Virginia Dixie Softball: Welcome

Tuesday, July 3


Virginia Dixie Softball has moved.  

 Please visit us at our new web sight

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*Go to "Leagues" to see what district your league is in.  *Go to "District Information" to find the State Officials & District Director for each league.  *Go to "Handouts" to view a copy of the Virginia Constitution & By-Laws.  See links for league web sights and 2011 and 2012 scholarship award winners.  See Albums for pictures from State Director travels and State Meeting.


     The 2013 State Meeting is scheduled to be held on Feburary 9 in Lynchburg.

 We will be selecting host for the 2013 State Tournaments during this meeting. Darling, Belles, and Debs tournaments will be held starting on Friday July 19, 2013. Angels and Ponytail, X-Play and Traditional Tournaments will be held July 12th. The traditional and X-play will be bid together as one tournament. Please contact your District Director or the State Directof for more informatoin. This will be done only if both divisions have teams that require a State Tournament, which we will not know until later in the season after franchises are completed.

 District Tournaments will be scheduled by the District Directors and their leagues during their local meetings.

There were two teams from Virginia, that went on to win the two World Series hosted by Powhatan. The Belles team fron South Hill and The Debs Team from Halifax/South Boston. They represented the State well and the leagues of Virginia Dixie Softball are proud of them. The South Hill team was the defending World Series Team from the 2011 season and repeated thier championship again this year. In addition to these two champions we also had a team to bring back the greatest award of all.

Crewe/Burkville was awarded the Sportsmanship award for the Angels Traditional World Series held in Georgetown South Carolina.

The two tournaments held In Powhatan were a great success. The leagues, sponsors, and officials at the ball park are to be congratulated on a job well done. I know that there were many days in planing and fund raising by the league and their officials. Thank you Powhatan from all the kids in Virginia that get a chance to play Dixie Softball. The efforts from all the officials, players, and sponsors through out the Dixie Softball organizations are what keeps our program going.