Utah Sports Lodge: USL Leagues

USL League Play Important Survey Below all teams must fill this out
Winter & Summer League Play
-Coaches Register your team by clicking below 
-Full Field is 80x40 yards,  9v9 play
-Futsal size 27x40 6v6 (NO WALLS)
-Each Session: 8 games
-Game Length two 25 min. halves
-Oudoor Rules

Session 1 & 2 are now full

Use this link to pay deposits or full league fee 
Use this link to pay balance after deposit had been made. 
Balance due by 10/20/2018

Winter Leauge Games: 9v9 or 6v6 
-U4-U8 Mini Academy Leagues 3v3-5v5            $250/Team
-U9-U18 Futsal Size field 25 min halves 6v6      $450/Team 
-U9-U18 Youth Leagues 25 min halves 9v9        $725/Team 
-Adult Leagues 25 min halves 8v8                       $725/Team
Referee Fee:
9v9 $15
6v6 $12
Session 1 Nov. - Jan
Please see "Schedules and Standings" for your schedule. Please note some brackets are still being filled and some schedules are still being created.

Very Important: Before we can complete the USL Winter Session 1 and Post the 2nd Session schedule, we need to know what weekends you are or are not available.Even if you've emailed us Pleases till fill out the short survey questionnaire below. 
Session 2 Jan - March
Please see "schedules and standings"
Schedules coming soon!

Summer League 9v9  June  - August
Full Field Special only $450 + $15/game referee fee

9v9 $15
6v6 $12

Adult League
Friday and Saturday nights 9-11:30pm

Handout: USL Event Roster

USL League Play Session 1&2 Availability
1) Which Session Are You Playing In?
   Session 1 Nov. - Jan
   Session 2 Jan. - March
   Both Sessions 1 & 2
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2) Team Name & Coaches Initials
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3) Team Gender
4) Team Age/Year
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5) Please select the weeks your team is not available
   Christmas break Dec. 26 - Jan. 1 Day/Night
   Christmas break Dec. 26 - Jan 1 Before 5pm
   MLK Weekend Jan. 18, 19, 21
   Presidents Day Feb. 15, 16, 18
   1st & 2nd week of April M-F pm Sat. all day
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6) Please tell us any other weekend you cannot play
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