Virginia Association of Christian Athletics: Welcome

Welcome to the Virginia Association of Christian Athletics (VACA) Website

Virginia Association of Christian Athletics is a sports league with two regions with consist of two districts each, covering the Shenandoah Valley and beyond!

The South Region, with a thirteen school membership, has locations in the Virginia counties, Amherst, Campbell, Franklin, Montgomery, Pittsylvania, Roanoke and the city of Lynchburg.  The Southwest and Southeast are their districts.

The North Region consists of eleven school members, with locations in the cities of Winchester, Staunton, and counties of Augusta, Fauquier, Frederick, Greene, Loudoun, Page and Rockingham. The North and Central makes up their districts.

The VACA has fall, winter and spring sports for the middle-school, junior varsity and varsity levels for boys and girls.  Districts and Regional tournaments are held after the conclusion of each season.  The regional winners participate in the VACA State competition with North vs South.



  • Caleb Reynolds-Westover, Commissioner
  • Wayne Pettway-Ridgeview, Assistant Commissioner
  • Ray Powell-United, Treasurer
  • Bruce Devers-Faith CA, Secretary/Website


  • Pete Trout-Christian Heritage
  • Dug Hampton-Dayspring
  • Ray Powell-United
  • Ron Combs / Ryan Willey, Alternates

VACA Meetings

All meetings are held at Gavids Steak House @ 10:45 unless notified differently.

2012-13 Meeting Dates

  • August 8
  • November 14
  • February 6
  • March 20
  • May 1


Gavids Steak House
1501 W. Broad St.
Waynesboro, VA.  22980
Ph: 540.949.6353
  • Directions
  • From I-81 North to exit 222 (Rt. 250 - Staunton/Fisherville)
  • Turn left at Richmond Ave/ Rt. 250 - continue on Rt. 250 - turn left at W. Broad St.
  • From I-81 South to exit 222 (Rt. 250 - Staunton/Fishervile)
  • Turn right at Richmond Ave/Rt. 250 - continue on Rt. 250 - turn left at W. Broad St.


Monday, May 21


Final 2012

  1. Shenandoah Valley
  2. Southwest VA
  3. Fresta Valley
  4. Grace Christian 

1st Team All State

  • Mary Hrovat, GCS
  • Sierra Lam, FVCS
  • Jenifer Koebel, FVCS
  • Brittany Worsham, FVCS
  • Rachel Fincham, FVCS
  • Katie Haecker, SVCA
  • Leah Hairfield, DCS
  • Amanda Puckett, RVCS
  • Jacqueline Chick, SWVHS
  • Zoe Campbell, SWVHS
  • Addison Goodman, Timberlake
  • Olivia Goldsmith, FCA 

2nd Team All State

  • Kayla Freemire, SVCA
  • Hayley North, SVCA
  • Maddie Deason, SVCA
  • Megan Wenger, GCS
  • Rachel Snyder, Riverfront
  • AC Branch, FCS
  • Abby Campbell, SWVHS
  • Hope Trossen, FCA
  • Jennifer Krauter, FCA
  • Taylor Thornby, New Covenant

VACA Soccer Play of the Year:  Mary Hrovat, GCS


Final 2012 

Championship  Dayspring 5  Parkway 2 
Consolation     Grace Christian 11  Faith Christian 6

State Finals
  1. Dayspring - Champions
  2. Parkway Christian
  3. Grace Christian
  4. Faith Christian Academy 

All Tournament Team
Zach Gordon, DCA  Tourney MVP
Brandon Tucker, DCA
Zack Morrill, DCA
Andrew Lucas, DCA
David Brink, PCA
Brandon Jennings, PCA
Lawrence Huff, PCA
Grayson Hensley, GCS
Micah Mallory, GCS
Steven Sherlin, FCA
Trey K?, FCA

1st Team All State Team
Brandon Tucker, DCA  Player of the Year
Adam Hopkins, FCA
Brandon Jennings, PCA
Noah Overstreet, RVCS
Dallen Alderson, WCA
Thomas Powell, UCA
Connor Nuckols, GCS
Jake Lambdin, FVCS
Eric Moss, SVCA
Mike Powell, SVCA

2nd Team All State Team
Shane Buss, FVCS
Matt Edwards, FVCS
Micah Mallory, GCS
Nathan Steve, SVCA
Kentry Snow, UCA
Andrew Lucas, DCA
Evan Graybill, DCA
David Brink, PCA
Dalton Pruitt, WCA


