Valley 18U and 14U Girls Softball League: Welcome

Welcome to N. E. Pennsylvania's BEST girls softball league.

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Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Wednesday, March 21
Next meeting March 25 at 7pm

                 Next Manager's meeting March 25 at 7:00 pm !  

The next meeting of 2018 for managers, coaches, and league officials will be held at:
Shopa-Davey VFW, 123 Electric Street, Peckville, PA
Sunday, March 25 at 7:00 pm.  
Each organization MUST have a representative present. 
March 25th meeting agenda items:
  -  final opportunity to entertain new towns/leagues wishing to join our league in 2018
  -  revisit / review of rules for 2018
  -  Finalize the number of 18U teams that will participate from each town / organization
  -  Finalize the number of 14U teams that will participate from each town / organization
  -  Review, discuss, and agree on the number of games to be played for each division
  -  Review / Discuss league dates, playoffs, classic tournament
  -  Discuss / finalize hosts for the 18U playoffs and classic
  -  Discuss / finalize hosts for the 14U playoffs and classic
  -  Open discussion
  -  Scheduling meeting will be April 29th at VFW, 123 Electric St., Peckville, PA
       14U -- 5:00pm
       18U -- 6:30pm

League fee will be $70.00 team (new or 2018) plus $50.00 per division. 
(Each team is also required to pay or carry-over a $50 good-faith / forfeit fee.)

The ASA individual player registration/insurance remains the same, $12.00 per player for the 2018 season (with $250 deductible option).  

All personnel in the dugout (or on the field), to be In compliance with the recently enacted Child Protective Services Law, Pennsylvania now requires:
 1)  PA State Police (PSP) Criminal Record Check
 2) PA Child Abuse History Clearance for all personnel volunteering with children.  
 3) Paid personnel (umpires) are also required to have the FBI (fingerprint) Criminal Record Check).  Volunteers who are a PA resident for the past 10 years can complete and exemption form.

This is in addition to the ASA background checks performed and approved.
Returning personnel that provided all three of the above clearances will only be required to submit the exemption form related to the FBI (fingerprint) Criminal Record Check.  Volunteers who are a PA resident for the past 10 years and not arrested for one of the crimes listed can complete and submit an exemption form.    

Please make every effort to have a representative (president or a coach who has the authority to vote on issues) from each town/league present.  If your town/league will not be participating in 2018, can you please send me an email to League Administrator:  Dino Darbenzio at or 570-650-5159.  If you are no longer involved at this level, please pass this information along to your league president and notify me with their email address.