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Tuesday, March 26
Grow the game

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 Players 10 years and up who want to improve their skills on the court. Volleyball Clinics are now in session. Position training in quality setting, hitting, serving, passing and blocking. Pre-competition mindset preparedness. We also teach private sand volleyball. Please email us for scheduling and pricing.



USA Parent " I thought the girls were terrific and played beautifully togther. It might be silly, but I teared up today with pride watching how far she has come in one short year. You have indeed performed a miracle and we thank you and are so grateful for all your time and patience. Thank you. Now, please no watching tapes tonight & get a good night's sleep." I thought I would share this. As a coach it means, so much. After I read this, I teared up my self. Love the game!




Invite 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10, 11th and 12th graders to join.


 Practice in volleyball gyms, and practice on sand volleyball courts 


Our volleyball program provides a positive environment geared towards hard work, teamwork, mental skills training, consistency, and good work ethic. We build up athletes individually to give them firm confidence through concentrated focus and reinforcement. The goal is to support our athletes desire to be a great volleyball player while building good trait. We aim to teach players correct habits so they may move forward in their future volleyball careers.


We use El Camino Real Charter High School Gym, Taft Charter High School Gym in Woodland Hills/West Hills, Thousand Oaks Rec Center Gym in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and in the city of Moorpark CA

We provide every athlete in middle school and high school a chance to discover and learn to play volleyball in a positive and secure environment. Our goal is to encourage athletes to do their best with their skills, ability and knowledge of the sport. With an emphasis on constructive reinforcement, the program seeks to build skills and self-worth in each athlete. USA VOLLEYBUMP is a youth program that will give active athletes an opportunity to enhance their all-around game in this thrilling sport. Our staff is made up of experts in volleyball who are considered exceedingly experienced in this great sport. USA VOLLEYBUMP will do regular physical training, teach correct skills, coach active game play and focus on complete skill development. Enjoy this wonderful experience USA Volleybump provides. 

Beach volleyball is a Division I NCAA scholarship sport. Top college programs like UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, and other great college programs offer 4 full ride scholarships in beach volleyball and 12 full rides for indoor. Did you know that there are over 13,000 college indoor volleyball scholarships given out every year? How bad do you want to play indoor college or beach college volleyball for a great school? It all starts with the USA Volleybump Program!



USA VOLLEYBALL Program Objectives

-Teach the sport of volleyball

- Provide learning opportunities

- We provide a specialized body of knowledge in the sport of volleyball.

- Teach Volleyball skills

- Teach team work

- Build friendship

- Improve communicate skills

- Help athletes understand winning


USA VOLLEYBUMP Program is simple to start.

We offer open registration in the cities of Woodland Hills, West Hills, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Hermosa Beach, Malibu, Zuma Beach, and Santa Monica. It takes only 3 minutes to sign up for one of our programs. We take pride in each athlete’s experience.


To Join a fun travel volleyball club. Contact USAUnitedVolleyballClub@Gmail.Com