Utah Sports Lodge: Welcome

USL Turf Field

The Utah Sports Lodge 
Indoor/Outdoor Training Facility

 Register for the Utah Arrows WPSL Team
Open to woment ages 14-40
Tryouts May 3rd and 4th


Please fill out this survey and let us know which weekends you can and cannot play league play at the Utah Sports Lodge. 
Both Session 1 and Session 2 teams must fill this out, otherwise it will be assumed you can play any weekend - the 2nd week of April. 
Thank You
Quesitons Please call or text
801-232-1111 (Rob's Cell)
801-784-1091 (Sports Lodge Cell)

Saturday, December 22
All Teams playing in the winter leagues must fill out this short questionnaire

USL League Play Session 1&2 Availability
1) Which Session Are You Playing In?
   Session 1 Nov. - Jan
   Session 2 Jan. - March
   Both Sessions 1 & 2
         write-in your own answer above
2) Team Name & Coaches Initials
         write-in your own answer above
3) Team Gender
4) Team Age/Year
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5) Please select the weeks your team is not available
   Christmas break Dec. 26 - Jan. 1 Day/Night
   Christmas break Dec. 26 - Jan 1 Before 5pm
   MLK Weekend Jan. 18, 19, 21
   Presidents Day Feb. 15, 16, 18
   1st & 2nd week of April M-F pm Sat. all day
         write-in your own answer above
6) Please tell us any other weekend you cannot play
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