Verradovolleyballclub: Jim's Workout Of the Week

Tuesday, April 29
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending May 3rd

Warm up:

2 times around the block 400 mtrs

13 pushups

13 squats 




Buy out:  35 sit ups



With  the clock running you need to do 65 burpees as fast as you can!  Secret: Spit them up in sets! Example: do 10 take 10 second rest, another 10, then 10 sec rest...etc... Or what ever you feel comforable with!


Good luck

Coach Jim 


Tuesday, April 22
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending April 26th
Warm up: 2 times around the block or 800 meters
Light stretch or roll out muscles... Grab volleyball and roll legs, arms, shoulders, back by being on top of ball!

"The Chipper"
80- Jumprope
70- Squats
60- situps
50- Lunges
40- Pushups
30- Tuck Jumps
20- Burpees
10- Overhead Squats with Volleyball

Buyout........ Take 15 minutes and Stretch all Body parts....
legs, back, spine, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, chest, neck.... etc.....

This workout should be done with out rest... Move from exercise to exercise and "chip away" at all exercises..

The key is not the workout...... the key is your discipline in your mind to think of nothing else but what you are doing at the present time! Another key is outside your workout...... What are you eating...... your exercise will feel easier with a good diet....
NO NO's............. Bread, Rice, Potatoes.....(Fries from In and Out Burger) Spaghetti, Pasta, Tortillas, cereal, milk........ Stay away from these foods and you have it half way beat!

YES, YES'S.......... Chicken, fish, lunchmeat, vegetables, Steak, eggs, bacon, Avacados, apples, oranges, banana once in a while, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pears, plums, pine nuts, and water!!!!

Have fun and have a wonderful Positive workout!!!! Its all in your head and heart!

Coach Jim  

Monday, April 14
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending April 19th
Warm Up:
squats 15
Jumping jacks 15
Burpees 15

Jump Rope 100
Pushups 15 10 min amrap ...

Buyout: 100 situps

Stretch!!!! 15 minutes

Warmup is pretty simple!
jump rope and then pushups back to back as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) for 10 minutes.

When you complete this you should stretch!!!!!!!
After every workout you should stretch!
This workout will attack your shoulders!

Have fun!!!
"Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute, an hour, a day or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If you quit, however, it will last forever!"
If you want to be the best....... This has to be a way of life!!!!!!!

Coach Jim

Tuesday, April 8
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending April 12th

 Warm up:
400 m run....(around Block)
Tuck jumps 10
Burpees 10
situps 10

Buy in: Jump Rope 150...

4 rounds for time:
Alternating lunge jumps 18
Tuck Jumps 14         
Burpees 10

Buy Out: Jump Rope 150

Alternating Lunge Jumps......
Start in a lunge Position left foot forward right foot and leg behind you..Jump up in the air and in mid air switch left foot that is forward to the rear and the right foot that is in the rear to the front.... I will try to attach a demo!

Good luck and Make sure you post.... Make good choices with your diet.....
It is your fuel!
Bad fuel ..... Bad vehicle!

Get some Ladies!!!!! Challenge yourself, expect perfection, Desire cant be measured!

Coach Jim

Tuesday, April 1
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending April 5th

 Warm up: 25 jumping jacks

Buy in: 200 on the Jump rope

Pushups 5
Sit ups 6
Burpees 7...

AMRAP for 11 minutes
Buy out: 200 on the jump rope

Scaled back a bit on the intensity.....
If you notice I push quite a bit of jump rope.... There is a reason for that.... You are pushing off your toes, strengthening your calf muscles and strengthening your achilles tendon.....
This aids and assists in your VERTICAL!
True story!
AMRAP= as many rounds as possible for 11 minutes
Post your rounds!

Have fun!
Coach Jim

Tuesday, March 25
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending March 29th

 Warm up....
800 meter run or 2 laps around the block
150 on the jump rope....

Buy in: 40 air squats

Burpees 30...
Pushups 30
Burpees 20
Pushups 20 For time!!!!!!
Burpees 10
Pushups 10
Burpees 5
Pushups 5

Buy out: 40 sit ups

Buy in.... Dont cheat at air squats.... Your hip crease (where your leg and hip meet) must be lower than the height of your knee.....
Rest is self explanitory!
Go get it ladies!
Coach Jim

Monday, March 17
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending March 22nd
 Warm up:
25 walking lunges
10 pushups
15 tuck jumps
12 pushups
Run around the block once...

Buy in: Jump rope 75 revolutions
4 rounds for time:
Pushups 10
Situps 15         

Reverse squats 20

Buy out: Jump rope 75 revolutions

Post your time on the website or facebook post!!
This workout we are gonna double down!
When you post you will get double the credit or your name twice in the hat for one workout!


Regular squats start from the standing position squat down past parallel and come back up.
Reverse Squats: Start from the bottom or past parallel (hips must be lower than knee) raise to the top or standing position with no pause shoot directly back down to parallel quads to the ground and pause for a second at the bottom. Then repeat.
The pause is at the bottom not the top like regular squats.

Go get it!
Remember, your ability to do things above and beyond the call of duty or the call of your coach will aid in your improvement. Just working hard at practice is not enough!

Coach Jim

Monday, March 10
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending March 15th

 Warm up
12 Burpees...
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Push-ups
100 Jump Rope
Run around the block.

