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Welcome to the internet home of Virginia's District 5 Little League. This page has been set up to keep you informed about upcoming District 5 events, as well as the latest results from this years tournament play.
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Friday, April 11
Important Notice Regarding Rule Changes Approved at the 2014 Little League International Congress

The Little League International Congress has approved several changes this year that will impact the Local Leagues immediately.  For complete details on each item, click here for a copy of the 2014 Agenda. 

The following changes are being implemented immediately (2014 season):

Item 1 - Affects Regulation II - Boundaries - Challenger Division. 

Item 4 - Affects Regulation VI(b) - Pitchers - All Divisions of Softball. 

Item 5 - Affects Regulation VII(d) - Schedules - All Divisions of Softball. 

Item 7 - Affects Regulation IX(a) - Special Games - Junior, Senior and Big League Softball. 

Item 8 - Affects Rule 1.17 - Minor and Major League Baseball. 

Item 14 - Affects Schedules - All Divisions of Softball.  Item 15 - Affects Selection of Fields - All Divisions of Baseball. 

Item 17 - Affects Regulation IX(a) - Special Games - Intermediate (50/70) Division, Junior, Senior, and Big League. 

The following changes are being implemented for the 2015 season:

Item 3 - Challenger Senior Division

Item 6 - 5-year-olds in Coach Pitch

Item 11 - Softball Illegal Pitch - Teenage Divisions

Item 13 - Big League Tournament Eligibility (40%)

Important change being implemented for the 2018 season:

Item 2 - Affects Regulation IV(a) - The Players - All Divisions of Baseball and Little League Challenger Division.  Synopsis:  Changes the age determination date for all divisions of Baseball and Challenger to be December 31st of the year in question (3-year transition plan for 2015, 2016 and 2017).

Wednesday, April 2
State Tournament Dates and Locations Released

The 2014 State Tournament dates and locations for Baseball and Softball have been released:

2014 Virginia State Tournament 

Dates and Locations 

Division Host District Host League Report Date
9/10       D11 Buchanan 7/10/2014
10/11       D3 Woodstock - Edinburg 7/10/2014
Little League       D3 Bridgewater 7/17/2014
Intermediate - 50/70       D3 Luray 7/10/2014
Juniors       D16 Greater Fauquier TBD
Seniors         D13 Pound 7/10/2014
Big League       D13 Big Stone Gap 7/5/2014
Division Host District Host League Report Date
9/10       D8 Virginia Beach 7/11/2014
10/11       D4 McLean 7/10/2014
Little League       D4 McLean 7/10/2014
Juniors       D1 Saltville 7/10/2014
Seniors      D15 Lancaster TBD
Big League      D6 Churchland TBD


Friday, March 7
National Background Checks

National Background Checks: Per Little League® Regulation I (c) 8 and 9, a national check of the sex offender registries in all 50 states must be done on any individual in the local league program who provides regular service and/or has regular access to players or teams. By using First Advantage, leagues have access to an annual database of 350 million individual criminal records. Background checks are required for the following positions: managers, coaches, practice coaches, Board of Director members, umpires and others, including equipment manager, field maintenance staff, scorekeeper(s), announcer(s), general volunteers, concession workers and team parents. There may be other positions within a league or district that provide regular service and/or have regular access to players or teams that meet this criteria. Little League International pays for the first 125 background checks conducted by each league. The cost after the first 125 checks is only $1. Please note, the Mississippi Sex Offender registry data is no longer included in the First Advantage database. A separate Mississippi State Sex Offender registry search must be conducted. This can be done by accessing the state website:

Friday, March 7
Important Note About Regulation VI, Note 3 Exception

In the 2014 Official Regulations and Playing Rules, “Regulation VI Note 3 Exception” from the 2013 Official Regulations and Playing Rules was inadvertently eliminated. The note references the exception for games that are suspended with less than one (1) inning completed. The note remains in effect for 2014. In the event that the first inning is not completed, all records including pitching records, batting records, etc. shall be disregarded.

Monday, January 6
Recognition for a great season for Tuckahoe Little League's All Stars

Virginia House of Delegate's formal recognition of the achievements of Tuckahoe Little League's American Little League All Star Team!!! Read the complete resolution using this link:

Wednesday, November 27
Important Rule Changes for the 2014 Little League Season

2014 Rule Changes:

Modified residency to include players to attend a school physically located in the league boundaries. 

In order to accommodate the change, Little League has recently adjusted the Regulation II (d) and II (a) form (Click Here) and created an official Little League school enrollment form (Click Here). This form can be utilized by players that attend school within a league's boundary but would prefer not to provide a school performance record or school registration record in order to enroll in a league for participation.

Revised wording to have player data submitted on April 1.

Revised language to require a Regular Season be a minimum 4-game schedule.

Revised wording to allow a doubleheader to be played in a calendar week.

Removed wording mandating a Tournament team carry copies of players’ birth certificates.

Revised language concerning travel of 150 miles or more to the Section level and beyond for one roundtrip for U.S. leagues only. 

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