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Saturday, September 10
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USA Junior Olympic (JO)Volleyball or Club Volleyball offers athletes the opportunity to play volleyball after their high school season.  Club Volleyball is an avenue for girls 10 to 18 to play in competitive tournaments and get advanced training.    The number of girls playing club has more than tripled in the last five years in the Palmetto Region (South Carolina, plusSavannah, GA).  The number of girls who are playing club ball in the United States is over 150,000.  The regular JO Club season runs from mid-November until mid-April.  Af ew clubs continue training with their top teams until the AAU and Junior National Championships, held in June and early July. 

Club volleyball provides additional training, knowledge, and tournament play.  Players will be placed on a team based on their age and skill level.  Most tournaments offer 6 age group divisions (18's, 17's, 16's, 15's, 14’s and 13's; and sometimes even 12's).  This allows girls to compete against each other in their same age group.  Younger players may play up in an older age group, but players are not allowed to play in a younger age group without a specific waiver.

Each player has a different experience as a club member. Naturally, some players are more successful than are others.  Players who put more effort into the program get more out of it.  The following are some of the benefits of the JO program:


You will get better! That is a guarantee.  Every time you touch the volleyball makes you better than your competition.


Bringing girls togetherwith similar goals from various schools makes friendships.  The relationships that have been formed through practice and team play will be friendships that last a lifetime.


College coaches regularly attend JO tournaments.  The majority of colleges now recruit directly from club programs.  Last year over 98% of the high school girls nationwide who received college volleyball scholarships played club.  Remember, if you want to play in college, plan to play club!


The training, knowledge, self-esteem and experience your daughter will receive will be priceless.  You will not find an alternative where players can receive equal training and experience compared to participating in a JO program.  For a college bound player, club is becoming a must. 


JO Tournaments are where the hard practice pays off and many favorable memories are made.  Understand that practice and training is where you receive the most instruction and experience.  Tournament play is only a supplement to participating in Club.   Club tournaments are usually far more competitive and more physically demanding than high school matches.


JO volleyball programs have exploded all across the country. Only 25 years ago, the first National tournament was held, and only 20 teams made the trip.  Today, in contrast,the National Tournament held in 2009 hosted over 700 teams, was played on over 40 courts, and lasted 12 days. National Qualifiers like the one in Atlanta are even larger.  In 2010 this tournament had over 1,000 teams playing on over 100 courts for 3 days.

We find that most girlshave several goals.

  Some players want to learn more about the sport, improve their skill level, and get playing time in tournaments.

  For others, it's simply to extend their high school season by 6 months.

  For others, it may be to challenge starters on their school team for playing time next season.

   For a few, it will be the exposure needed to compete for future college scholarship opportunities.

Today you will find that literally all athletes who play in college participated in club volleyball during high school.  All participants enjoy competitive tournament play.  Many successful high school coaches are encouraging their athletes to play club volleyball for the experience, instruction, and additional training time.  Also, where you find successful high school programs, you will find players who participate in club volleyball. That is a fact!

Is JO volleyball only for the college bound athlete? Certainly not!  We areinterested in building teams in the younger age divisions, as young as 12 andunder (ages 10 and 11 are encouraged), athletes who are just beginning their volleyball experience.  For most players, JO volleyball is simply another challenging experience that shouldlead to a lot more fun on the court as playing skills improve.  Many girls find that club ball is “their volleyball season” due to the fact that they experience little playingtime during their high school season and find that tournament play is veryrewarding.


Clubs vary in goals,philosophy, cost, coaching, intensity, and tournament travel.

Upper Pee Dee Volleyball Club will hold practices two times per week when we do not have a tournament.  

Just showing up for practice isn’t enough.  We want players who are punctual (be ready to play BEFORE the announced start time), who stay for the entire practice, who are in the proper frame of mind to work hard, and who are willing to cooperate with the coaches and their teammates.  If you are a lazy player or a player who does not enjoy the grind of hard practices, Club is not for you.

Commitment is vital.  If you really don’t want to participate, don’t.  Our goal and philosophy is to have a serious, competitive and intense Club, and still have fun.  We want the player who has the desire to be the best she can be. Player discipline is absolutely essential.  Attitude and mental toughness are critical ingredients to successin Club volleyball.  Every player will be required to sign and abide by the Player Code of Ethics.  Violations of this Code will result inthe player being suspended for a set, match, tournament, or the season,depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offense(s).

