Utah Sports Lodge: USL Personal/Team Training

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Personal/Group Field Training
USL Personal/Group Training

USL personal or group training includes strength/conditioning, speed/agility and field training. It is designed to work on specific needs and target desired goals of an athlete. All training will be done by compentent professionals that will help indivdual players or groups improve their strength, speed and skill.   

Training $25/Hour or Package Deal 10 Sessions $200
Group Training 6+ Athletes $10/Session/Player

Workout Room
This is a great place for parents to get in shape while their kids are out training. You can choose to work out on your own or hire one of our in-house coaches/trainers!  
(Based on a first come first serve basis, limit of 7 at a time in the gym)
(Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, coach or trainer)
$150/Year Unlimited

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2013-2014 Personal/Group Training
1) Player/Group Name
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6) Personal/Group Training (personal training may be with others)
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7) Number of Sessions Desired
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8) What Sport(s) are you involved in?
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