Usual Suspects Softball Team: Achievements

Thursday, January 11
2006 – Achievements

Usual Suspects
5th Place Division 1

Deadly Suspects
Runners-Up Division 4
1/4 Finals ISA Plate

2005 - Achievements

Usual Suspects
Winners Triple III Bowl
Runners-Up Edinburgh Festiball Braids Plate
1/4 Finals of the ISA Cup
7th Place Division 1

Deadly Suspects
Runners-Up Division 4
Runners-Up Bearcats Invitational Bowl
3rd Round ISA Bowl

2004 - Achievements
5th Place Division 1
Last 16 of the ISA Cup

2003 - Achievements
3rd Place IBSF Premier 2
2nd Round of the ISA Cup

2002 - Achievements
Winners - Irish Open Softball Trophy - Bowl Section
3rd Place Senior Division
Quarter Finals ISA Cup

2001 - Achievements
Winners Longford Blitz
3rd in Manchester Blitz C Comp Plate
5th in Senior Division

2000 - Achievements
3rd in Senior Division

1999 - Achievements
Winners of IBSF Plate
Semi-Finalists in IBSF Pennant
Runners up in Longford Blitz
4th in Third Division

1998 - Achievements
Runners up in 5th Division
Semi-Finalists in Junior Pennant

1997 - Achievements
Winners of 6th Division