Van Nest Little League: Fundraiser Info

Monday, January 26
Third Annual 50/50 Fundraising Raffle

Hi Fans!

 Van Nest Little League is excited to announce that the Third Annual 50/50 Fundraising ...

Monday, June 9
2nd Annual 50/50 Raffle - UPDATE

Friday, March 21
2nd Annual 50/50 Raffle

Thursday, July 11
50/50 Fundraising Raffle

We would just like to thank everyone who purchased tickets for the 1st Annual 50/50 Fundraising Raffle.

To ...

Friday, February 22
2013 Fundraising Events

This year Van Nest Little League will have two Fundraising oppertunities: a season long 50/50 raffle and the ...

Wednesday, May 1
Van Nest Little League

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