Virginia District 15 Little League: Spring District Intermediate Division

2013 District XV Intermediate Interleague
King George-1 Team
King William-1 Team
Caroline-1 Team
Westmoreland-1 Team
Richmond County-1 Team

This Intermediate Division are for players ages 11-12 & 13 year old. The will play on a field with the infield dimensions of 50 ft. pitching distance and 70 ft. basepaths. The District Intermediate Division will keep the Teams, Schedules and Scores posted on this website for Interleague Play between the Divisions listed above.
The pitching for each games will be posted in the note section of each final game as to: Number of Pitches, Days of Rest needed and the first initial of the first name and the full last name with the number of the uniform and the age of the player pitching. The pitching will be reported to the League President of your League within 24 hrs of the start of the game. In order to get this information on pitching, go to the "District Intermediate Schedules" and click on the games that have been completed.

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