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Tuesday, November 17
Results USL Super 20 Playoffs 2011

All Tournament Team

Group Play:
Lower Merion 2 - Toronto Lynx 0
Lower Merion 4 - VA Royals 0
Lower Merion 3 - Beachside 0

Lower Merion 0 - Toronto Lynx 0 (Toronto Advances in PK's 4-2) 

Monday, January 18
Vélez win 2010 Indoor Cup
A fun day in Wilkes-Barre (especially the 8 AM start)!
2010 EPYSA Indoor Cup

Thursday, December 31
Vélez Place Third at Disney
Vélez boys placed third at Disney having played  three USSF Development Academies.  The boys tied Lonestar 2-2 to force a PK shoutout to decide the group winner as they were tied in every other category.  Lonestar went on to win our half of the event beating YMS 1-0.  Lonestar was extremely physical especially given the lax refereeing.  Down 2-0 after a PK, the boys fought back to 2-2 tie.  There was an obvious hand ball in the box at the end of the game that would have given us the chance to win but the referee explained that the time had expired.  Hmmm.

Boys also had a tie against Concorde Fire Elite from Atlanta, GA (1-1) but honestly, that game should have been won by the boys.  They also had another win against Solar SC Academy after YMS had beaten them the day prior.

The lone club game came against a really good Beachside team which the boys won 2-1.  That game could have gone either way.

Coach's reflection after this event is that USSF DA's are focusing too much on brutus violent soccer instead of creating magicians.  Concorde Fire Elite is loaded with huge athletic players all bound for the ACC.  Our little Ivy and D3 defenders caught them offsides about 15 times and completely negated their size and speed.   Lonestar was far too dirty and violent and reflective of why so many Americans get red carded so quickly in international play.  However, they played some very attractive soccer when they were not fouling.  Solar played pretty attractive non violent soccer but were outwitted by both Vélez and YMS.  But the personal development was obvious.

Wednesday, October 28
2009 Known Schedule of Events

Date Time Opponent @ Location Event
11/21-11/22 TBD Bethesda Thanskgiving Montgomery Soccer Plex ShowCase
11/27-11/28 TBD PDA College Showcase Zarephath, NJ Showcase
12/11-12/13 TBD Raleigh CASL Showcase Raleigh, NC Showcase
12/26-12/30 TBD Disney College Showcase Orlando, FL Showcase

Saturday, July 11
News Articles for 2009

Vélez at Nationals (YMS Game)

Vélez at Regionals in WV

Vélez win USYSA National League and Qualify for Nationals

TopDrawerSoccer Article on National League

Vélez plays Chelsea (GBR) Article

Sunday, July 26
Vélez Place 3rd at USYSA Nationals

The Vélez boys finished in 3rd and 1 goal away from making the finals at the 2009 US Youth Championships.  See table by clicking here.

Monday, April 20
Vélez win USYSA National League and Qualify for Nationals

USYSA article

TopDrawerSoccer Article

Wednesday, March 18
92's Competing in ODP National Championships

Dalton Carroll, Olutolani Ibikunle, Milton Rico, Max Tassano
Click Here for Story!

Sunday, August 3
Events for 2008/9
Team Schedules

Thursday, July 31
Vélez at US Youth Nationals

See Photos. The Vélez boys competed in the US Youth Nationals held in Little Rock, AR between July 21 - 27th. The combination of key injuries and the heat proved to be too much for the boys. Vélez opened the competition against the Dallas Texan Reds (winners of National League). The Reds were coming home from a European swing and looked ready to roll. The game was competetitve and even for the first fifteen minutes. Then, like lightening, three goals were scored in a span of 10 minutes resulting in a 3-0 halftime lead (and 1 red card ejection for a Vélez player for last man tackle). Final result:5-1 with Kevin scoring an honor goal late in the game (and a man down).

Game 2 saw Triangle come out and struggle early against Vélez. Apparently they were trying to manage their player rotations as to rest key starters for the third game against Dallas. Instead Triangle found themselves down 1-0 at the half with some chances on goal but most of the play being held by Vélez. It could have easily been much more than 1-0 but we shot wide on our chances. In the second half, with the sun now above the trees and the heat and humidity started kicking in, Triangle took over the game as the Vélez boys were finding it tough to breath in the soupy humidity. Two second half goals by Triangle ended the game 2-1.

In Game 3, a more sensible substitution approach was used against Javanon and it seemed to pay off quite well. For once, the entire team was not dead early in the second half. Instead we were able to compete against Javanon in ironically the hottest day of the tournament. The score did not go our way, 2-1 final, but we got most of the clear cut opportunities and on a lucky day, would have won convincingly. Hitting the post twice and missing wide on two other 1 v 1 against the keepers made it clear that it would not be our day.

There were significant lessons learned from the experience by players and coaches alike. From a coach's perspective, allowing players to attend soccer camps the two weeks prior to Nationals was a killer as many of them returned injured and unable to train the days prior to nationals, better understanding of how to prepare (fitness) for hot and humid southern weather, and finally the need to sub early and often to ensure that the team, as a whole, is as fit at all times in the game given the overwhelming heat.

A great experience nonetheless. Our goal is to return next year.

Wednesday, July 2
Vélez Win Region 1 Tournament

See Photos. The Vélez boys won the Region 1 Championship tournament by beating Maine (Coastal) in PK's 4-2 after five rounds.

It was a character performance all week as a virus spread quickly through the team claiming fifteen victims through the finals. Thanks to Delsym and some clever substituting, the boys were able to struggle through the group stages before finding their game in the semis. The finals were a tough event with both teams running out of gas through 110 minutes of play.

Below is a recap of the tournament from our assistant coach, Peter:

The real story from this tournament is the fortitude displayed by these young men as they overcame adversity and sacrificed themselves for the team. They continually picked up the other. Each and every one of them contributed to this championship. I believe about 15 of the 18 boys were sick.

There were fevers, chills, lower GI attacks, upper GI attacks, persistent coughs, deep fatigue. Evan played the entire tournament sick. On top of the ailments, there were the injuries; Momadu’s ankle, Milton’s ankle, Kevin’s ankle, Julien’s ankle, Archie’s impaired vision, Petey’s knee, Aiden’s back (after a hit). Kevin suffered a severe cramp in the last game. We started stuffing relish down his throat to try and stop the cramp.

