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Monday, March 7
JV Show March
And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down - but the show must go on! The JV team was courageous and water proof today! Laura R started the L O N G day off with a 1st and 6th place ribbon followed by Hailey C collecting a 2nd, 5th and 4th place ribbons! Our lunchtime riders (High School Novice) Michelle K rode solid collecting a 2nd and 6th place ribbons and Nichole L. had an excellent day collecting a 2nd and 1st place ribbon securing the Reserve Champion ribbon for that division. Sarah S, perfectly turned out and smiling, took a 2nd, 1st and 2nd collecting a second Reserve Champion ribbon for the team! With the rain pouring down our final rider of the day, Katherine A, with a stout heart, collected the final 4th place ribbon for the day! Excellent job today JV Team!

Monday, February 7
JV Show February
The JV Riders had a warmer Sunday to ride at Oatlands! Lindsay G. and Laura R., perfectly turned out and smiling, showed their spirit in the ring with 16 riders in the Future Intermediates. Tough competition was felt throughout the day - continuing with our Middle School Future Intermediates where Haley C collected a 3rd, 2nd and 4th (12 pts!). Our High School Novice division was represented by Michele K. taking a 4th, 1st (Blue!) and 6th (11 pts) and Nichole L in a very tough class with 14 riders! Finally, our Middle School Novice riders showed what they could do in a full class as well! Johann M. collected a 3rd and honorable mention in the jumping (had a particularly stubborn pony - and was so impressive to the Judge showing extra effort to jump that pony! that she made special mention to his hard work!) Rachel G. collected a 2 4th place ribbons finishing off the day with success! Great job to all riders! Let's start thinking warm thoughts for our March show!

Thursday, January 27
JV Show - Jan 9 Full Moon Farm
A Chilly Sunday, way out in Howard County at Full Moon Farm, the JV riders embraced the elements (unfamiliar barn, Riding Ring which was odd shaped & horses really unfamiliar to them!) and pinned like Rock Stars! Laura and Lindsay grabbed 10 points between the two of them, Michelle K. collected 11 points and Nichole collected 3 points. Our middle school Sarah S collected 11 points! Great job Riders - and Thanks for making the trip

Thursday, January 27
JV Show November
The weather was perfect - the riders were prepared! Our JV riders were there in force - with riders for every division! Hailey placed well in both flat classes and jump - taking the Reserve Champion for our team! Michelle, in her first show of the year, wrapped up Reserve Champion in her division also! Our Middle school Novice riders did very well - Johann taking 2 6th place ribbons and Sarah taking a 5th and a 3rd in jumping! To round the day off nicely, Katherine (her first show!) did very nice in the Maiden division taking a 6th and 5th in Jumping! Congratulations JV Team!

Thursday, January 27
JV Show October
The JV Team had a wonderful, extra long day at NFF. Lindsay started things off well pulling two 6th places and a 2nd in the Jump class. Haley showed well in our Middle School Division (Future Intermediate) placing a 3rd, 4th and 2nd in the jump class. Our Middle School Novice division showed very strong with Sarah taking a 1st, 4th and a 5th in the jump class. Johann, on a very cool, calm "Shimmer" placed 5th, 2nd and 6th in Jumping. Finally, Cassandra finished the day off placing 5th in one flat class and the jump class. Congratulations to our JV Team - with a strong show of Middle School Riders!

Thursday, January 27
Varsity Show October
The Varsity riders had their show on Halloween and were perfectly turned out as Equestrian Riders! Gabbie placed in both of her flat classes as well as Allie Clement and Alex Jones. It was a beautiful day - full of sunshine and ribbons for our UHS team!

Sunday, September 19
September JV Show Results
The JV Team had their first show today at Oatlands Farm in Brookeville, MD starting our 2010/11 season with class!  Our JV Captain, UHS's Lindsay G., started the morning off showing in a large class of Future Intermediates and taking two 6th place ribbons.  WKMS's Haley C. showed very confidently and took home a 3rd and two 4th place ribbons.  In the Middle School Novice division, UMS's Johann M. took a 3rd place ribbon in a flat class and 6th in the jumping class while WKMS's Sarah S. racked up points placing 5th, 4th and 1st in the Jumping - giving her enough points to take home Reserve Champion for the division.  GREAT job to all of our Riders!

Sunday, September 26
September Varsity Show Results
Two of our Advanced riders showed today at Nothing Fancy Farm - Sarah G. and Allie C.; Sarah G. took 2nd and 4th in the flat classes. Good work riders!