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Titans Make it to Quarterfinals of Littlest Heroes Charity Tournament

Titans Make it to Quarterfinals of Littlest Heroes Charity Tournament 

The Titans lost the first game in a pitcher's duel 3-1 against the Milan Warriors.  Kyle Wright pitched 5 innings while giving up on 2 runs (1 earned) on 3 hits, 4 strikeouts and 2 walks.  The Titans' bats were a little cold that game.  The only hits were by Tommy Rosselot, Matt Godenswager, Jason "JB" Becka and Jonathan Harris (who had a double).  

In the second game, beat the Blaze 7-4.  Again, the Titans had great pitching from both Tommy Rosselot and Ian Vaughn.  Ian got the start and win going 5 innings while giving up 4 runs (none earned), 3 hits, 5 walks, and 2 strikeouts.  Tommy got the team's first save of the year going 2 shut-out innings, striking out 2 and only walking one.  The Titan's bats came alive in the 4th inning as they scored 5 of the 7 runs.  Jonathan Harris had a 2-RBI double and Ian Vaughn had a 2-RBI single that inning.  

The Titans played well in the quarterfinal but lost 8-5 as time ran out.  Tommy Rosselot and Kyle Wright gutted it out after having each pitched the day before and did a good job keeping the Titans close.  Justyn Spanski made each of his 2 walks count for runs.  Tommy Rosselot, Nick Mroczynski, Zack King, Matt Godenswager and Jason Becka each had RBIs in the game.   


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Titans Lose Competitive Game in Lightning-Shortened Night

The MAF Gators took the first bite scoring 9 runs in the first two innings.  But the Titans fought back - knocking out their first starting pitcher after score 5 in the 3rd inning and making it a much closer game.  At the end of the 4th inning, the Gators led 10-6 but all the momentum was on the Titans side as the bats were hot against the Gators starting pitcher and their relief pitcher.  The pitching for the Titans was fantastic.  Tommy Rosselot got the start and went 3 innings giving up 6 earned runs while striking out 4 and walking two.  He pitched ahead in the count most of the night and was very effective on the mound.  Kyle Wright relieved Tommy in the 4th inning to face the heart of the Gator's order (batters 4-5-6) and pitched a 1-2-3 inning with a flyout (great sliding catch by Shamus McIlwee - defensive play of the game!), groundout and strikeout.  Offensively, Nick Mroczynski went 1-2 with a double, RBI and run scored.  Nassim Salem also ripped the ball for a double to deep left center scoring Jason Becka who had walked ahead of him.

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As Day Heats Up - So Did Titans Bats

The Titans survived the heat Saturday.  Game 1 was very competitive as it was 9-6 going into the final inning.  Nick Mroczynski went 1-1 with a double, hit by pitch, walk and RBI.  Kyle Wright went 2-3 with two singles, 3 steals and a run.  Tommy Rosselot went 0-2, but did reach on error and scored two runs, had an RBI and 3 steals.  Jonathan Harris went 1-1 with a double, 2 walks, a steal, a run and an RBI.   

In game 2, we got off to a bad start by getting down 6-0 after the first inning. However, the Titans battled the heat and Players I Bulls and get fighting back to send it to extra innings.  In the end, the Bulls got a walk-off single to win 17-16, but the players played very well.  In relief, Kyle Wright kept the Bulls in check with great pitching over the final 4 innings giving up no earned runs while only allowing 3 hits, striking out 4 and walking only one.  Lots of Titans contributed offensively!  Justyn Spanski got 3 walks and scored twice and had an RBI.  Ian Vaughn went 1-3 with 3 RBI and 3 runs.  Kyle Wright went 2-4 with 3 RBI, 2 runs and a steal.  Zach King went 2-4 with 2 RBIs.  Jonathan Harris went 0-2 but had a sacrifice and two runs scored along with a steal.  Shamus McIlwee went 2-4 with a single and key double that cleared the loaded bases, 4 RBIs.  Jason Becka went 0-1 but walked 3 times and scored twice.  Nassim Salem went 2-2 with two singles and two walks and a run scored.  Chase Fensore was 1-3 with a RBI and two runs scored.  

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Pythons Put the Squeeze on the Titans 

The Titans had a bit of a down game after playing well the night before.  In the first three innings, the pitching was solid as Kyle Wright pitched well giving up only 4 earned runs, striking out 3 and only 1 walk.  Matthew Godenswager pitched in relief and Justyn Spanski made his pitching debut this season in the final inning.  

