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Welcome to the Official VBA 61's Website

Welcome to the home of the VBA 61's.  The 61's are a group of youth baseball teams ranging from ages 9 to 14.  The President, Team Coordinator, owner of the Virginia Baseball Academy, and ex Major League Baseball pitcher, Wayne Gomes is proud to be fielding several travel baseball teams, starting at age 8. 

The team name "61's" has a special significance as Wayne wore the number 61 during his major league pitching career.  But the story behind the name goes beyond just his own sports career.  Wayne's idol growing up was baseball legend Dwight Gooden, who wore the number 16 while playing for the New York Mets.  Wayne, wanting to give tribute to "Doc" Gooden, wore the number 16 all through high school and at Old Dominion University.  But when the time came to play professionally, Wayne found that players did not have the option of choosing their jersey numbers.  During his first Major League Spring Training, he was randomly assigned the number 61 - interestingly, the mirror image of Dwight Gooden's number.  At first he was disappointed; he so much wanted to continue to honor his baseball idol.  But in time, wearing the reversal of Gooden's number seemed to hold significance in itself.  Perhaps it would be a reminder of where he came from, and the distance he had to go if he were to live up to the accomplishments of one of baseball's greats.  So the number signifies the struggle every athlete faces in trying to reach his full potential - and the enormous gift of inspiration the sport's titans give to those young athletes attempting to follow in their footsteps.




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