One of my favorite moments occurred when Petey was elbowed to the nose after a headball… was gushing….We took him to the sideline, washed the blood out of his jersey, stuffed his nostrils with Gauze and sent him right back in. Witness Patrick O’ Neil barely able to hold his head up…..sleeping during warm ups so he could play the game. He wasn’t the only one. Julien was telling Miguel and Ian “ I have nothing left”…yet he returned the next day to play the entire game. Momadu was clipped hard on his ankle. The trainer took him to the tent and taped him. He came back to play.

Story after story…time after time…They are too numerous to list. In the overtime of the last game, Miguel and Ian were simply asking “ Who can play”…..No one was saying no if they could walk. Brendan’s performance at the end was inspirational. The boy was very sick [puked twice on the way home]. He played one of his best games. They truly became men at this tournament and have earned respect. I’ll never forget it !

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Monday, May 19
Vélez 2008 EPYSA U16 State Champions
Congratulations to the Vélez boys for winning the U16 EPYSA state championship over YMS by a 1-0 score. The rain certainly made for an exciting game. Maine, here we come!
See Photos.

Monday, May 19
Vélez 2008 Region 1 Premier League Champions
Congratulations to the Vélez boys who won the U16 Region 1 Premier League by beating YMS in PK's (4-3) after a 1-1 tie.
See Photos.

Thursday, December 27
Vélez ends Successful Fall Campaign
The Vélez boys completed a successful fall campaign by finishing 2nd in group at Bethesda and winning the CASL Blue Division in Raleigh, NC. In between we played two developmental games at the PA Classics Showcase. The improvement between the beginning of the season and our final December tournament was noticeable. Congratulation to the boys as they head into the winter season.

Wednesday, November 14
Events for 2007/8

* Bethesda Thanksgiving

* PA Classics College Showcase

* Raleigh CASL ShowCase

* Phoenix SC Del Sol - President's Day

* Dallas Cup

* Region 1 Premier League


Tuesday, June 26
Vélez Runners-up in US Club Region B
Congratulations to the Vélez boys for a fine showing at US Club Region B championships. Vélez won the group beating YMS Xplosion 2-1, FC Gunners (NJ) 5-0, and tying SSC Munich 2-2 in the tournament opener. The boys then beat PA Classics Elite 91 3-1 before falling in the finals 1-0 to YMS on a fluky goal. YMS outscored other opponents 17-0. Vélez held them to two goals in two games and scored two goals in two games.

Friday, June 8
Vélez Crowned 2007 Colonial League Champion
Vélez wins the Colonial League by beating West Chester United 3-0 in the finals played at USTC tonight. The win guarantees Vélez a birth in Region 1 Premier League for next year. Vélez accumulated 7 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie scoring 21 goals for and 2 against. Congrats to the boys!

Tuesday, May 22
Vélez 2007 EPYSA State Cup Finalist
Kudos to the boys for a wonderful run this spring. 0-0 at the end of regulation against FC Delco before a heartbreaking loss in extra time.

Thursday, May 3
How to Tryout for Vélez
Tryouts for Vélez are handled by attending practices. Please email the coach to attend a session. Click here

Wednesday, February 21
Vélez Wins Inaugural Clyde Best Tournament in Bermuda
Wins over Hockessin, Bermuda National team, and CT. ODP 92 team secured the age group. Trip was a blast. See the pics by clicking here.

view full size

Monday, February 12
Vélez is Bermuda Bound
The Vélez team will be playing in the inaugural Clyde Best tournament in Hamilton, Bermuda. It was less than a year ago that Vélez was playing English teams all over London.

Learn about the tournament here:
Clyde Best

Follow the action here:

Wednesday, January 10
2007 Tournaments
PA Futsal State Championships (1/27/2007)
USTC Outdoor (2/10/2007)
Bermuda Invitational (2/15-2/19/2007)
Jefferson Cup (3/17-3/18/2007)
March Madness (3/24-3/25/2007)
Delco Players Cup (5/26-5/27/2007)
US Club Regionals (6/23-6/24/2007)

Other Games:
Colonial League (March - May) Saturdays
EPYSA State Cups (April - May) Saturdays
MAPS (June) Saturday or Sunday

Monday, November 6
Upcoming Tournaments
Fall/Winter 2006-7:
YMS Columbus Day
MAPS / MSSL Fall Challenge
Bethesda Thanksgiving
MAPS/MSSL Winter Classic
Bermuda Invitational

Spring 2007:

Tuesday, August 22
Vélez Completes Successful London Tour
Vélez completed their tour of London with the utmost of success and fun. There were soccer elements, cultural elements, and political elements that the kids got to experience and benefit from during the trip.


* Training at Charlton was excellent and provided the balance between new and challenging exercises as well as excitement.

* Training at Chelsea was the kids' favorite but perhaps our (Velez coaches) second favorite. We believe the Charlton training benefited the team more but the Chelsea trainer is the utmost in statesmanship for the club. A crowd pleaser.

* Training at Arsenal was interesting. Perhaps the kids toughest (they were very tired going in) and the technical requirements were quite tough. Given that Arsenal does not lend out its Academy coaches, we understood that we were getting an Arsenal Community Development coach. it was interesting material. Very tough for the kids to master and ultimately something we will be bringing and using at home. But the kids didn't care for the lack of excitement in the practice. Had we to do it again, we would have skipped Arsenal.

* Tottenham was exciting and fun as we got Academy coaches working with the boys. Lots of energy and demanding techniques. We could see a full week with them at a better facility.

In retrospect, if we were to do it all over again, we'd probably ask for one Club to coach the kids for 8 sessions over 6 calendar days with rest built in. Every time we went to a new Academy, because the coach's did not understand the level of our kids, they'd start from the beginning with them. Fatigue also caused diminishing returns.

* Game against Graves End and Northfleet ended 3-2 Vélez through four quarters. Big and fast but a good matchup. Our dribblers did well against them.

* Game against Fulham U14 + some U15's ended 2-0 Vélez through four quarters. Very technical in their play. We thought they'd be a lot more physical but they were actually quite gentlemenly in their approach to the scrimmage. I was very surprised.

* Game against Cambridge U16 ended 0-0 through four quarters. Very fast and strong with good organization. It was difficult to get the ball in the net but we had the run of play.

