Usual Suspects Softball Team: History

History of the Usual Suspects

We practised for about four weeks with a wooden baseball bat and no gloves. We bought 2 gloves off John Keyes, who told us about the league. Adrian phoned Paul Byrne in June who told us we were too late for the league but if we had five girls we could join the Five and Five League. We phoned him on a Monday and he told us we had a game on Thursday. At this stage American Mark and Sara had joined and they had played softball.

We went out to our first game with the wooden baseball bat and four gloves. Luckily enough we were playing John Keyes's team the Angels, and he told us the bat was illegal but we could borrow theirs.

English Mark stood up to take the first bat, he hit a humdinger, but he stood there and did not run to first, he believed he had three goes and would get it further the next time. Mark was out and he learned a valuable lesson. American Mark always took everyone by surprise and hit the Church in Terenure one time. Unfortunately he was only here for that one summer. We played 7 games our first season and won 4.

We practised on Sunday in Fairview Park and met the Bupa Dodgers who were a 3rd division team, they helped us a lot and now 4 of them are playing on the team.

We entered the Tripple Crown at ALSAA. We had never played 7/3 before and found this very difficult. Dave got ejected from the field for sliding with his feet in the air, a rule we never knew existed. He has since be known as "Killer Dave".


This was the year we really started. We entered the league in time and Adrian did the Umpire's course. Adrian has always been known as "Lion King" because of his hair. We went to Galway for the first time and really enjoyed it. (our first injury happened Alacoque broke a bone in her hand) We won the 6th Division. People began to recognise our name, we had arrived!!


Alacoque did the Umpire's course and Adrian was elected onto the LSA committee as Development Officer. Sam from South Africa contacted us. She had played fast pitch in SA and was a registered coach. We entered everything, even though sometimes we had to borrow players from other teams. Galway was excellent for us. We entered two teams the Usual Suspects and the Unusual Suspects. Adrian had to saw the lock off the gate so that the food and medical vans could get down to the field. (ask Declan Flynn and Brian Connolly the story) We came 2nd in the 5th Division. We really had arrived.


Alacoque was elected onto the IBSF as treasurer and Adrian was re-elected onto the LSA. Adrian has started teaching softball to girls schools and is looking for volunteers in September. We take our League games seriously but have fun at the Blitz. "OUR DRINKING TEAM HAS A SOFTBALL PROBLEM"