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Chris Bickel
9106 Meadow Knoll
Wichita, Kansas

Team 2011 (2).jpg
Welcome to the Lightning Baseball website

Southwest Boys Club Baseball 

14 & under division


Picture is from 2011 season

Coaches: Head Coach Chris Bickel, Asst. Coach Barry Hager, Asst . Coach Dan Turkali, Asst. Coach Richard Ranzau, Asst. Coach Gary Janzen

Devon Bickel, Wesley Hager, Cale Carson, Colby Robl, Michael Turkali, Ryan Ranzau, Brady Archer, Zac Janzen, Porter Gilchrist, John Patton

Not pictured: Asst. Coach Scott Archer 

Cari Bickel (Team Photographer)  

Individual player pictures are under "Roster"

Team 2011.jpg
Wednesday, June 22
Team Picture

Back Row: Coach Barry Hager, Head Coach Chris Bickel, Coach Gary Janzen, Coach Dan Turkali

Middle Row: John Patton, Porter Gilchrist, Zac Janzen, Brady Archer

Front Row: Cale Carson, Mikey Turkali, Devon Bickel, Colby Robl, Wesley Hager, Ryan Ranzau

Not pictured: Coach Scott Archer, Coach Richard Ranzau


The Lightning Baseball Team finished in 2nd place in the Heights League with a 13-1 record.  Tied for 1st place with the Bel Aire Bandits, but lost the tie breaker of points allowed.


The Lightning finished in 1st Place for the 2010 Season with a 12-2 record


Wednesday, May 12
The LIGHTNING baseball team would like to thank our sponsors

C & C Electric

Chris Bickel - Owner
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Automation, Machine Controls

Patton Termite & Pest

Leekers Family Foods

Accent Lighting

Mid Kansas Pediatric Associates

Thursday, May 20
Game Pictures

Click on any under-lined heading labeled "... Pics" to view game pictures. The pics are posted on Flickr and can be seen larger in a slideshow. To download a photo to your computer, select the photo and click on "All Sizes" above, to get the full resolution shot. You can also order prints from the site.

Game 6/23/2011 Pics: Lightning-18, Bel Aire Red Sox-7

Game 6/21/2011 Pics: Lightning-18, Andover Hornets-3

Tuesday, June 21
Game 6/16/2011 Pics: Lightning-15, Andover Blue Devils-8

Tuesday, June 21
Game 6/13/2011 Pics: Lightning-14, VC Blue Jays-7

Thursday, June 9
Game 6/6/2011 Pics: Lightning-9, Bel Aire Bandits-8

Thursday, June 9
Game 6/2/2011 Pics: Lightning-11, Park City Falcons-4

Thursday, June 9
Game 5/31/2011 Pics: Lightning-7, Bel Aire Bandits-14

Thursday, June 9
Game 5/23/2011 Pics: Lightning-12, Park City Diablos-11

Thursday, June 9
Game 5/18/2011 Pics: Lightning-15, Bel Aire Red Sox-0

Thursday, June 9
Game 5/13/2011 Pics: Lightning-15, Whitewater Cyclones-11

Wednesday, May 11
Game 5/9/2011 Pics: Lightning-16, Andover Blue Devils-6

Wednesday, May 11
Game 5/4/2011 Pics: Lightning-11, Park City Falcons-9

Monday, July 12
Game 6/26/2010 Pics: Lightning-10, Valley Center Cardinals-5

Monday, July 12
Game 6/23/2010 Pics: Lightning-10, Park City Newton Outlaws-2

Monday, July 12
Game 6/22/2010 Pics: Lightning-11, Park City Yankees-5

Tuesday, June 22
Game 6/18/2010 Pics: Lightning-13, Park City Longhorns-5

Tuesday, June 22
Game 2 Park City Tournament 6/12/2010 Pics: Lightning-2, West Urban Rockhounds-12

Tuesday, June 22
Game 1 Park City Tournament 6/12/2010 Pics: Lightning-8, West Urban Cubs-16

Tuesday, June 22
Game 6/4/2010 Pics: Lightning-6, Whitewater Rapids-5

Tuesday, June 22
Game 6/1/2010 Pics: Lightning-13, Park City Newton Outlaws-3

Tuesday, June 22
Game 3 El Dorado Tournament 5/29/2010 Pics: Lightning-12, Park City Longhorns-3

Tuesday, June 22
Game 2 El Dorado Tournament 5/29/2010 Pics: Lightning-10, Butler County Yankees-11

Tuesday, June 22
Game 1 El Dorado Tournament 5/29/2010 Pics: Lightning-0, West Urban Heaters-11

Tuesday, June 22
Game 5/28/2010 Pics: Lightning-18, Park City Rattlers-6

Tuesday, June 22
Game 5/24/2010 Pics: Lightning-18, Circle Wildcats-6

Tuesday, June 22
Game 5/21/2010 Pics: Lightning-11, Park City Longhorns-14

Tuesday, June 22
Game 5/18/2010 Pics: Lightning-18, Valley Center Cardinals-2

Tuesday, June 22
Game 5/14/2010 Pics: Lightning-12, Whitewater Rapids-2

Tuesday, June 22
Game 5/11/2010 Pics: Lightning-9, Circle Drillers-6

Tuesday, June 22
Game 4 Park City Tournament 5/2/2010 Pics: Lightning-8, Park City Longhorns-9

Tuesday, June 22
Game 3 Park City Tournament 5/2/2010 Pics: Lightning-6, West Urban Yankees-1

Tuesday, June 22
Game 2 Park City Tournament 5/1/2010 Pics: Lightning-11, Park City Rattlers-1

Tuesday, June 22
Game 1 Park City Tournament 5/1/2010 Pics: Lightning-5, West Urban Yankees-3

Lightning Baseball
Lightning Baseball
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