* Game against Reading U15 ended 3-0 to Reading through two halfs although it was 1-0 for a very long time into the game (60+ minutes). It was a very physical affair bordering on violent especially towards the beginning of the match. we had kids with teeth knocked out and jaws broken, concussions, hyperextended knees, pulled muscles and fatigued to no end. Six players in total at the hospital or team trainer after the game. They too took some knocks as the game was played at a tempo unseen by our kids before. In retrospect, had we gotten hurt trying to win balls and had they simply been bigger, stronger, and faster to the balls, then we would have been in awe of the quality of athletes and of the level of their play. But the truth is that we got hit late and repeatedly with half, but not all of the injuries, being due to mistimed tackles. Our love of holding the ball precipated a lot of the late hits and the referee called very little (no foul with one of our boys holding his teeth in his hand). Our taller dribblers took the brunt of the punishment as the little guys were hard to catch. It was impressive to see the difference in body mass between the Reading team (mixture of Academy players and adjuncts that train with the team)and ourselves as we looked tiny in the midfield where ironically, we had most of our success. To their credit, they were very well organized on the ball and had the run of play. Absent of the violence, it was an impressive display of power and talent. We were proud to see how some of our boys could not only keep up with the Reading boys, but could also impose their playing style forcing Reading to make adjustments.


* Riot? Did anyone say riot? Prior to the Chelsea - Celtics match, some Velezians got to enjoy a riot outside the stadium with people getting arrested, beers getting thrown with punches, and horses and cops everywhere. It was actually quite exciting. Luckily, most of the team was already in the stadium. Vélez kids also enjoyed everything from the Theatre to the House of Commons to Lillywhites, Carnaby Street, British Museum, Natural History Museum, Soho, Cambridge University, Reading, and lots of other attractions. The smiles on their faces said it all. The toughest part was trying to get them to watch the correct way prior to crossing streets. Quite a few scary moments for us coaches. If we were to do it all over again, we'd cut back on the "team" outings and simply leave the time as open time, so that families or groups can go where they wish to go or simply stay behind and rest. We needed to schedule more rest.


* Unfortunately, the terrorist threat cancelled all flights out of Heathrow for days (including ours). The resourceful Velezians found alternate routes home prolonging their vacation through places like Shannon, Manchester, and Belfast. Thankfully, everyone made it home safely although some boys were late for high school tryouts.

A very special thanks to all the parents and to Cambrian for making this trip so enjoyable and valuable. Cambrian was intrumental in ensuring we all found our way home and was flexible the entire trip to ensure that all our needs were met. Kudos.

* Summer 2006
European Excursion England (Chelsea/Arsenal/Charlton/Totenham Academies):
Official Itinerary

Thursday, July 7
Vélez Events 2006 - London Here We Come!
Schedule Subject to Change Without Warning

* Summer 2006
European Excursion England (Chelsea/Arsenal/Charlton Academies)
Click Here
Official Itinerary

Saturday, March 11
2006 EPYSA State Cup Schedule
Click here for schedule and then click on U14M NCS.

Friday, February 10
INDOOR CUPS POSTPONED FOR 2/11/2006 due to Snow!!!!
They will be rescheduled!

Tuesday, January 17
Vélez Players bound for Man. U Soccer School
Several Vélez will be attending Man. U's soccer school prior and some after the London expedition. England will never be the same!

Wednesday, May 25

Sunday, May 22
Vélez - 2005 EPYSA U13 Runner-Ups!
It wasn't in the cards for Vélez to repeat as state champions this year. A bruised and battered team and perhaps the largest field we've ever played on made for a bad combination. We bunkered back and defended and if not for a wet slippery ball on a routine play, the game would have been 0-0 after regulation. A through ball, however, squirted off our goalie's hands and was tucked into the goal. 1-0 3 minutes into the game.

We got IN behind the D several times but "professional" fouls, some leading to yellow cards, stopped our progress near and around the 18. YMS had some but not many looks and perhaps only a couple of good looks the whole game. The goal was indeed, a gift from the soccer gods even though they owned most of the possession as we held a low line of contention.

Congratulations to YMS for a well executed project plan this whole soccer year. We wish you the best and hope that you represent EPYSA well.

Vélez should be proud of its fine state cup run. Some of the most inspiring and creative soccer was witnessed by the boys this spring.

Wednesday, March 23
Practice Canceled for Today Wednesday 3/23/2005
Too wet, too cold, too many kids on vacation, and I'm sick. :(

Friday, March 11
Status of Scrimmages - THEY'RE ON!

Tuesday, February 1
Spring Schedule for Vélez
Vélez will participate in the following tournaments this spring:
(Please Click on the link for the Schedules)
March Madness (Baltimore)
Jefferson Cup (Richmond)
Player's Cup (Downingtown)

Friday, December 3
Vélez Delco Runner-ups for 2004
The game was a barn burner. Vélez had more shots but they did not go in. Both teams played great. Congratulations to YMS. We hope to see them at Cups.

Saturday, September 18
Games for 9/18/2004 Canceled - No Practice Today
Enjoy the day off!

Tuesday, July 6
Regionals: Final Report - Vélez Lose in Semis
. Vélez in Group of Death with Bethesda Roadrunners (who we've not played since we beat them at the Virginian at U10), Seacoast (who beat us at PDA down starters), and Beadling (Western PA).

. Game 1 - June 30, 2004 - Vélez 1 - Beadling 0

Hack, hack, hack, and more hack. Lost two players to late tackles. We were very flat (on our backs sides most of the time) but we prevailed 1-0.

. Game 2 - July 1, 2004 - Vélez 4 - Seacoast 0

We came with a game plan of short passes with rapid circulation. This team had beaten a shorter Vélez roster at PDA by denying our dribble and long ball. We were ready this time.

. Game 3 - July 2, 2004 - Vélez 2 - Bethesda 1

This was the game we had been waiting two years for. Luck had it that we would not see each other for two years. The game was a treat to watch. Full of emotion. An awesome experience to be part of. We won it because we wanted it a little more, but they are clearly a great team.

. Game 4 - July 3, 2004 - Vélez 1 - NASA 2

Our reward for winning the group was to play a really talented and well rested NASA team (they didn't start many regulars in their third bracket game as their competition was relatively weak). The combination of their speed, tactics, and the non-stop singing from the sidelines caught us off guard for the first 15 minutes. They scored a header goal off a corner.

15 minutes and several substitutions later, the team settled down and we began to take control. Second half was dominated mostly by our scoring chances and NASA fatigued as we got stronger. But we had been tight the whole day and missed some really easy scoring chances (one empty netter). This kept NASA in the game. With two minutes remaining, a weak foul gets whistled at the edge of the box and the next thing we know, the referee is pointing to the spot. What a travesty. We kept our composure and our decency but the referees were still carted away immediately following the game. :)

We are all very proud of the team's accomplishments this year. Luck was not on our side as clearly a referee's decision determined our fate. The kids gave it their all on the field. We regroup and begin planning for next year.

