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Monday, August 29

Its a new Cross Country season!!!  

It should be another exciting season in the Empire League. Lets continue were we left off last season....in a positive mind set, being Frosh/Soph Champions, J.V. champions and 2nd in the league for Varsity. Kennedy is the defending Varsity League Champion. They will be tough again this season, but this can be our season so lets be ready to battle for the Varsity league title this season as well as to repeat as champions on the F/S and J.V. levels too!!!! Lets get in the proper mind set to train and win as Champions!!!!

Replace your trainers if over 4 months old.  Go to Snails Pace in Brea, 714-529-6313 or The Running Lab in Orange 714-538-1355 for your trainers.  Questions, contact Coach Garcia at ged58@yahoo.com

Team Captains for the 2011 season are  Eden, Laila, Makenzie, Courtney, and Yadira.  Lets Go tigers !!!!!!!!!

Group circle
Group circle

Sunday, October 23
League Finals at Craig Park

League Finals to be held at Craig Park on November 2nd, Wednesday.

Current time schedule:

Release from class: 12:20pm

Bus leaves Kraemer side: 12:40pm

2pm: JV girls race.

3pm F/S girls race.

4pm Varsity girls race.

Bus returns about 6pm.

First Place
Varsity Wins !!!
Saturday, October 22
Mt. Sac Invite Varsity wins !!

Eight days, three races later we look back at one of our best consistance Varsity performances in awhile. The eight days of October started with the OCC invite in which Varsity took 2nd in their race; followed by League Challenge, again Varsity took 2nd; and finally we came to todays invite at Mt. Sac.....when the dust settled and I was looking forward to Varsity taking 3rd place in our heat....the JV team is racing, Sarah G. happily approaches me at the Valley Loop, I'm thinking Okay why she is she not at the top of the Switchbacks???  "guess what?" We took 3rd I happily stated, "none"...I'm dissappointed :(    ...."better than that".... "we took 2nd !!!" with a grin :)   ;"nope".........We won ?????... "yup" ...yeah!!! and then a bad attemp at at high five, we missed, took a second attempt :)   then quicky back to business of coaching, got a JV team out on the course and i get struck going up to switchbacks from the backside...not fun.

The sophomores raced first in the heat of the day, such that the course was shorten to 1.80 miles for the sophomores and freshman.  The team was lead by Janette, followed by Ale G and Jessica Hu.

The freshman race was still during the haet and the team by lead by  Maricruz, followed by fast improving Allyse.  The freshman got their first somewhat taste of Mt. Sac minus the Switchbacks and Poop out Hill. Still it was a good learning experience for them to get out and race with some risk in order to achieve to some measure of success.

Varsity victory was lead by Amber, Melissa, Daphne, Laila, Eden, and Janet N. Amber, Melissa, and Daphne all medaled. Everyone received a team medal too. They also beat a team that beat us at CIF prelims last season.

The JV was paced by Malika and Makenzie and the team took 10th in their race. Maybe out of excitement of watching the Varsity race, the JV team did start out a bit to fast. Thats okay, better here than at League Final where they have a league title to defend:) 

Congrats to the Varsity team who obviously didnt care for a 3rd place finish and for proving to me that that are a FIRST PLACE team.  What a perfect way to head into our final week of training prior to League Finals!!! Varsity is going for that League Title, go tigers!!!

Oh, by the way we have another champion on the Team..... Congrats to Queen Eden Nordelo for being this years Home Coming Queen !!!


Tuesday, October 18
League Challenge at Craig Park, Wednesday, October 18th

What an exciting day of racing at Craig park today. Everything that the team has trained was put to the test today at the League challenge meet.

The J.V. team raced first and was lead by Makenzie park to a first place team victory. Yadira followed her with a P.R. performance to come in second for the team. Rounding off the top seven runners for scoring were Martha, Chanchal, Malika, Brenda(P.R), and Liana(P.R.).  Other JV runeers having a PR day were Ana, Ashley, Briana, and Mausami.

The JV were followed by the Fosh / Soph team. The team came in second after racing against a strong Yorba Linda team.  The F/S were lead by Maricruz, Ale G, Janette, Jessica, Alicia(P.R.),Jennifer(P.R.), and Jenny were the scoring members of the F/S team. Others having a P.R. race day were Mariah, Allyse, Keyuri, Maria, Kiren, Esperanza, Rebekah, Sanjana, Kumberly P., Tanvi all P.R. to day. Irene tied her P.R. There are many runners on this team that are continuing to improve and will make a great effort to over take Y.L. at League Finals.

