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Home plate of the District XV Umpires Association and its umpires. A field of information and upcoming topics for the umps to put to good use. Click Here to visit Little League Umpire Online Registry
VA District XV Umpire Association

The District XV Umpire Association By Laws for the association membership to use. Last update in January, 2001





VA State Umpire Request Form

This form is used for District Umpires to request assignments to the Virginia State tournament for all stars. The form must be filled out by the Umpire Consultants and forward to the District Administrator XV for signing and submittal to the Virginia State Association for consideration.


Umpire-A True Story


Southern Regional Umpire Appointment 2003 Junior Softball

Steve Sisson:

Member of the Virginia District XV Umpire Association, received today an invitation to Umpire in the Junior League Girls Softball Southern Regional Tournament. Steve has been a member of the association since its conception and has gone on to Umpire in all of the District XV tournaments, Virginia State tournaments from 1995-2002, and has attended Umpire schools to enhance his umpiring. We all should be proud of his accomplishments and thankful that he is willing to devote the time and energy to our youth. Congratulations!! Job Well Done!!
See Attached Letter from Southern Regional Headquarters


VA XV Umpire Association Board Members


More Handouts:
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  • District XV Minutes - Our quarterly meeting minutes will be posted here for the use of the board and district staff.
  • VA State Association Info - Information in this area is to help with the staff and board of Virginia District XV.
  • 2005 Rule Changes - Under this section the changes in rule, regulations or interpretations will be posted.
  • District XV Information - Information for the Leagues in Virginia District XV. Use this for your Leagues and members of your individual teams.
  • TOURNAMENT PACKETS & INFO - This is where the 2003 Tournament Packets will be kept for the use of the players, parents, fans and Managers.
  • FORMS-Little League - These forms are for the use of our Little League. Some of the forms are in word format and some in pdf format. The ones that are in pdf format, remember that they can be filled in, but can't be saved, so print them out after you fill the form in completely.
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