Utah Sports Lodge: Field Rental

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USL Rentals
Note: The Utah Sports Lodge is not able to book or accomodate any Rugby teams or groups, please check out one of the other great indoor facilities.  

Each Summer/Winter Rental Block is approximately 22 weeks with holiday's.
Summer rental Sessions are 1/2 Field 1.5 hours guranteed + Use when field in not in scheduled use
Winter rental Sessions are 1/3 or 1/2  1 hour sessions guranteed + open play with membership required

Summer Field Use April 20th - October 10th:
Daily Open Play --------------------------------------$3/day
Daily Open Play unlimited use----------------------$60
Team Training Rental- April - October  (22 Weeks) 
1/2 Field Rental 1.5 hours per week $60/player

Our 2018-2019 Winter Rental is now full, we do have open play time available Mon- Friday 3-5pm
cost is a one time $36 membership plus $5/person/day.
Nightly open play is also available Mon - Wed  9-11:30pm &Thurs - Sat. after league games.

22 week winter rental last week of October - last week of March  
1/3 (27x40 yards) field Rental Available Monday, Wednesday or Friday          $3500
1/2 (40x40 yards) Field Rental Available Monday Tuesday or Thursday          $4500
Full Field 80x40 yards between 6am-3pm 1 hour each session                         $3,300 or $150/day
(Winter rentals require an indiviudal player membership $36)  
Click on link to see what's available and to reserve your winter rental 
More than one team can share a rental

Single Use Options (Any sport)
Non-USL League games------------- ----------------------------------------------------$75/Game
Oct-March 22 weeks between 6am-3pm (22 weeks $3300)--------------------------$150/hr
Special Use Full Field Rental Winter (Nov. - March)-------------------------------- $250/hr
Full Field Scrimage ----------------------------------------------------------------------- $5/Person
Special Use Field Rental Summer (April - Oct.)---------------------------------------$50/hr
Single Day Use -----------------------------------------------------------------------------$5/day/person
Birthday Parties-----------------------------------------------------------------------------$5/Person

If you have questions please call: 801-784-1091 or email scheduler@utahsportslodge.com