University of Waterloo Ringette: Welcome

University of Waterloo Ringette

Welcome to the University of Waterloo's first ringette team. This site aims to connect students at the University of Waterloo with the opportunity to play high calibre ringette against some of the top schools in the country. We did not attend UCC 2013 but would like to return next year. UCC 2014 will be hosted by Nipissing in North Bay over the New Year's week, in conjunction with the 2014 World Championships. It would be a great opportunity to showcase our school and watch some of the best ringette in the world. I will be sending out an info email at the end of August to all players, if interested in this please contact!


UPDATE:  We're getting there but we still need a few more players! UCC DATES: January 1 - 4, 2014

                                                                                                   - Christine