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District Administrator: Rick Compton 

Wednesday, April 15

Friday, July 3
Changes in Tournament Schedules

Tournament brackets have been updated.

Wednesday, July 1
Stan Duncan Named Volunteer Umpire of the Year

Stan Duncan was presented the 2015 Volunteer Umpire of the Year Award from Virginia District 1 Little League. Stan has volunteered countless hours in regular and tournament seasons for many years and VA District 1 thanks you for all that you do for Little League!

Wednesday, July 1
Challenger & Good Sport Awards Announced for 2015

    Laura Robinson was presented the Virginia District 1 Little League Challenger Award and Michael "Mikey" Watson was presented the Virginia District 1 Little League Good Sport of the Year Award for 2015. Thank you both for showing true Little League character on and off of the playing field!

Wednesday, July 1
Rim Dillow Announced Volunteer of the Year

    Rim Dillow from Abingdon Little League was presented the 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award from Virginia District 1 Little League. We thank you for all that you do Rim!

Monday, June 29
Carl Hurt Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Carl Hurt - Lifetime Achievement
The Virginia State Association of Little League Baseball and Softball presented Carl Hurt from Gate City Little League a lifetime achievement award for his 48 years of service! Congratulations Carl!

Monday, June 29
Jack Taylor Receives Award for Years of Service

Jack Taylor - Service Award
Virginia District 1 Little League recently honored Jack Taylor for his outstanding service in many capacities throughout many decades to Little League Baseball & Softball. Thank you Jack!

Friday, June 5
Tournament Resource Page

Click here for tournament resources!
With tournament season right around the corner, here is a link to resources you will need to run a successful tournament.

Friday, June 5
Bat List

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Make certain that your bat is legal!!

Friday, June 5
Tournament Team Affidavits for Baseball and Softball..Click Here!!

Handout: Forms

Sunday, May 3
Virginia District 1 Awards Program

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Each year, Virginia District 1 Little League honors volunteers and players that have shown true character, courage and loyalty. Click on the link to download an application and nominate a deserving volunteer or player!

Saturday, May 2
Jack Taylor Honored at State Level

    We at Virginia District 1 Little League would like to send a huge "Thank You" to Jack Taylor for all of his years of service to not only District 1, but for also being the State of Virginia's Little League Umpire in Chief! You have set an example as a leader in your field of expertise and have definitely served as a role model for many children through many decades! Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and has and will be appreciated for years to come. Thank you Jack!

Tuesday, January 20
Be Sure To Conduct Your Background Checks!

Tuesday, January 20
Draft Procedures

Wednesday, January 21
Little League School Enrollment Form

Click here for form!!!
    In an effort to accommodate Little Leaguers playing with their classmates, and ease the burden of parents and guardians, Little League recently ammended it's residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries lie within the school they attend. In order to make this change, Little League has created an official Little League school enrollment form.

Sunday, December 21

For more info. click here!!
   The Little League Board of Directors, on November 14th, approved a new transition plan for players born after April 30th, 2005. Players born before May 1st, 2005 will not be impacted by this change. Answers to some of the frequently asked questions are available by clicking the link.

Sunday, December 28
Kris Ratliff Selected to Umpire in Southeast Region Tournament

    Kris Ratliff from Marion Little League and a District 1 umpire has been selected to umpire in the 2015 Southeast Region Junior Softball Tournament in Fort Meyers, Florida in July. This honor goes to only a few experienced umpires each year. Virginia District 1 is very proud of Kris and the important volunteer role that he plays as an umpire in Little League Softball and Baseball. Congratulations Kris!!

Monday, November 24
2015 Rule Changes

Click here!
      Click the link to view the 2015 rule changes passed by the 26th Little League International Congress.

Monday, September 29
Don't Let Your League Do This!

Click here for article!
With Board Member Elections completed or underway, Please keep this article in mind!

Wednesday, September 10
Who is a Member in a Local League?

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If you are wondering who qualifies as a member of your local league, check the link. It is very important that everyone who volunteers gets a chance to voice their concerns and vote for the direction that they would like to see their league move towards. Make certain that all members are contacted about upcoming membership meetings.

Thursday, June 12
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You can now follow VA District 1 on Twitter @Vadist1LL for tournament scores and updates!