Congratulations to all Velezians.

Monday, May 31
Vélez Wins FC Delco Player's Cup
The Vélez boys continued their inspired spring run by winning the FC Delco Player's Cup by outscoring opponents 13-0. The finals saw Vélez defeat an impressive MSC United 3-0 (undefeated with 12-2 goal differential going into the finals). Congrats to the boys!

Saturday, May 22
Vélez - 2004 EPYSA State Champs
The Vélez boys played inspired soccer defeating a mighty foe in YMS 2-1. Kudos to the boys for their brilliant play and kudos to Tony, Jamie and Miguel for the magic that was Vélez in 2004. A special thanks to the parents for making this happen. We're off to Regionals!
April 17-May 22, 2004

view full size

Thursday, April 15
Scrimmage Canceled - 4/15/2004!!!
Due to saturated fields.

Sunday, April 4
PDA Tourney Canceled Due to Rain!!!!
A depleted Vélez squad managed an 0-1-1 record at the rain canceled PDA tourney. Injuries and fatigue sidelined many players but it should be noted that the effort was a worthy one. We had many more scoring chances than our opponents but sometimes the ball can't find the back of the net. We refocus our energies as we prepare for the tournament that means most, the state cup.

Sunday, March 21
Vélez Wins Jefferson Cup 2004
The Vélez boys showed much discipline systematically beating the Dix Hill Rugrats-NY (5-1); the Baltimore Bays-MD (11-0); MSC United-MD (3-0); and Spirit United Kixx-PA (2-0). 21 goals for and 1 against. Excellent work by the kids.

Congratulations to the Vélez family.

Sunday, January 18
A Bruised and Battered Vélez Wins the 2004 EPYSA Indoor Cup
The Vélez boys began the day with four players out due to injury. By then end of the tournament, we had seven out with injuries and still managed to pull out an EPYSA Indoor Cup victory.

Kudos to Andy, one of our goalies, for stepping it up and playing some brilliant soccer. Congratulations to Dylan for scoring the winning goal to cap off the tourney and to all of the other boys that contributed so much to the victory.


Round Robin:
Vélez: 4 FC Gunners: 0
Vélez: 8 CASA: 0
Vélez: 2 YMS: 0
Vélez: 4 Srike Force: 0
Vélez: 3 Parkwood: 1
Vélez: 5 Pennridge: 0

Total Scoring:
Vélez: 26 Opponents: 1

Congrats Boys!

Saturday, November 22
Vélez Win Delco Playoff Championship
The Vélez boys won the Delco Championships in style winning 2-1 over a committed YMS Xplosion team. The game was pretty routine for a Vélez - YMS matchup with great defending and limited attack.

Congratulations to the team for a great effort.

Sunday, December 14
Rocket Indoors Soccer Schedule
1/2 5:15 & 6:00 - court1
1/9 7:30 & 8:10 - court1
1/23 9:35 & 10:15 - court 1
2/6 All Evening - Playoffs

Monday, November 17
Vélez in Delco Playoff Finals with 4-0 Win over Berks Soccer
Vélez will get a chance for revenge next weekend by playing YMS Xplosion for the Delco Playoff Championships. Having already won the regular season, the boys dominated Berks Soccer Academy to a 4-0 result setting up the rubber match with the Xplosion. Good luck to the team in bringing home the third straight Delco D1 trophy.

Sunday, November 9
Vélez Boys Win Delco D1 Regular Season for 2003
The Vélez boys won Delco D1 Regular Season for the third year in a row with a 2-0 win over feisty Concord. Vélez ends the season 9-1 with our only blemish being a very early in the season loss to YMS. With YMS finishing 2nd, the potential exists for a rubber match as we are 1-1 against each other this year.

Sunday, October 12
Vélez Win YMS Columbus Day Tourney
The mighty Vélez won its second tournament on the year in fashion beating three state champions on its way to a 5-0 record scoring 13 goals and giving 0 up.

Wins include 3-0 victory over the Dix Hill Rugrats (NY State Champion), 2-0 victory over NASA (NJ State Champion), and a 3-0 victory over Beadling (Western PA Champion).

The final was an entertaining contest between Vélez and Jersey Crew Celtics that saw Vélez prevail 4-0. Kudos to Tony and the boys for such an exciting and entertaining weekend.

Sunday, September 7
Trainer Tony Williams Joins Vélez Family
Trainer Tony Williams has joined the Vélez family assisting Miguel with the team. He will be at the helm guiding Vélez technically and tactically to another successful year. Welcome Tony!

Monday, September 1
Vélez Win Ross Haney
The Vélez boys win Ross Haney with new trainer Tony Williams at the helm. Boys looked great giving up only 1 goal and scoring 28 goals for the weekend.

Wins included a 4-1 and 2-0 victory over future EPYSA contenders YMS Xplosion and Lower Dauphin respectively.

Congratulations to the boys and the coaching staff for the great start.

To avoid confusion and rumors, know that Vélez has hired Tony Williams for a one year + stint as technical director while Miguel focuses on the U10's but there has been no change at the top.

Monday, June 23
Kicks4Kids Tourney Canceled
Our third tournament in a row was canceled due to poor weather. This season has proven to be a test of character. One that we are sure to pass. We begin the summer vacation. See you in July!

Thursday, May 22
The Potomac has canceled its tournament due to bad weather.

Saturday, May 17
Vélez End Season with Semi Final Loss
The Vélez boys were unable to reach the finals of outdoor cup this year losing to a very well organized and inspired Spirit team 4-2 in the semi-finals. Pressure was on early as the field proved difficult if not impossible to dribble on and Spirit was keen on doubling and tripling the ball in the midfield.

We eventually settled down and began connecting more passes in the first half and it looked like we would be able to handle their pressure. We went up 1-0 early on a quick counter but found ourselves level after a defensive blunder. We eventually took the momentum and scored a second while coming close to scoring a third before halftime.

Injuries, however, played an important factor as two of our starting middies came out around the half time whistle (one before and one just after). With players in unfamiliar positions and Spirit's increased intensity in the second half, we simply lost the middle of the field.

Spirit sent every ball behind our D as quickly as possible and their tenacious and unrelenting work found them up 3-2 after a beautiful cross that got netted home.

