US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC: Tournament Checklist

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US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC Tournament Manager/Coach Checklist for all tournaments

1-Completed and signed Tournament Team Registration (Got Soccer Only) 

2-Reviewed Tournament Rules and Regulations
(Please go over with players and parents)

3-US Utah Comp Soccer Amateur Athletic Waiver and Medical Release
(Parent Signature Required for all players, must turn in at check-in, please see "forms upload" page)

4-Current roster or travel roster
(Must have copy for the tournament at check-in. Guest players may be written in, rosters may be added or taken away up to the check-in.)

5-Laminated player cards can be used but are not needed. If you do not have player cards please have at least 4 rosters with pictures to use at the start of each game to check in with.   

6-Copy of player's birth certificate, driver's license or passport (proof of a players age) 

7-Paid Tournament Fees (Please mail to 12432 S Meadow Spring Ln, Riverton UT 84065) Credit cards can be run at this location.  

8-Completed Travel arrangements (transportation/lodging)
(Please see our "housing link" for many great options)

9-Aware of your teams tournament schedule (Please provide us you desired flight) 

10-Familiar with field locations - The field layout will be posted prior to tournament. 

This checklist is to assist you in your preparation of the US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC Tournaments and is not a replacement to reading and understanding all tournament information and instructions.

If you have any questions or need help in anyway please e-mail:   
 or call our offices at 801-784-1091

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Handout: Manager & Coach Tournament Checklist