US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC: Welcome

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2015 Ice Breaker (St George)
Is moving locations!
We are building new fields at a new, better location!
Our new location is adjacent to the new St George airport and will have better fields, better parking and easier access than any of the previous tournaments.
More details coming soon!

 US Utah Comp Soccer has teamed up with Utah Sports Lodge to offer indoor/outdoor training, leagues, camps and tournaments year round for all ages youth-adult of any skill level! Whether you want to travel down south to
St. George or stay right in Salt Lake, we've got you covered!

Indoor/Outdoor Training, Leagues & Tournaments!

Don't want to travel out of the SLC Area?

Outdoor Experience on an Indoor Field!
Field size is 80x40 yards x 46ft high
Play 8v8, 7x21 goals,  Outdoor Rules apply

Harvest Cup Nov. 29-30 $400

Christmas Cup Dec. 26 - Jan 1 $400
MLK Challenge Jan. 17,18,20 $250
USL Indoor Ice Breaker Feb. 13, 14, 15, 17 $400 
(This is not the outdoor tournament in St. George)