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Sat 4/1 star Practices Begin All Day Harold Moore Park
Sun 4/16 star EASTER TBA TBA
Sat 4/22 star VGS Clean Up Day 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Harold Moore Park
Mon 4/24 star Games Begin All Day Harold Moore Park
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                                                    "Vestal will fight to the end, fight to the finish never give in,

                                                  Vestal Golden Bears will bring, Victory and honor which will ring,

                                                           Our team is out there out there to fight... FIGHT!

                                                          We have the courage we have the Might... MIGHT!

                                                            As we shout our loyalty and march on to victory"

Registration 2017


In an effort to provide the best softball experience for the players and parents. The registration fee is $100 for divisions 8U, Minors, Majors and Teener League players. All players that did not OPT OUT will receive a packet of 10 raffle tickets to sell and be able to recover the money spent to play.

There are 2 options for everyone who is registered:

1. When all 10 are sold, you can keep the money and turn in the raffle tickets for our drawing.

2. Do not sell the tickets and fill them out for yourself for the raffle. It is up to you. By adopting this new format, with a little effort of selling all of your tickets, equals your child plays for free!

These instructions will be included with the raffle tickets and delivered to the coaches of each team once teams have been finalized.



Vestal Girls Softball Frequently asked Questions and Answers Information

Question: When is the league going to start?
Answer: The league practices will start up April 1st depending on field and coaching availability.  Games will start typically the first week of May, but may be sooner depending on weather and continue through the third week of June. This may include cross over games @ Endicott and possible other areas.

Question: Can my daughter play with this other girl or coach?
Answer: We will try to accommodate your request at the AAA level; however, we are trying to balance the teams as evenly as possible and can't guarantee that every request can be filled. Majors Division usually drafts players, in the event that players are placed in Majors, your request will be considered. Minors teams will be placed or redrafted depending on the number of players and teams available.

Question: Do I have to go to the evaluation?
Answer: If your daughter wishes to play in the Majors division (12U), and did not play in this division last year, she will need to go through an evaluation.
If your daughter is 8 or under AAA or will play in the Minors division (8-11) she will not need to go through evaluations and will be placed on teams.  

Question: When will we know who the coach is?
Answer: The coaches will contact you and we will post the teams on the Internet as soon as we have formed all the teams.

Question: Where are the games played?
Answer: All home games, unless makeup’s for rain outs, will be at Harold Moore Park.  Some rain outs etc... 8U games may be played at the WSKG fields. Any Cross-over games will be on the road @ Glendale Park in Endicott and Muth Park in Apalachin.

Question: When are games?
Answer: Each team will play at least two games per week Monday - Friday.  Majors Minors and AAA games start at either 5:30pm or 6:00pm. Teener League (16U) games are to be determined because of cross over with Endicott League, but games typically start at 6:00pm.

Question: How many raffle tickets do we need to sell?
Answer: Each player will be given 10 $10 tickets. If you sell all the tickets for the raffle, you keep the money, turn in your raffle stubs and your child essentially plays for free.
 Sell more for more entries in the player raffle!

Question: What do we need to buy for our child to play?
Answer: Each player should have a leather softball glove, usually a 12” -13" model is best at the Majors level. 11 ½” is usually used at the Minors level. All depending on the size of the child. Bats are provided by the league, but if you want to purchase your own that is ok as well. Helmets are provided to each team, however most players tend to purchase their own as the season progresses. This avoids any health concerns by sharing helmets and the child has their own for practices and games. Each Majors division player should buy Sliders if wearing shorts or softball pants to protect them when sliding. These can be purchased as low as $5 at Zapps on the corner of Main St and Front St. in Vestal. Infielders at all levels are required to wear a fielders mask. It is highly recommended that all players at all levels wear fielders masks. If for any reason you may need assistance in registration or obtaining equipment for your child, Please contact league president William Duff we may be able to assist.

Question: Where will I need to Volunteer this year to help out?
Answer: Each parent is expected to volunteer this season. We need your help at our league wide field clean up day, date TBD, where we will clean the concession area and ready the fields for playing. Any help is accepted in order to have the league ready for the games. 
Any further questions feel free to contact us


Coaches for 2017

If interested in coaching a team for the 2017 season, whether Head Coach or Assistant Coaching position... Please visit our Forms and Downloads section to obtain the Coaching Letter of Intent and the Coaching Code of Conduct and return to VGS by one of the options given. Or contact William Duff . We are accepting applications for all divisions 8U, Minors, Majors and Teeners for 2017! Coaches will be reviewed and teams assigned after board approval.


We have made some changes to our Division names to be more in line with other area leagues and to help eliminate confusion in the future. The new names and age listings are below.

8U Division

Softball for girls 8 yrs and under and in school. This is an instructional league designed to teach the fundamentals of softball to girls. For the first 3 to 4 games players will hit off of a batting tee, we will then reevaluate and move to coach pitching. Fielders masks are required for infielders but highly recommended for all positions.

Minors Division

Softball for girls between the ages of 8 and 12. This is a semi-competitive softball league for girls to build advanced skills. For the first 3 to 4 games players will face a pitching machine; this gives our kids more experiance hitting the ball, we will then reevaluate our pitchers development and move to live pitching. Fielders masks are required for infielders but highly recommended for all positions.

Players will be placed on previous (if possible) or on equal teams based on playing ability.

Majors Division

Competitive softball for girls 10 to 12.

All evaluated skilled players who have shown the ability to handle live pitching in a competitive environment.

All girls entering this division must be evaluated to verify the needed skill level to compete.
VGS has the right to ask that a player develop more in the minors, if their skills need more attention or if there is a safety concern, or Call a player up if they have evaluated strong enough and if they can physically participate in this division. Players may be drafted or placed on teams depending on #'s and new teams created. Fielders masks are required for infielders but highly recommended for all positions.

All Stars

U10 Vipers All Stars
All Star Softball for girls 10U.
All of our 10U All Star player selections will be invited to tryouts (date TBA) near the conclusion of the VGS Rec Season.
Invites based on coaching selection throughout the season. Players may be placed on a team depending on the number of positions available.

U12 Vipers All Stars
All Star Softball for girls 12U.
All of our 12U All Star player selections will be invited to tryouts (date TBA) near the conclusion of the VGS Rec season. Invites based on coaching selections throughout the season. Players may be placed on a team depending on number of positions available.

Teener Division

All 13-17 yr old players, Girls 12 yr and/or if they are on a school team they automatically qualify and are eligible to tryout for this level. However, based on the number of players and ages, they may not be guaranteed to make the teams and may be asked to return to the 12U division. Any girl wishing to play up in this division will have to attend the mandatory player assessments. This will aide in placing of the players on the appropriate teams and divisions based on their age and their playing ability. All players 13 yrs and above will be placed on teams.


Vestal Beverages & Redemption Center has been kind enough to assist VGS in starting an on
going bottle and can drive to assist with the upcoming field maintenance,
player equipment, and player assistance for the 2017 season. If you
would like to help donate your bottles and cans, they can be taken to
Vestal Beverages & Redemption Center 1696 Route 26 (by Vandevort Services on Juneberry), Vestal, NY 13850.

When delivering the cans and bottles, please make sure to state that they are for "Vestal Girls Softball" You'll get a receipt for your tax deduction and we get 6 cents credited to our organization for every can or bottle donated!

Please help to pass the word along to others, any
help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, VGS Board

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