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Welcome To Virginia

District 1 Little League

District Administrator: Rick Compton 

Sunday, December 14
1st Annual District 1 Little League Golf Tournament

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   Virginia District 1 Little League is hosting their 1st Annual Golf Tournament at Clear Creek Golf Club in Bristol on March 21st with a shotgun start at 10AM. A picnic and fellowship, "with awards" will be held at the conclusion. For more information on how you can participate, click on the link!

Sunday, December 21

   The Little League Board of Directors, on November 14th, approved a new transition plan for players born after April 30th, 2005. Players born before May 1st, 2005 will not be impacted by this change. Answers to some of the frequently aked questions are available by clicking the link.

Monday, November 24
2015 Rule Changes

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      Click the link to view the 2015 rule changes passed by the 26th Little League International Congress.

Monday, October 20
Tax Time

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It's that time of year again! Make certain you file or you could lose your tax exempt status!

Monday, September 29
Don't Let Your League Do This!

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With Board Member Elections completed or underway, Please keep this article in mind!

Wednesday, September 10
Annual Membership Meeting

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It's that time of year again! Time to have local membership meetings and hold board member elections. If you need some information on how to conduct these meetings, click on the link.

Wednesday, September 10
Who is a Member in a Local League?

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If you are wondering who qualifies as a member of your local league, check the link. It is very important that everyone who volunteers gets a chance to voice their concerns and vote for the direction that they would like to see their league move towards. Make certain that all members are contacted about upcoming membership meetings.

Thursday, June 12
New!!! Follow D-1 on Twitter for Tournament Scores and Updates.

You can now follow VA District 1 on Twitter @Vadist1LL for tournament scores and updates!