Danville, VaIn the 2012 version of the VACA state golf championships, Timberlake Christian came out on top by three strokes over two-time defending state champion Westover Christian Academy by a total score of 399 to 402. Stuart Hall came in 3rd with a score of 426, Roanoke Valley Christian came in 4th with a score of 459, Parkway came in 5th with a score of 466, and Dayspring came in 6th with a score of 490. In the middle school division, Parkway was the lone competitor with a score of 245 (nine holes). Zach Bauchou was the individual champion as he shot a 73 to lead his Timberlake team to victory. Seth Wilson of Westover was 2nd with a 90, while John Stadler also of Westover was 3rd with 95. Caleb Olson of Timberlake shot a 97 to come in 4th while Colin Whitmore of Stuart Hall was 5th with a score of 98. On the middle school side the top five finishers were all from Parkway with scores of 53 for David Keep, Bradley Dixon with a 58, Eliott Huff with a 65, Sarah Calhoun with a 69, and tied for 5th were Alex Tyler and Caleb Calhoun with 70’s. Individual scores are as follows:Timberlake Christian
  • Zach Bauchou               73
  • Caleb Olson                  97
  • Josh Stanton                 123
  • Jacob Bauchou              112
  • Stephen Peterson          122
  • Logan Bosiger               117
Westover Christian Academy
  • Seth Wilson                  90
  • Tyler Perkins                 102
  • John Stadler                  95
  • Michael Perkins             115
  • John Bradner                 133
  • Anthony Newcomb         139
 Stuart Hall
  • Patrick Moran                100
  • Colin Whitmore              98
  • Mitch Conley                 106
  • Brad Sampson               122 
Roanoke Valley Christian
  • Blake Vaughn                107
  • Denton Hale                  114
  • Sam Irvin                       117
  • Evan Connor                  121
  • Jonathan Webb              126
  • Jared Weaver                 136
Parkway Christian
  • Brian Shepherd              109
  • Marc Barber                  117
  • Chase Plaster                126
  • David Dryer                    114
  • Ian Laya                        124
Dayspring Christian
  • Peyton Bailey                117
  • Sam Westman              117
  • Dylan Henderson           128
  • Austin Cregger               139
  • Coleman Ashworth         141
  • Hannah Ashworth           128 
Parkway (Middle School)
  • David Keep                    53
  • Bradley Dixon                58
  • Hunter Petty                  71
  • Taylor Shrewsbury         71
  • Caleb Calhoun               70
  • Alex Tyler                      70
  • Eliott Huff                      65
  • Sarah Calhoun               69 


Baseball Varsity

May 12-Finals

  1. Fresta Valley
  2. Grace
  3. Shenandoah Valley
  4. United

1st Team All District North

  • Erick Moss, Shenandoah
  • Mike Powell, Shenandoah
  • Nathan Steve, Shenandoah
  • Garrett Poole, Shenandoah
  • Taylor Jones, Shenandoah
  • Jacob Heflin, Shenandoah
  • Jake Lambdin, Fresta Valley
  • Shane Buss, Fresta Valley
  • Andrew Lamdbin, Fresta Valley
  • Matt Edwards, Fresta Valley

1st Team All District Central

  • Thomas Powell, United
  • Kentry Snow, United
  • Seth Norris, United
  • Cameron Lawson, United
  • Conner Nuckols, Grace
  • Christian Starkey, Grace
  • Micah Mallory, Grace
  • Grayson Hensley, Grace
  • David Heishman, Grace

1st Team All Region

  • Thomas Powell-MVP, UCA
  • Kentry Snow, UCA
  • Connor Nuckols, FVCS
  • Jake Lambdin, FVCS
  • Shane Buss, FVCS
  • Matt Edwards, FVCS
  • Micah Mallory, GCS
  • David Heishman, GCS
  • Erick Moss, SVCA
  • Mike Powell, SVCA
  • Nathan Steve, SVCA

2nd Team All Region

  • Same Beals, FVCS
  • Brett Sumerall, FVCS
  • Andrew Lambdin, FVCS
  • Grayson Hensley, GCS
  • Christian Starky, GCS
  • Garrett Poole, SVCA
  • Taylor Jones, SVCA
  • Jacob Heflin, SVCA
  • Cameron Lawson, UCA
  • Seth Norris, UCA