Final score was 4-2 as we pushed to look for the third and left the back wide open for counters.

Kudos to Spirit for their incredible passion and dedication in winning the game.

The Vélez boys should hold their head high for they are still a great team. With the Potomac up and coming, it would be nice to get back to business and settle some old scores.

Monday, April 7
Vélez Results at PDA Invitational
Jersey Crew Celtics 1 Vélez 1
Playing the day with four starters missing and others injured, Vélez survived the Jersey Crew Celtics 1-1. The score could easily have been 5-0 Vélez at halftime but the ball would simply not go into the net. The Celtics adjusted at the half and it could have been anyone's game in the end. Their lone goal was off of a questionable handball at the outer edge of the box.

Wyckoff Torpedos 0 Vélez 4
Vélez proved to be a little faster and smarter turning the corners and we were able to get the ball in the net. This victory put us in first but because of a limit of +3 bonus points for goal differential, we would eventually be forced to PK's first thing in the morning on Sunday.

Sunday Morning PK's Jersey Crew Celtics 4 Vélez 3
We warmed up and practiced but you never know with these things.

Consolation Game:
Vineland Galaxy 2 Vélez 2
With eight rostered players missing (six starters) and our goalie getting some field time, Vélez managed a tie against the Galaxy. Up 1-0 at the half (once again it could have been 5-0), we once again found ourselves with timing and spacing issues around the goal as the players adapt to the new style of play for the spring.

The key to this weekend was that both the starters and bench began to acquire the sense of what we are trying to accomplish with the system and are beginning to really move the ball.

We are currently like a space shuttle, aiming high to the sky. As long as all our seals remain intact and not crack under pressure, I expect a very successful mission this spring.

Tuesday, February 25
State Cup Draw Announced
Vélez is in group F: Dates:
F1: Lower Merion April 12/13 - Round 1
F2: Manheim Arsenal (Get ready Jordie) April 26/27 - Round 2
F3: V/E May 3/4 - Round 3
F4: Montgomery Soccer(The PA one guys) May 10/11 - Quarters
  May 17/18 - Semis
  May 31/June 1 - Finals

Tuesday, January 28
Arch Bishop Ryan Schedule and Directions

Sunday, January 12
Spring/Summer Tourney List
Vélez will be playing in the following tournaments:

Jefferson Cup - March 15 - 16, 2003 (mandatory participation by players)
PDA Spring Kickoff Invitational - April 5 - 6 (optional participation and pending Cup schedule)
Potomac - May 24-25, 2003 (mandatory participation)
San Diego Surf Cup - July 26-28, 2003 (optional participation)

Sunday, January 12
Vélez Win 2003 EPYSA Indoor Cup
The Vélez boys won the Indoor Cup in exciting fashion going 5-0 in the one day tourney scoring 27 goals for and 5 against.


W 5-3 Against Pennridge (they were ready for us)
W 7-0 Against Supernova
W 9-1 Against Lighthouse
W 5-1 Against Spirit United
W 1-0 Against YMS Xplosion

The final was really exciting although we really weren't in any offensive pressure from YMS as they were playing the counter and entrenched themselves at the back.

Pennridge gave us lots of problems as we were still adjusting to State Cup rules and the surfaces at Red Rose.

Congratulations Vélez! One cup down and one to go!

Thursday, December 19
EPYSA Indoor Cup Draw!

2003 EPYSA Commerce Bank Indoor Cup - U-11 Boys -

January 11, 2003 - Red Rose Arena

3-game minimum - 24-minute games - no overtime

10 teams - 2 divisions - top team in each division advances to final

Division ADivision B
A1 Lower DauphinB1 Lighthouse Spurs
A2 CRUSA FC BucksB2 Spirit United
A3 YMS XplosionB3 Lower Merion
A4 Lighthouse RenagadesB4 Pennridge
A5 ParkwoodB5 Super Nova
Field #1Field #2
15:00 PMA1 vs A225:00 PMB1 vs B2
35:27 PMA3 vs A445:27 PMB3 vs B4
55:54 PMA1 vs A565:54 PMB1 vs B5
76:21 PMA2 vs A486:21 PMB2 vs B4
96:48 PMA3 vs A5106:48 PMB3 vs B5
117:15 PMA1 vs A3127:15 PMB1 vs B3
137:42 PMA2 vs A5147:42 PMB2 vs B5
158:09 PMA1 vs A4168:09 PMB1 vs B4
178:36 PMA2 vs A3188:36 PMB2 vs B3
199:03 PMA4 vs A5209:03 PMB4 vs B5
219:30 PMFinal

Sunday, December 15
Delco Postpones Playoffs
Delco soccer has postponed the playoffs until at least January of 2003. Vélez ended the regular season with a 12-0 record with 60 goals for and 4 against.

We will be spending our time preparing for Indoor Cups which are scheduled for January 11, 2003.

We will be posting the best video highlights of the fall season very soon.

Saturday, October 19
Vélez Survive Supernova
On a wet and slick field, the Vélez boys worked their team magic moving the ball early and creating many scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, not enough of the early chances went in and Nova hung around at 1-0.

Adjustments to their defense and a more direct style of play led to less opportunities for us and a lot more pressure on our flat four, which I am proud to say, never got caught flat or out of position.

Nova tied off of a corner kick that dropped in the zone on a goal that my kids swear was never in the goal. Regardless, with a 1-1 tie and lots of direct play pressure, it became nerve wrecking.

Nova had a chance to take the lead but the shot was just high hitting the post and bouncing over the crossbar.

Boys settled down and began moving the ball again and the pressure was enough to score a second on a beautiful individual move by John M. 2-1 final, today it was better to be lucky rather than good. :)

Sunday, October 13
An Almost Perfect Weekend of Soccer
1. Thanks to Jim Powers and all of the staff at the YMS Columbus Day tourney for running one of the most fun tournaments any of my teams have attended.

2. MSC United and Vélez spent an evening of pizza and spitballs on Saturday as a show of friendship between soccer foes. Thanks to the MSC parents and the Vélez parents for creating such a positive environment between our rivaling clubs. Julio, it's fun playing against your team and knowing all of you socially.

3. We were bumped out of the tournament by MSC on 2 PK's that led to a tie score of 2-2. We lost out on bonus points and were not able to get to the finals.

