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Friday, February 14
2014-2015 Board Election & General Meeting

2014-2015 Board Election & General Meeting

June 11th @ 7:00 pm Cottonwood Recenter Notice of 2014 Annual Meeting and Election of Directors ________________________________________

The Annual Meeting and Board Member Elections for Verde Valley Little League will be held from June 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM at Cottonwood Recreation center. As required by Little league international, "The annual meeting of the Members of the Local League shall be each year for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors and Members, receiving reports and for the transaction of such business as may properly come before the meeting. After the Board of Directors is elected, the Board shall meet to elect the officers. For the expressed purpose of accommodating a regular member in good standing who cannot be in attendance at the annual meeting, an absentee ballot may be requested and obtained from the Secretary of the League( The absentee ballot shall be properly completed, signed and returned in a sealed envelope to the Secretary prior to June 10th 2014, You can drop off the ballot to the drop box at the Cottonwood Recreation Center on or before the date of the annual meeting and the election of members to the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall present all absentee ballots to the Election Chairman on the date of the annual meeting prior the conduct of the election process." The candidates with the most votes will be announced on this web site following the counting of the ballots. Ballots will be counted by the league Secretary and President and a third person TBA

Evening Agenda

1. Financial Report

2. Vote on number of directors for the 2014-2015 season.

3. Presentation of candidates for election to the Board of Directors

4. Election of new Board of Directors

5. Open discussion

6. Counting of ballots/ announcement of members

7. Closed session of the new Board of Directors to elect officers


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Sunday, January 5
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Sunday, January 5
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