Soccer Girls Varsity

May 12-Finals

  1. Shenandoah Valley 
  2. Grace
  3. Fresta Valley
  4. Stuart Hall   

1st Team All District North

  • Rachel Fincham, Fresta Valley
  • Jennifer Knoebel, Fresta Valley
  • Sierra Llam, Fresta Valley
  • Kathryn Dockerty, Fresta Valley
  • Brittany Worsham, Fresta Valley
  • Hannah McGann, Shenandoah
  • Maddie Deason, Shenandoah
  • Kayla Freemire, Shenandoah
  • Katie Haecker, Shenandaoh
  • Hayley North, Shenandoah 
  • Rachel Snyder, Riverfront

2nd Team All District North

  • Alana Nappi, SVCA
  • Logan Tolley, SVCA
  • Hannah Fitzpatrick, FVCS
  • Grace Snyder, RCS
  • Emilie Boucher, RCS
  • Adena Ingram, RCS

1st Team All District Central 

  • Mary Hrovat, Grace
  • Megan Wenger, Grace
  • Layla Teears, Grace
  • Joscely Seaton, Grace
  • Debra Baker, Grace      
  • Kelsey Kibler, Mt. Carmel
  • Rose Holland, Mt. Carmel
  • Ivy Watson, Mt. Carmel
  • Amber Seal, Mt. Carmel

2nd Team All District Central

  • Lizzie Jongward, Stuart Hall
  • Crystel Noel, Stuart Hall
  • Logan Sherwood, Mt. Carmel

1st Team All Region

  • Mary Hrovat-MVP, GCS
  • Megan Wenger, GCS
  • Kayla Freemire, SVCA
  • Maddie Deason, SVCA
  • Katie Haecker, SVCA
  • Hayley North, SVCA
  • Sierra Lam, FVCS
  • Jennifer Knoebel, FVCS
  • Brittany Worsham, FVCS
  • Rachel Snyder, RCS

2nd Team All Region

  • Hannah McGann, SVCA
  • Kathryn Dockerty, FVCS
  • Ivy Watson, MCCA
  • Kelsey Kibler, MCCA

North Region Soccer Girls MS

  1. Stuart Hall
  2. Riverfront



Soccer Varsity Girls 

May 12 - Finals

  1. Southwest VA
  2. Dayspring
  3. Roanoke Valley
  4. New Covenant

Baseball Varsity

May 12 - Finals

  1. Dayspring
  2. Parkway
  3. Westover
  4. Faith CA
1st team all Southeast District
  • Adam Hopkins               FCA                              Dalton Pruitt                  WCA
  • Steve Sherlin                 FCA                              Dallen Alderson             WCA
  • Mason Heisler               FCA                              Dillon Powell                  WCA
  • Jacob Speck                 FCA                              Lucas Stephens             WCA
  • Caleb Speck                  FCA                             Rand Stinson                 WCA 
1st team all Southwest District
  • Brandon Tucker             DCA                           Noah Overstreet             RVCS
  • Evan Graybill                 DCA                           Dylan Spradlin               RVCS
  • David Brink                    PCA                           Aaron Holloway             RVCS
  • Brandon Jennings          PCA                           Aaron Overstreet           RVCS
     Huston Petty                PCA                           Andrew Lucas               DCA
1st team all South Region
  • Adam Hopkins               FCA                            Evan Graybill                DCA
  • Brandon Tucker             DCA                            Dallen Alderson             WCA
  • Brandon Jennings          PCA                            Andrew Lucas                DCA
    Noah Overstreet             RVCS                         Dalton Pruitt                  WCA
  • David Brink                    PCA 
2nd team all South Region
  • Dylan Spradlin               RVCS                           Dillon Powell                  WCA
  • Aaron Holloway              RVCS                           Huston Petty                 PCA
  • Mason Heisler               FCA                              Rand Stinson                 WCA
  • Steve Sherlin                 FCA                              Jacob Speck                 FCA
  • Lucas Stephens             WCA 

South Region Player of the year:   Brandon Tucker, DCA

All tournament team 

  • Jackson Williams           FCA                             Brandon Jennings          PCA
  • John Kelly                     FCA                             Andrew Lucas                DCA
  • Rand Stinson                 WCA                           Zach Morrill                   DCA
  • Drake Richardson          WCA                            Brandon Tucker             DCA
  • David Brink                    PCA 
Tournament MVP:   Brandon Tucker, DCA