!!


Tuesday, February 4
Addition to our Coaching Staff
Please join me in welcoming an addition to our coaching staff. Daniel Wolcott a 2009 graduate and soccer alumni will be joining us this season on staff. His role will be primarily the development of our players' personal skills at the JV level. Coach Daniel will be able to show our players proper ball skills breaking down the techniques of passing, shooting, and dribbling. He is able to show the pace of play and fire needed to play at the Varsity level. He's a great asset to have assist our players in developing everything necessary to make us successful this season and many seasons to come.