The Varsity continues to get stronger with every race. The team took 2nd today, right behind Y.L. The 2nd place finish in League challenge still puts the Varsity in a good position to go for first place at League Finals to acheive a League title for the season. The team was lead by Amber, Melissa, Eden, Daphne, Laila, and Janet N., by the way they all had a P.R. race.  Its been a great four days in which two races have been run and Varsity has taken 2nd in each race. Lets see what the race at Mt. Sac brings. Go Tigers !!!!!!!!!!!!

OCC 2nd place
OCC Varsity 2nd Place
Saturday, October 15

Its been a busy day of racing at the OCC invite. The Varsity took 2nd place in their division 3 race. Amber, Daphne, Melissa, Laila, Eden and Janet Nieto all medaled. Daphne, Laila,Eden and Janet also had a P.R. race.

On the JV level, the team came in at 8th place out of 15 teams. Medal winners were Malika and Yadira. They also had a PR race along with Brenda and Ana.

The Fosh / Soph were lead by Janette who earned a medal and a PR.  The team came in at 7th place out of 14 teams. Other team members that had a PR day are: jennifer, Jenny, Janet Leon, Esmeralda, Ale O,Raquel, Vanessa, Mariah, Allyse, Leslie, Irene, Stephanie, and Kriti.

In all the team won 9 medals and had 22 PR's for the day. it was a good tune up race for the up coming League challenge on tuesday.  Congrats Ladies, Go Tigers !!!

Thursday, October 13
Orange County Cross Country Championships (click for more information)

As you all know, our league Challenge was postponed to the Tuesday, October the 18th due to the rains. Out next race is Saturday the 15th of October at Irvine Regional Park. I believe the team is ready to race again !!!  The team has had some good workouts and is ready to P.R. again.

Saturday the 15th of October Schedule:

Be at Kraemer at 5:40am, bus leaves at 6am. Return about 2pm.

Race #2: 8:12am: Frosh / Soph.

Race #12: 10:18am: Varsity

Race #14: 10:42am: J.V.

Medals to the top 40 in each race.

Some of your league competition will be in your race heat, so lets run a good race. Its a good preview of what you may face on Tuesday, so lets be ready. Starts with being in the proper positive mind set and being prepared to race to the best of your given ablility for Saturdays race. So please: eat well, rest, ice, hydrate, and eat your green vegetables.... Lets go Tigers!!!!

Sunday, October 2
League Challenge at Craig Park, Wednesday, October 18th

Sorry, due to the rains, this meet has been re-scheduled for October the 18th, same time schedule applies.

Our first League meet of the season is upon us. We have ran 3 three invites and  the Super XC Classic Invite on Saturday has given us our final tune up for this Wednesdays League Challenge race.

Every level is ready for Wednesday. F/S, and J.V. will defend their titles, Varsity will challenge for the League Title.

If you believe, you will achieve success....now lets go and achieve success at the League Challenge meet !!!! Go tigers !!!

Race schedule:

2:30 pm: J.V. girls.

3:30 pm: Fosh/Soph girls.

4:30 pm: Varsity girls.

Dismissed from class at 12:30 pm, bus leaves at 1 pm. We return at about 6pm.


Super XC classic
J.V. team
Saturday, October 1
Super XC Classic Results

Super XC Classic Invite

It was a great day of racing at this new invite for VHS XC. The course was tough and the course was not made for a P.R. Day. It did help us to get ready for the League Challenge and the coming invites at O.C.C. and Mt. Sac. By the way there were two P.R.'s on this warm day. Jenny and Kiren both had a P.R. when they raced in the Sophomore race at 10:30am when it was already about 85' and Mariah just barely missed hers by two seconds in the freshman race at 11:30 when it was about 89'. Great racing ladies!! 

Varsity, Sophomores, and Freshman teams all took 3rd place on their levels. the team earned 20 medals, Awesome effort !!