4. Last but not least, I'm EXTREMELY proud of the Vélez boys who played so well this weekend. When you consider that the boys played games 11-13 of the year, and you compare it to the number of games our peers have played, it's awe inspiring to know that our team has yet to peak. I'm the luckiest coach in PA to have such loving and yet talented boys. Go Vélez.

Sunday, September 22
An Apology for Spirit United
I'd like to sincerely apologize to the Spirit club for any misunderstanding between our teams. Our little "magicians" have been getting hacked for some time as most teams have resorted to bumping us off the ball. Hence the comments to not let them push us around. I'm sorry if this bothered any of your parents.

We value your team tremendously and have been anxious about our encounter for some time as the talk is that you guys are physical, talented, and can score in bunches.

Monday, September 2
Vélez go 3-1 in Season Opener
While most teams we faced had already been practicing for the month of August and played other tournaments, Vélez was on its opening campaign of the season.

Fitness and continued improvement of our defense are definitely the two primary issues to address in the near future.

Vélez finished second in the "group of death" going 3-1 posting wins against Bethesda Inter (MD), TRYSA (NJ), and YMCA Mutiny (DE) while losing a heartbreaker to a much fitter MSC United (MD) 4-2. The game was 2-2 with 15 minutes remaining and us controlling much of the possession and dangerous attacks. MSC switched to a more direct long ball approach that caused much running and found us getting disconnected between the lines. Result, fatigue did us in as MSC put us away in the final fifteen minutes.

Regardless, the play was awesome to watch and we are sure to be ready for them the next time we face them at the YMS Columbus Day tourney.

We knew coming in that we might not be ready to take on the very heavy weights of the region, but it was more important to not burn out so early as we had done last year and so the summer break was prolonged.

Thank you to all parents and families for enduring this long and hard weekend that saw much rain on day two.

Friday, August 30
Vélez Open Season at Kirkwood
Vélez will open its 2002-3 campaign against very tough competition at the Kirkwood Labor Day Tournament.

Very tough competition for an opening tournament as we defend our national ranking.

Sunday, June 16
Jefferson Cup (Richmond, Virginia)
2nd in Bracket: 2-1 record; 6 goals for and 2 against
Loss: Bethesda Roadrunners: 2 Vélez: 0

Nether Field of Dreams (6 starters missing)
3rd in Division: 1-1-1 record; 4 goals for and 4 against
Loss: SH Rugrats: 2 Vélez: 1

Quakertown Invitational
Champions: 4-0 record; 18 goals for and 0 against
Final: Ephreta Razors: 0 Vélez: 6

The Virginian
Champions: 4-1 record; 9 goals for and 5 against
Final:   Bethesda Roadrunners: 1 Vélez: 2
Semis:   SH Rugrats: 2          Vélez: 3
Bracket: YMS Xplosion: 0         Vélez: 1

Kicks4kids (Hershey, PA)
Champions: 4-0 record; 26 goals for and 2 against
Final: Chantilly Clash: 0 Vélez: 6

Sunday, June 16
Vélez win Kicks4kids Tourney
This tournament was lots of fun but unfortunately we didn't have much competition. We did have a very emotional game against Supernova that saw us tied 0-0 at the half with some very good coaching but Vélez was simply too much for them in the end winning 6-0. Overall Vélez was 4-0 with 26 goals for and 2 against for the weekend.

This concludes the 8v8 campaign for Vélez and is also the beginning of our summer break.

Monday, May 27
Vélez Wins the Virginian (Unabridged)

Game #1: Annandale (VA) W 3-1

I really don't remember much about this game except that we were nervous, tight, and we kept tripping on the ball. They had a good team and their coach was really nice. Beyond that, it was 3-1 in what I would call, an "ugly win."

Game #2: Clarkstown (NY) L 0-1

Shots on goal must have been 20-1 (I'll have to check the video) but their one went in and our 20 didn't. They hacked and they wacked and we're just simply not used to that kind of play. I carried more players off the field than any other game I've ever coached before.

We have to thank them tremendously for beating us as they bursted our bubble and allowed us to get back into the business of playing soccer instead of worrying about losing.

Game #3: YMS Xplosion (PA) W 1-0

I believe YMS to be the best coached team at the tournament. The integrity of the program is unparallel.

Because they are extremely well coached and talented at the back, they did not allow any direct or early play goals (something we like to do a lot) and we were forced to dribble. We are master dribblers and began wearing them down at the flanks with penetration. Eventually this lead to a goal off of a cross (one time left footed half volley by a righty!).

They are certainly capable of beating us on any given Sunday but this particular one saw us triumph.

Game 4: The Rugrats (NY) W 3-2

Well, the Rugrats had beaten a partial Vélez team in March and we wanted paybacks. We had charted their team and we knew that eliminating their center forward (#6) and their very technical but not so fast midfielder (#8) were the keys to victory. Man marking would be required with help coming from the other match-up zone players (especially since we too play a 3-1-3, it was easy to organize).

Flank play would then be matched by speed as one of their wingers is faster than the other so we adjusted our defensive personnel accordingly.

We considered our wingers to be more technical and faster than their wingbacks so we made no adjustments there.

We found their flat three to be VERY FLAT and scored an easy goal with a direct play.

In order to prevent the direct play and the domination of our very tall and talented forward, they adjusted moving their wingbacks into cover positions so they could help their center fullback. That meant a change of style from direct play to possession up top and luckily our center forward is gifted enough to not only recognize the change, but execute it as well.

Tactics aside, we were ahead twice, they got a couple of good runs and eventually two penalty kicks that to this day I think are very questionable.

Because it was hot and they only had one sub, (we had none when we played them at Nether in March) we kept the kids hydrated and rotating every six minutes. It was just a matter of time before they broke. We missed two open netters late in the game that could have sealed the victory with extreme prejudice.

I'm sure they'll be ready for us the next time.

Game 5: Bethesda Roadrunners (MD) W 2-1

The theme of the day was, "you're suppossed to lose this one so it doesn't matter if you do." that allowed the kids to relax and just play. We threw out out zonal defending and we went to a serious mano-a-mano man marking system with a Libero. Our usual 3-1-3 became a mirror image of whatever Bethesda had on the pitch with the exception of their two backs against our one forward and our Liberos terrorizing the pitch.

Tactics aside, it then became an issue of playing tough defense and really fast counter attacks. The pretty dribbling game and passing game that we are known for was NOWHERE to be seen today as we simply were not allowed any space in which to create. Dribbling would have been futile as beating one man only attracted two others.

