Vacaville American Little League: Registration

2017 Registration Information

Registration 2017 Vacaville America Little League provides baseball instruction to boys and girls ages 6-14.

Divisions within VALL:

AA Minor Division Ages 6-8

AAA Minor Division Ages 9-10

Major Division Ages 11-12

Intermediate Ages 11-14

League Age Determination: For 2017 season, League Age is determined by the age the player will be as of August 31st. (*All players already participating under the May 1st-April 30th League Age Determination will continue this League Age Determination until 2018., Players from 2016 participating in the December 31st League Age Determination will follow the 2017 League Age Determination)

League Age Date of Birth 

6 Born September 2009-August 2010

7 Born September 2008-August 2009

8 Born September 2007-August 2008

9 Born September 2006-August 2007

10 Born May 2005-August 2006

11 Born May 2004-April 2005

12 Born May 2003-April 2004

13 Born May 2002-April 2003

14 Born May 2001-April 2002 

Bring original birth certificate and 2 proofs of residency (utility bill, insurance, license...)

If you reside outside the American League boundary lines (check under the handouts section for details) BUT your child attends a school within the boundary area a school waver can be submitted.  

Payment: $135 per player ($10 off for sibling discount); we currently accept check, cash or credit card.

{All necessary forms can be found within the HANDOUTS section}