We got to put our first Varsity team together of the season and they ran really well together with a team gap of 1:38. We want to get that gap to under one minute.  Amber lead the Varsity with a 7th place. Freshman Daphne was our fastest freshman of the day and ran her first Varsity race. In fact Amber, Daphne, Janet N., Amirah all ran theur first Varsity race today. The Veterans Eden, Laila, and Melissa provided solid leadership in the race. 

The Sophomores were lead by the ever improving Janette. The sophomores are a much stronger team than a season ago as freshman as they all continue to improve. Great efforts today from Veronica, Ale G. and Ale O. But the break through performance came from Jenny with about a minute P.R. improvement to move into the top five for the Sophomores. Kiren had the largest P.R. at 1:47 improvement. Congrat ladies :)

The Freshman were lead by Maricruz to a third place finish during the hotest part of the race day at 89'. The freshman brought home the most medals at seven. They included Maricruz, Moriah, Janet L., Esmeralda, Jennifer, Dulce and Melissa Ur.  This group is continuing to improve with every race.

The J.V.  was a little short handled today with C.K. taking the SAT test. The team took 5th place, but still brought home 4 medals. Makenzie set the tone for how we were to race the rest of the day by running a tough race, placed 11th, lead the J.V. and earned her 2nd medal of the season. Also earning medals were: Courtney, Malika, and Yadira. Brenda had a good race and helped round off the top five. Sooae, Liana ran very well too and I would like to congradulate Moss on her first race of the season.

Hope everyone is Icing and now lets move on to the League Challenge on Wednesday. Let have a great race day, Go Tigers !!!


Tuesday, September 27
Super XC Classic

Super XC Classic Invite  on Saturday, October 1st at Frank Bonelli Regional Park in  San Dimas.

This is a new invite for us. A chance to set new course records for others to try to break in future years. The course is mostly grass and dirt on a 1.5 mile loop repeated twice. It does have a hill that is repeated twice :) Times should about the same as running on the Sunny Hills course.  Its a good practice race for our League Challenge on Wednesday, October 5th. Medals to top 30 in each race, lets go race tough and bring back our fair share of them!! We get to put together our first Varsity team of the season, should be lots of fun for everyone.

Bus leaves Kraemer at 6am., be back about 1:30pm. (pay your transportation fees please).

8:30am JV girls

9:30am Varsity girls

10:30am Sohomore girls

11:30am Freshman girls

Invite your parents and fans to attend.  Results at www.dyestatcal.com sometime after the race.

Lets go Tigers !!!


Frashman First Place
Freshman take First Place !!
Saturday, September 24
Sunny Hills Invite

Sunny Hills Invite was a Blast.

To quote a VHS runner "we really torn Craig Park up", almost everyone had a P.R. !!! Let "tear it up" again at League Prelims on October 5th. 

The team had 14 medals, with the Freshman bringing  home the most medals of any level. Might explain why they took First Place, Congrats to the Freshman !!!

Melissa Ugalde had the fast team time at 19:41. Team had three runners at 20.23, just 8 seconds off per mile at league Prelims and Laila, Eden and Daphne will be breaking 20 !!

Medal winners were: Laila, Eden, Makenzie, C.K., Jo-Jo, Melissa Ugalde, Daphne, Amirah, Maricruz, Janet Leon, Melissa Urrutia, Dulce, Esmaralda and Jennifer. congrats ladies.

We would like to thank our timers Taylor and Faith, our photographers Sarah Phillips and Mark Youngquist, to all the parents who provided our post race snacks, and thanks to the Alumni and fans that came out to support the team :)

Sarah and I are very happy with the way the team is progressing and getting stronger for League prelims. Lets continue to work hard and smart this week, and it starts with....ICING, Eating well, and getting sleep. 

Next Saturday is a new invite for us, the XC Super Classic in San Dimas....lets tear that place up too. lets go Tigers !!!!!

Sunday, September 11
Laguna Hills invite

The first race of the season is always very exciting, not always sure how the new runners will perform.  I think that I can safely state that they raced very well. the Freshman came back with two medals (Daphne and Amirah). New sophomore runers Amber and Nieto also came back with Medals. Three of our Vets : Eden, Laila and Melissa Ugalde also earned medals and P.R.'s. In fact almost everyone had a P.R. or a course P.R !!!!  Great job of racing ladies...lets continue with the training and on to the Sunny Hills Invite !!!! Go Tigers !!!!!!