In the end we scored off of a corner that dropped into the box and on a quick counter that saw the first bounce from the goalie's punt touch the attacking third. I don't believe the Bethesda fullbacks really could believe the ball was going to travel as far as it did since they seemed slow to react to it. It then became a simple matter of knocking it home 1 v 1 against the keeper.

Our goalie was critical this match as he mad many routine and some not so routine saves. He owned the box and it was pretty evident.

Their lone goal came on a substitution mistake that saw the man marking break down.

Both teams saved goals off the line late in the game with our defense bending but not breaking under the great pressure of the Bethesda passing game.

How about them Velezian boys?

Sunday, May 5
Vélez Defend Quakertown Title
The Vélez boys were inspired this weekend as they scored 18 goals for and 0 against sweeping the competition at the Quakertown invitational.

Opening game saw an uneventful 7-0 win over South Parkland. On Sunday, playing three games in warm weather, the Vélez defeated North Union 3-0 avenging our defeat by the same score in September at the hands of the Black Crows. We then defeated a very talented Pennridge team for the second time in as many months by a 2-0 score.

The Finals was also an uneventful 6-0 game against Ephreta although they did get a couple of shots on target.

Most remarkable about the weekend was that we never had more than 10 players at any one game and had a variety of starters missing for each game. To be able to win a tournament against good competition in this fashion speaks volumes about the development of the first year and newly added players on the team.

The new theme is now and will always be, "Play for yourself."

Saturday, March 30
Vélez goes 1-1-1 at the Nether Field of Dreams
A very shorthanded and tired Vélez managed a 1-1-1 record in the top bracket of the Nether Field of Dreams tournament. Playing six regulars and three non-regulars, the Vélez managed to tie a very talented Mountaintop team. Seeing that a passing game was not going to be possible with cast at hand, we switched to a more individual dribbling strategy that saw some of the most inspiring youth soccer in the state. Brando was simply awesome as the central midfielder. Missing as many kids as we were, we tried to focus on as much technical development as possible while still trying to win the games. I believe this was achieved as our technical play was absolutely brilliant at times.

Thursday, March 28
A Depleted Vélez Team to Play at Nether Field of Dreams Tour
A depleted Vélez team will face formidable opponents this weekend. 7 regulars and 2 guests will comprise the Spring Break squad that will face the Mountaintop Blitz, South Huntington Rugrats, and Pennridge Panthers. It should be a fun and exciting weekend as this will be the Velezians' last tournament prior to tryouts and the 2002-3 team.

Wednesday, March 20
Vélez Tryout Information
Tryouts for Vélez will be held at the Welsh Valley Middle School fields on April 22nd and 23rd.

Please go to:

Sunday, March 17
Vélez Lose to Bethesda 2-0
Bethesda proved to be the best team in the bracket beating Vélez 2-0 in a cold and rainy morning at the Jefferson Cup. Goals were conceded from a botched goal kick and off of a PK.

Both teams had opportunities to score but the compactness of the Roadrunners and their quick one touch movement of the ball on counter attacks proved to be too much for us to handle at times.

Bethesda clearly came out to play challenging every ball and winning almost everything in the air. How they get ten year old kids to head a ball with such consistency and regularity is a marvel especially since most programs do not begin to teach heading until at least the U11 year.

Vélez will continue to stick to its current development program and will not modify its itinerary to catch up to Bethesda. We will incorporate elements that will enhance our current style of play and will therefore make us more compatible, but we will not go out and reinvent ourselves. By U12's the elite teams of the region will be pretty much equal anyhow.

Saturday, March 16
Vélez 2-0 After Saturday - Showdown with Bethesda
With both teams being 2-0, the Bethesda Roadrunners will be challenging the Mighty Vélez in what is ultimately a semi-final tomorrow at 9:30 AM at Striker Fields.

Good Luck to the Velezians who have been hard at work for a year preparing for this game.

Sunday, February 17
Vélez to play in Jefferson Cup against Bethesda and Loudon

Monday, February 18
Indoor Season Is Finally Over
Vélez played in three tournaments with split teams and played all new players for next year with some current players in a single team campaign.

In split action, Vélez teams faced each other three times (twice in finals). Vélez Blue won all three tournaments including 1 U10 and 2 U11 tourneys. Wins included victories over current U11 Delco D1, UJSL D1, and CPYSL D1 teams.

For the "rookie" tourney, Vélez came in second in the bracket going 3-1 losing to a seasoned U11 Penn Academy squad that was prepared to negate the awesome speed of the 2002 Vélez.

Very successful campaign this indoor season as we continue to prepare the squad for the future.

Saturday, December 8
Delco Division 1 U10 Champs!!!!

West Chester United Classic | See Picture
Champions: 4-0 record; 17 goals for and 8 against (ouch!!!)
Final: Vélez: 5 North Union: 4 (them again)

Spirit United Summer Clasic
Champions: 4-0 record; 14 goals for and 1 against
Final: Vélez: 3 Concord: 0

Ross Haney (PSC) | See Picture
Champions: 4-0-1 record; 16 goals for and 4 against
Final: Vélez: 3 Millburn: 1
(Braveheart Part 2)

YMS Columbus Day
Oct 5-7: 2-1 record; 8 goals for and 6 against
Final: Vélez: DNQ
(A New Chapter Begins)

Saturday, December 1
VELEZ WIN Delco D1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In what was truly an inspirational game to watch, the boys pulled it together to beat T/E by the score of 5-1 (2-0 at half).

The bench was superb in scoring three of the five goals and three of the first four including the game winner.

First goal was on an own goal header off of Brandon McLaughlin's rip. Goal number two by Bert from an inspiring run up the left side by Derrick. Goals three and four by Derrick but we'll have to check to video for assists (Julien at least for one). Goal five and six disallowed for phantom offsides. Goal number seven (five in tally) by Kevin getting behind the defense.

The one goal against came at the 35 minute mark after substitutions of the first line prior to getting the starters back in rhythm.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL VELEZIANS and thanks to all of our dedicated fans and readers for checking with us this fall season

Saturday, November 10
Vélez Awaits Opponent for Playoffs
A special thanks to all of our fans and dedicated readers that checked our web page out during the year. Don't expect us to post much for indoor cause indoor is really not soccer but a lab where I experiment. :) We will, however, post updates of our progress and we will let you know what tournaments we intend to play so you can have your teams join us. We are still one of three teams in the state that everyone wants to beat. :) I don't know why, we are such a warm and loving team.


