Utah Sports Lodge: Youth Leagues


USL 8v8 League Play
8v8, No Walls, Goals 9x21ft
Field is 80x40 yards, 46ft clearance, Outdoor Rules Apply
Year-round leagues available for all age groups U4-U18

All Youth Games are:
Friday's 5:00-9:00pm & Saturday's 7:00am - 9:00pm
U4-U6 Youth Leagues 15 min halves 5v5      $475
U7-U9 Youth Leagues 18 min halves 5v5      $575
U10-U18 Youth Leagues 25 min halves 8v8  $675

Registration fee includes referee game fees
*Teams play 6 games (game increased by 10 min) 
(*excludes holidays, Indoor Tournaments over all holidays.
We moved to a 6 game league to avoid conflicts with the holidays
and traveling teams. It will also avoid any conflicts with outdoor
leagues in the spring. To offset, we increased the game time by 10
minutes for each game. The increased game time has also decreased
the number of teams we can accept this winter by 33. If you would like
play at the Utah Sports Lodge, register now to guarantee your spot.)  

To register:
1-Register use the survey page below (does not include auto response, an invoice will be sent to you)

Winter Session #1 League Play: October 26 - December 7
Winter Session #2 League Play: December 6 - January 25
Winter Session #3 League Play: January 31 - March 15

Session #1 October 20 - December 6
Session 1 Schedules are now posted, please see "Schedules & Standings"

Session #2 December 6 - January 25
Session 2 Scheudules are now posted, please see "schedules & standings"

Session #3 January 31 - March 15

Coed 8/9
1-Arsenal BS
2-Arrows RH
3-Blue Knights A
4-Blue Knights B
5-Blue Knights C
6-TC United
8-Utah Warriors DV 

1-Utah Arrows RH
2-Razzia Ruff Ryders RD
3-USA Alliance ML
4-USA Premier 03 RM
5-Stansbury Elite  MA A
6-Stansbury Elite MA B
7-Utah Surf West White MP
8-La Roca South 03 RV   

1-Arsenal CY Premier
2-Utah Glory U11G JB
3-Utah Glory Gold CB
4-Sparta 03 DR
5-Arsenal BM
6-Celtic Storm White TS

1-Arsenal HB
2-USA Alliance JW
3-USA Alliance Rebels DO
4-Utah Arrows RH
5-Blue Knights Premier White MJ
6-Blue Knights Premier White BT
7-Blue Knights 01 MP
8-Razzia Renegades
9-Surf West Premier '03 BW
10-Joga FC 02 IG

2-Wasatch AE
3-Arsenal RE Red JB
4-Arsenal RE White JB
5-TC United BO
6-USA Alliance JW
7-Sparta Premier 00PL
8-Razzia Raptorz JA

1-Celtci FC Premier 01GB
2-Northern Peaks TC
3-USA White RL
4-Revolution Black DL
5-Utah Glory 02 TS
6-Utah Glory Black KV
7-Sparta BC
8-Joga FC 01-KS 
9-TC United CW

1-Utah Gory U15G Red JB
2-USA White SL
3-Revolution Gold DL
4-Revolution Blue DL
5-Utah Glory Gold BB Team 1
6-Utah Glory Gold BB Team 2
7-Utah Glory TF WS
8-Utah Celtic FC Green JP
9-Shatter JG
10-Surf 99 MS
11-Northern Peaks TC

HS Girls
3-Murray Max DW
4-Murray Max G-96 GE
5-USA White SC JM
6-Razzia 97 Storm WB
7-USA Allstars Red 96 MM
8-Sparta 97 DS

HS Boys
1-Utah Arrows DV
2-Razzia-Tsunami VN

2013 -2014 USL Youth League
1) Team Name or Club (Do not use your tab or return key)
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2) Team Age
   U4 & U5 Aug 2008 - July 2010
   U6 & U7 Aug 2006 - July 2008
   U8 & U9 Aug 2004 - July 2006
   U10 & U11 Aug 2002 - July 2004
   U12 & U13 Aug 2000 - July 2002
   U14 & U15 Aug 1998 - July 2000
   High School Age Aug 1995 - July 1998
3) Oldest Player on your team (mm/dd/yy) or Age Group U__
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4) Team Gender
5) Primary Contact
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6) Primary Phone
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7) Email Address
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8) Team Division or Preferred Flight
   Premier - D1
   D2- D3
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9) Which Session(s) are you registering for?
   Winter Session #1 Oct 18 - Nov 23
   Winter Session #2 Dec 6 - Jan 25
   Winter Session #3 Jan 31 - March 15
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