Hitting-wise, it was tough as the Pythons pitcher dominated most of the lineup.  Getting the only hits for the Titans were Zach Wolanin, Shamus McIlwee and Justyn Spanski.  Jason Becka reached on a 2-RBI error scoring our only runs of the game.

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Score Misleading - Titans played well versus Cardinals   

Last week's practices seemed to have helped as the Titans played a much cleaner defensive game with only two errors.  The Titans also turned a great double-play in the 3rd inning to keep the score close at 4-1.  In the 3rd inning, pitcher Ian Vaughn fielded a come-backer and looked the runner back to third, threw to first for the first out and then Tommy Rosselot gunned it home to Kyle Wright who blocked the plate and hammered down on the runner from third for the double play and preventing a run.  Great play guys!

Hitting-wise in last night's game, Ian Vaughn got hot at the plate going 2-2.  Others with base hits included Kyle Wright, Zack Wolanin (who had a sacrifice as well that led to a score) and Chase Fensore (who also had a sac-RBI). 


Titans Better in Games 2 and 3 of Strongsville Memorial Day Tournament 

After an error-filled game 1, the Titans played better fundamental baseball in games 2 and 3 as there was much better effort on the field.  In Game 2 versus the Pittsburgh Diamond Dawgs, Ian Vaughn, Jason Becka and Justyn Spanski each had base hits on the day.  Becka and Spanski each later scored from those hits.  

In Game 3 versus the Youngbucks, Zach King had a great day at the plate.  After nearly getting hit in the side of the head on the first pitch of the game, he hit the very next pitch for a triple.  He also added two more singles in the game going 3-4 and scoring a run.  Nick Mroczynski while not getting hit in the game was very productive by drawing 3 walks and getting two RBIs.  Jason Becka went 1-3 with a single, walk and two runs scored.  Zach Wolanin went 2-3 with two singles, a run and RBI.  Justyn Spanski went 2-3 with two singles, a walk, a RBI and two runs scored.  Teagen Smith went 0-1 but had two walks and two runs scored.  


Titans Get Snake-bit by the Northcoast Vipers 15-3

Plagued by an error-filled game (8), there weren't a lot of bright spots in last night's game but there were a few.  Having a solid day at the plate were hitters Matthew Godenswager, Zach King and Tommy Rosselot.  Hollywood G-Swags went 2-2 with a single and triple, run scored, RBI and two steals.  Kinger went 1-3 with a singled to RF.  Big T went 1-2 with a single, run scored and two steals.  

Nassim Salem and Matthew Godenswager were solid in relief.  El Gato pitched two innings and gave up only 1 run.  Hollywood pitched a scoreless inning while facing the minimum and striking one player out. 

Next game is this Wednesday, May 22 at Memorial at 6:00pm. The league game is against the Northern Ohio Hurricanes. Please have the boys there by 5:15pm. Let's blow away the 'Canes!!! 


 Titans Get Much Needed Win Against the Bulls 9-8

The Titans rebounded with a great game Saturday as they beat Player I Bulls 9-8.  Pitching a gem of game and earning the game ball, Kyle Wright pitched 5 innings in getting the win while striking out 6 and giving up 3 earned runs.  Ian Vaughn came through in relief for Kyle for the 6th and 7th innings in preserving the win.

The Titans hitters had a great day at the plate, too - especialy in the 3rd inning when they put up 7 runs that inning.  On the day, the following hitters each had good days at the plate:   Justin Spanski, Kyle Wright, Nick Mroczynski, Zach King, Matt Godenswager, Zach Wolanin and Teagen Smith.  With the bases loaded and two outs, Spanky had a clutch hit that cleared the bases as he went 1-2 with 3 RBIs.  Ice Man Kyle got on base all 3 times as he went 2-2 with a RBI, 2 runs and walk.  Nick went 1-2 with a triple, RBI, run and walk.  Kinger went 1-3 with a triple and run scored.  Swags went 1-3 with a double, RBI and run.  Zach Wolanin had his best hitting game of the season going 2-3 (one of the hits was a perfect bunt) and scoring a run.  Teagen went 1-2 and also scored.  

Defensively, there were good plays made throughout the game but the ones that stood out the most were Zach Wolanin's catch under the fly ball in left field, Nick Mroczynski's catch for the final out of the game in centerfied with runners on first and second (if he had missed that ball the Bulls might have won), Tommy Rosselot's liner at first base and Jason Becka's double-play at third base to close out the sixth inning with two runners on.