Vestal Girls Softball: Vestal Vipers

2014 Vestal Vipers

The Following players have been selected by the coaches for the 2014 Vestal Viper All-Stars!

Congratulations to you all for all your hard work from winter workouts through the season so far!

12U Vestal All Stars

Head Coach Dave Schmidt

Assistant Coaches - Derek Topp, Pete Cardinale

Megan Topp

Hailey Topp

Shreya Nippani

Anna Schmidt

Alexis Cardinale

Jenna Lane

Emma Hroncich

Ashlyn Darpino

Cate Reynolds

Megan Burdick

Desiree Kaeckmeister

Morgan Gendren


10U Vestal All Stars Gold

Head Coach - Bill Duff

Assistant Coach - John Hroncich

Emma Caffrey 

Makenzie Rogers

Zoe Keesler

Mallory Duff

Jordan Miller

Ciara Hroncich

Amylia Wiesner

Katie Hayes

Lexi Kalogris

Lacey Lee

Edna Kiefer

Kymora Wang

Lilly Wlostowski


10U Vestal All Stars Green

Head Coach - Shelly Farro

Assistant Coach - Todd Eames

Assistant Coach - Joel Storer

Kelly Hughes

Alexandria Partridge

Kaleigh Farro

Kaylen Smith

Meghan Eames

Hadley Parker

Katelyn Sonnen

Kailonee Razo

Jen Stica

Linsey Milligan

Madison Monahan

Faith Hicks

Kelsey Brady

Hannah Kinthiseng


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