After having clinched first place in the table last week, we were hoping to have some clarification on our semifinal opponent. Unfortunately, Nether was unable to execute a win and now we must wait for Concord to post results against GCVSA and Philly Soccer.

Both are good opponents but I would have preferred to have played Nether on Sunday the 11th. So much for that now. A formidable Concord breaths new life.

On our end, we beat Liverpool 4-0. Slowly but surely the kids begin to get a truer picture of what we wish to accomplish.

I was scouting the T/E - Spirit match today (which Spirit won 2-1) and one of the T/E parents told me that they thought our defenders were our Achille's heel.

I couldn't help but giggle to myself since our defending has actually been quite sound. It's our possession play which has troubled us this year especially with all of the boot and run play we're forced to defend against week in and week out.

Given the amount of boot and run, our defenders are often forced to play 1 v 1 and they show their prowess and technical training by not allowing goals in.

The kids have been instructed to play soccer and not whack back! This is often difficult to do when other teams' defenses are pounding the ball, their forwards are pressuring our fullbacks, and we're trying to play out of the back.   

But of course, mastering this artform now will only make them into State Champions later, and that is ultimately our goal.

Saturday, November 17
Vélez in Delco D1 Finals
Vélez managed a trip to the finals with a 2-1 victory over Concord. Vélez played well but Concord was most insipired with lots of yelling from their sidelines.

The kids got a bit nervous but managed to recover towards the end and sealed the victory. We now play T/E December 1st in a rematch of another really good game for Vélez this season.

Sunday, November 4
Vélez Continues Improvement this Weekend - 2001
The mighty Vélez team continued their developement of total soccer this weekend beating the 1st and 3rd place teams in the league (2-1 against T/E and 4-0 against Spirit). In both games, it took a while to establish a flow with the Spirit game being the toughest game of the weekend.

Even though T/E had us 1-0 early on, we really were never out of control holding most of the possession and the dangerous runs.

The Spirit game proved to be totally different playing our first game at the VERY wide South Ardmore field on a bright sunny day where players literally could not find each other in their sky blues.

Second half, with the sun at our backs, Vélez took over possession and established itself with four goals.

Both Spirit and T/E were formidable foes and so the victories are sweet ones. But believe me when I tell you, the boys still don't really understand just how good they will be when their brains grow a just a little more and they are better able to understand what we are trying to accomplish. I expect this spring's Vélez team to be the best to date.

Sunday, October 7
Vélez Get Spanked by Black Crows (Revised) - 2001
(Revision after video analysis - see addendum below)

In what was really not a surprise to the coaching staff (we have been flat for the past three weeks), the mighty Vélez team was handed its first loss since the Bethesda Roadrunners beat them 5-3 in Virginia back in March.

But don't despair, more is learned from a loss than from a win. We should consider ourselves lucky to have such fine coaching in our age group. It can only make us that much better.

North Union had a very savvy attack with its wingbacks and Vélez was simply not willing to make the necessary adjustments. This becomes a great learning experience for the talented Vélez players: to what point is personal glory more important than team glory?

We will now make a swift correction in the direction of the team. It's time to go back to the more Latin style that the kids crave so much, even if it means losing more games. Because in the end, having fun is what will keep us together long enough to mature to the point where winning becomes more important.

Sunday, October 21
Vélez Still in a Funk - 2001
The mighty Vélez are still struggling to find the chemistry that will return them to their rightful place in the soccer world.

Not to take anything away from Concord, who played a very brave and inspired game, but I know my boys and they are totally uninspired, confused, frustrated, and not sure of how best to support each other.

The new tactical scheme has opened an infinite world of possibilities that has everyone confused. The kids are being forced to make such complicated decision that well, it's just a headache for them.

Clearly they were not ready for this tactical adjustment. One of the side-effects of coaching two teams in different age brackets.

Repetition will lead to understanding.
Understanding will lead to chemistry.
Chemistry will lead to confidence.
Confidence will lead to excellence.
Excellence will lead to success.

Vélez will NOT move backwards!

For our well-wishers, please hang in there. You will not believe how good we will be when it all suddenly clicks.

Sunday, October 28
The Sleeping Giant Slowly Awakens - 2001
In what has to be the best game that we have played this year, the mighty Vélez rekindled their scoring prowess after two very successful practices that have helped the boys better understand the big picture of what we are trying to accomplish as a team.

Team passing was superb without compromising our spacing in scoring opportunities. We are no longer attacking the corner flags while the build-up from the back is awe inspiring if not breath taking.

We have taken another step in the direction of our soccer destiny. We will have to reinforce what has been learned without adding any new elements of confusion. We need a couple of more outings like today's before we get the consistency that will be the marvel of U10 soccer this year.

Nether are a formidable opponent with excellent coaching. We are extremely proud of our result as we beat a foe worthy of our utmost respect.

At this point, let's just hope the awakening giant doesn't hit the snooze button.

Monday, June 18
2001 Spring Results

St. Patrick's Day Tournament (Stafford, Virginia)
Runner-up: 3-1 record; 26 goals for and 8 against
Final: Bethesda: 5 Wombats: 3

Chesapeake Invitational (Cecil, MD)
Champions: 3-0 record; 18 goals for and 5 against
Final: Concord: 2 Wombats: 4

Quakertown Invitational
Champions: 4-0 record; 24 goals for and 0 against
Final: North Union: 0 Wombats: 4

Gettysburg Blue - Gray Classic
Champions: 6-0 record; 30 goals for and 1 against
Final: Manheim: 0 Wombats: 3

Vélez Rosters (past and present)
There are nineteen Velezians on college rosters for the academic year 2010-2011. There are four more high school seniors who will join college rosters for the 2011-2012 academic year. There is also one last long time Velezian playing Lacrosse at Duke.  Review the 2010 college season by visiting our blog.

Jonny Dolezal Patrick 
						Lawson Julien Aoyama Kevin Israel Daniel Lovitz
Jonny Dolezal Patrick Lawson Julien Aoyama Kevin Israel Daniel Lovitz
						Seltzer Patrick O'Neil Peter Jannelli Max Tassano Tolani Ibikunle
Evan Seltzer Patrick O'Neil Peter Jannelli Max Tassano Tolani Ibikunle
						McIntyre Sean 
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Sean McIntyre Sean Sullivan Voltaire Escalona Nick Irvine Paz Breezeatl
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Dalton Carroll Ian Smith Charles Howard Emmanuel Kollie