Valley View Volleyball: F.A.Q.



What are Valley View VBC's Competitive Goals?  

It is our club intention to field competitive teams between the ages U12 – U16. Players will be evaluated by their skill level, not their age. We will field teams based on the number of competitive players who attend try outs. We do not guarantee that we will run teams at all age levels but will do our best to have as many competitive teams as possible. If 2 teams are formed at the same age division we will form these teams by the coach’s discretion as a level 1 team and a level 2 team. 


What is your tryout process?   

We tryout all players equally. Players are evaluated on skills by our coaching staff. We are a competitive club and not all players are guarenteed a spot. Teams will consists of 10-12 players. Players will be notified if they are offered a position within our club via our website by 9 pm the day of tryouts. 

How much does it cost?  

Our 14s and above team costs will be $1,900 per player. This covers the cost of gym time, uniform, coaches, tournament entry, equipment costs, and all administration expenses. A current USAV Membership is required and is additional.  

Our 12s Team will play in fewer tournaments, so their annual fees will be reduced depending on the actual cost and number of tournaments that they compete in. Our goal is an annual cost of no more than $900 for U-12 players. 

What is the payment schedule?  

We break out the cost of our dues and uniforms throughout the season. On signing day, we collect $550 to cover the cost of the uniforms and first payment. The remaining balance is broken out into 3 monthly payments of $450 due by the 5th of each month. 12s will have just the initial $550 payment and another monthly payment of $350.

Where do you hold practices?  

There will be a minimum of 2 practices per week, unless we are bumped by the school district. The majority of our practices for 14s and up will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tolt Middle School in Carnation, and for on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the 12s at Carnation Elementary School. We will have some additional practices on Wednesdays, at Carnation Elementary School, for extra position, skill, or conditioning work. 

What is your monthly competition schedule?  

It is our intention to play in 2 tournaments per month, which includes Power League & locally hosted single day and multi-day tournaments. If a team chooses to participate in a "travel" tournament outside of the Puget Sound Region, the club will cover the tournament entry fee, however players will be responsible for additional travel expenses that they incur.  

What is your Club policy on play time?  

We are a competitive club and we do not guarantee equal play time for any players, play time is decided upon by the coaches. Our coaches use each player’s dedication, practice time, and positive attitude as some of the criteria for amount of play time per child.  

It is never appropriate to speak with your child’s coach during a tournament about play time. We expect these conversations to happen outside of play time events. More information will be included in the Valley View Handbook. 

What is the policy of the club covering who I can talk with about problems?  

These details are spelled out in our club handbook which is on our web site under handouts, and is updated each year prior to try outs.

If a player cannot make a given competition, how far in advance must notice be made? (Other than sickness or injury.)  This includes Spring Break!

We want to know about any conflicts as soon as you know.  

Is there an emergency plan (in case of injury) in place?  

We always have a minimum of 2 adults at every event. Should an emergency arise we have at least one person to care for the emergency and one to attend to the players.  

Who is allowed to attend practice?

We always allow parents to attend practice as a spectator. No active participation is allowed unless a person is USAV cleared.