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Welcome to the internet home of Virginia's District 5 Little League. This page has been set up to keep you informed about upcoming District 5 events, as well as the latest results from this years tournament play.
Keep checking back for all the latest news from District 5.

Wednesday, October 5
Things to Know From Little League - October 2016

Starting this month, Little League® International is providing a quick look at important information and events for the month ahead. Another great resource for keeping up to date on Little League’s latest training and educational efforts is Little League University. Designed for volunteers, league and district administrators, coaches, and parents, this free website is a wonderful portal for experiencing and learning about the Little League.

Wednesday, February 3
Great New Tool - League Finder

Great new tool from Little League International!! Use the New League Finder to verify your registrants' address is within your boundaries. Just enter the address and it identifies the League associated with the address - so simple!! The new League Finder identifies a home or school address on a virtual map. If located inside the boundaries of a currently-chartered local Little League® program, parents can contact the appropriate local league by using the message tool within the League Finder.



Thursday, December 17
Little League® International Launches Education and Training Website: Little League University

Little League® Baseball and Softball has launched the online destination of its new training and education platform, Little League University. is designed to transform the way volunteers, league and district administrators, coaches, and parents experience learning about the Little League program.  Click on the link above to check it out!

Friday, April 15
Little League International - Rule Changes

During the 2016 spring meeting of the Little League International Board of Directors, the following items were implemented:


Regulation I(b) and Tournament Manager and Coaches - All Division of Baseball and Softball: Summary: Beginning with the 2016 tournament season, League Presidents may be eligible to be selected by local league Board of Directors as tournament team manager or coach with written approval from their respective District Administrator. In the event that a District Administrator does not approve the selection, the League President may request the District Administrator determination be reviewed by the Little League International Charter/Tournament Committee through the appropriate Regional Office.  

Regulation VI(c), Playing Rule 3.03, and Tournament Rule 10 (Softball)- Softball Junior, Senior, and Big League: Summary: This allows players within the Junior, Senior, and Big League Softball divisions to be replaced on the pitcher's plate and return to pitch, even if removed from the game, providing they meet the substitution, charged conference, and mandatory play rule(s).  

Tournament Release of Names and Tournament Team Practice- All Divisions of Baseball and Softball: Summary: This change allows leagues to release their tournament teams and begin holding tryouts or practices by tournament teams starting on June 1. Teams shall not be released until the availability and eligibility of all prospective team members has been established. Previously, leagues could announce their teams on June 15 or two weeks prior to the start of their tournament. The Little League group accident insurance underwritten by an AIG member company for tournament teams will not go into effect until June 1. In the event that a tournament would start prior to June 14, a league must obtain a waiver from the Little League International Charter/Tournament Committee to announce its tournament team and begin to hold tryouts or practice prior to the new date of June 1. All leagues are strongly encouraged to continue to provide regular season and special game opportunities for their players after June 1.

Tournament Player Eligibility- Baseball and Softball 9/10-, 10/11-, 11/12-Year-Old Divisions: Summary: This change expands the tournament opportunities, making these three tournaments open to a three-year range of players, and provides leagues additional flexibility in their player selection. The new age structure will create the 8/9/10-Year-Old Division; 9/10/11-Year-Old Division; and 10/11/12-Year-Old Division.  


Regulation 1(a) and IV(c)- Baseball and Softball Major, Intermediate (50/70), Junior, Senior, and Big League: Summary: This change provides participants at these levels of play the ability to participate in two divisions, provided they qualify under age requirements, Residency/School Attendance Eligibility Requirements, programs, and divisions of play. A player may only be selected to one Tournament team, and must meet tournament eligibility requirements for that specific division.

Monday, February 29
Concussions in Youth Athletes

Fifty (50) states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws which address concussions and protect the health and safety of young athletes. Little League Baseball, Incorporated (LLB) has compiled a summary of all currently existing state laws regarding concussions in youth athletes.

Some laws are only applicable to school-sponsored athletics or to activities taking place on school-owned property. Some laws are applicable to all youth sports organizations, whether affiliated or not with a school district. It is strongly recommended that local leagues consult with legal counsel in its jurisdiction to determine the applicability, if any, of state laws to its program regarding concussions.

In keeping with its focus on protecting the health, safety and welfare of children, LLB requires all leagues and teams to comply with all applicable laws and to review the information and training materials on concussions which are available free of charge on the Centers For Disease Control website.

To view Virginia laws regarding concussions in youth athletes, click here. 

Thursday, December 3
Update to the Implementation of Little League Baseball® Age Determination Date

Little League Baseball® to Begin Utilization of August 31 Age Determination Date for the 2018 Season; Children Born Between May 1 and August 31, 2005 to be Grandfathered as 12-Year-Olds For 2018 Season

Update: At the fall 2015 meeting of the Little League International Board of Directors, it was approved to grandfather the four months of children born between May 1 and August 31, 2005, for the 2018 season, so that no child will lose their 12-year-old season of Little League Baseball.  Please click on the link above to review the changes and to review the Baseball Age Determination Charts for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 in order to plan ahead for any changes that will occur for your league.

Wednesday, November 4
Baseball Bat Information

As the holidays approach and parents are considering new bats for gifts for the upcoming spring season, it is strongly recommended that research is done to make sure the bats being purchased are appropriate pursuant to the regulations concerning bats. 

Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. Click the link above, or use the specific links below, to find the latest bat information, including the current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.

Bat Types - Quick guide to types of baseball bats available

Definitions - Guide to abbreviations and terms used

Bat Rules 

General Bat Overview - Information on the baseball bat moratorium

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions on various bat topics


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