Burpees 5
Squats 50
Burpees 10
Squats 40
Burpees 15
Squats 30
Burpees 20
Squats 20
Burpees 25
Squats 15
Burpess 30
Squats 10
Burpees 35
Squats 5

Buy Out
350 Jump Rope

Squats must be all the way down pushing through your heels, but should be lower than your knee! No cheating!!!!

Enjoy and work hard!!!!!!

Coach Jim

Tuesday, March 4
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending March 8th

Warm up
300 jump rope...
20 pushups

jumprope 60
overhead squats with volleyball 20
Burpees 10

5 rounds for time!
11 min time cap

Warm up....... pretty simple just jump rope and pushups

jump rope full revolutions
Overhead squats with the VB....... Take the ball above your head with arms and elbows full extended, keep chest back and squat.
Burpees... Make sure your chest touches the ground on every burpee!
Go 5 rounds and you only have 11 minutes max!

Good luck! Attack it!!!!

Coach Jim

Monday, February 24
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending March 1st
 Warm up:
10 pushups...
10 jumping jacks
10 Burpees
10 squats
10 situps

Buy in.... 20 burpees

Pushups 5
Situps 10 amrap of 15 minutes
Squats 15

Buy out..... Ten 50 yard sprints (fast) Match times or descend..

Warm up is basic... self explanitory

WOW: Start a stop watch...... drop down and do 5 pushups, then roll over and do 10 situps, then stand up and do 15 squats...
Start again right away no rest......
get as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes!!! post your rounds!! lets see who can get the most rounds!
AMRAP= as many rounds as possible!

Go get it VVC!!!!
Coach Jim

Monday, February 17
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending February 22nd
Great job this weekend at the Festival Fiesta! You make your parents and all of us at VVC Proud!!!!! Fantastic Job!!!

 Warm up:
25 Burpees
Run around the block once

BUY IN: Wall sit 3:00 minutes...

3 Round for time:

Pushups 25
Air Squats 25
Jumprope 100
Situps 25
Lunges 25

Buy out: Wall sit 4:00 minutes

Info and explanation:
Warm up is pretty basic!
Wall sits: sit against a wall with your back to it, from your knee to your hip that must be parallel to the ground!
For 3 min!
3 Rounds of pushups, air squats, jumprope, situps, lunges.
Back to back no stopping!
Buy out is wall sit! 4:00 min!

Good luck!!! Train hard girls! 

Coach JIM

Monday, February 10
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending February 15th
Getting Ready for Festival

 Warm up: 100 revolutions on the jumprope and / Jog medium pace around the block.
BUY IN: 18 Burpees

Air Squats 1 min 30 seconds
Plank Holds 1 min 30 seconds

Pushups 1 min 2 rounds for TIME!
Sit ups 1 min

Toe jumps 30 seconds
Ball taps 30 seconds

BUY OUT: 12 Burpees into tuck jumps

Info & Direction:
Warm up... If you dont have a rope (get one soon you will need it) pretend like you are jumping rope for 100 revolutions. Then run around the block.
Take a minute or two to catch your breath before you start.

BUY IN: 18 burpees..... Then 1 min rest

With a continuous running clock do as many air squats as you can for 1.5 minutes, drop down quickly into a plank hold for 1.5 minutes, then transition into pushups for 1 minute, situps for 1 minute, Toe jumps for 30 sec, lastly ball taps for 30 sec. 2 rounds for time back to back... 12 minutes total

Air Squats: make sure your butt drops below your knees! Every time... dont cheat... You are just cheating yourself... Also, when you get halfway down and to the bottom FORCE your knees out to the sides... you will work your glutes (butt)better!

Plank holds: See picture!

Toe Jumps: with straight knees jump as high as you can pushing of your toes and the ball of your foot to spring in the air as high as you can.

The objective is to get as many repetitions as posible with each exercise!!!!!

After the first round take a minute rest......
get on to the second round! 12 minute total workout!

BUY OUT: Burpees into tuck jumps!
Do a burpee then into a tuck jump!

Have fun and send your info in that you are doing this workout!!!!

Work hard!
GO VVC!!!!!
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Saturday, February 1
Jim's W.O.W. for the week ending February 8th

 Go get it ladies!
" Just going to practice is not enough! It is what you do off the court and outside of practice to prepare for practice and game day is what develops champions!"

Jim Steg

Warm up....... jog around the block...
Buy In..... 75 situps

Pushups 20
Lunges 30 (steps)
Tuck Jumps 20 (Knees to chest)
Ball Taps 50
3 rounds of this back to back no rest!

Buy out.....75 pushups

Info and direction:
Your BUY IN is what you have to do before the actual workout!
After BUY IN you can start the WOW.
Pushups.... can be done on your knees but shoulders to knees must be in a straight line. Butt down not way up in the air.
Lunges... one leg at a time, each lunge counts as a rep.
Tuck Jumps.... jump up high in the air and bring your knees to your chest then bring them down straight to land.
Ball Taps.... Sit on the ground, grab a volleyball with both hands and hold right in front of your chest, lift feet off the ground so heels are 6 inches off the ground. Tap the ball on the ground on the right side then tap the ball on the left side. Each side counts as a rep.
3 rounds of this!
Total movements.... including buy in..... and buy out....
135 pushups
90 lunges
60 tuck jumps
150 ball taps
75 sit ups

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