If you miss a practice and are excused by your coach PRIOR to the practice, expect to sit on the bench for one set in the next tournament. If you miss a practice without being excused by your coach prior to practice, but your reason for missing practice is valid (e.g., schoolcommitment, sick), expect to sit on the bench for one match in the next tournament.  If you miss a practice and your coach does not accept your excuse as valid, expect to sit on the bench for two matches in the next tournament. This may seem harsh, but club volleyball is for serious players and if you miss practice you are penalizing your teammates and for that there is a price to pay.

Our season will run from mid-November through mid-April with tournament play beginning in January.  The 2011 tournament schedule is included below.  Most Regional tournaments are Saturday only, except for the Myrtle Beach tournament in January and the Regional Championships in Charlotte in April. 

All players are expected to play in every tournament.  Any player that misses more than one tournament will be subject to being dropped from the club.   Just as with practice, missing tournaments penalizes your teammates and if you cannot commit to being a full time participant you should reconsider playing club. 

There will be an Organizational Meeting on Wednesday, November 10 at 7pm at Bluffton HS in theAtrium.  All players and at leastone parent per player should attend. 

Tryouts for everyone willbe conducted on Sunday afternoons.  More details about tryouts will be provided at the organizationalmeeting on November 10.

All players must pay $25 on or before November 14 to attend the tryouts.

ALL PLAYERS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH USAV BEFORETHEY CAN ATTEND TRYOUTS.  If they are not registered until after November 14 they must pay a $10 late fee. In order to register with USAV go to:



Parents are an essential part of a JO program, from support to transportation.  We desire to offer athletes this opportunity at the lowestcost possible.  Fund-raising andsponsorships are always needed to keep fees to a minimum.  Parents play a big part in helping.


You will need a“Tournament Survival Kit”: chairs for gyms with too little seating; bleacherseats for buns; food, food, and more food for constant hungry athletes; a bunchof the “Gatorade Sport Bottles”; walkman or books for killing time betweenmatches; a good map; and nerve pills for those close matches!


At the beginning of theseason, all parents will be required to sign a Parent's Code of Ethics.  This Code simply requires properbehavior in order to ensure that everyone sets the best example possible forplayers, coaches, and officials. Violations of this Code by a parent will result in the parent beingordered from the gym and repeated violations could result in their daughterbeing suspended from LCVC. Additionally, repeated violations will result in a fine by PalmettoRegion.


When our teams travel andstay overnight, ALL players must stay at the same motel as the rest of theirteam.  Parents are encouraged tostay there too.  There are manyreasons for this policy but team bonding is the most important.


Parents and otherrelatives of players are encouraged to stay with the team when we travel.  However, non-relatives such as boyfriends are not allowed to travel with or stay with the team.  There are a number of reasons for thispolicy, not the least of which is that it has proven to be a major distractionto players and parents alike.


For major tournaments(power teams only) all players may travel together in a 15-passanger van.  Complete implementation of this policywill be dependent on sponsors offsetting the additional expenses of rentalvans.

All of our teams willnormally have nine (9) players but there could be exceptions to this rule.   For example, it is not unusualthat we keep more players on our youngest team(s).


Club fees include entry in every Palmetto Region tournament.


Several fund-raising projects will be offered to help players cover their Club fees.  Someone who is aggressive could pay forher entire season through fund raising. Last season a number of girls did just that.  Examples of fundraising will be talked about at the organizational meeting.

Additionally, each team will have an adult (parent) team representative who will be responsible for coordinating food and drinks for the players at all tournaments, ensuring that everyone on the team has transportation to and from tournaments (plus practices if necessary) and that motel rooms are obtained for the team for overnight trips. Team Representatives MUST have email.  To be a team representative contactyour team’s coach.

If you have anyquestions, call Coach Chewning @ 843-623-5059, Email chewningbc@shtc.net Also see our web site at www.eteamz.com/upperpeedeevolleyball.com

Players' Code of Ethics


I hereby pledge toprovide positive support and encouragement for my teammates by following thisPlayers’ Code of Ethics:


1.        I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive supportfor all players, coaches, and officials at every tournament, match, set, andpractice.


2.        I will place the emotional and physical well being of my teammates aheadof my personal desire to win.


3.        I will treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respectregardless of race, sex, creed or ability.


4.        I will encourage my teammates at all times and this encouragement willalways be positive in nature, whether I am playing or on the bench.


5.        I will not criticize my teammates or coaches to anyone at any time.


6.        I will arrive at practice on time (or early) and will not leave early;if I must miss practice I will contact my coach in advance to be excused.


7.        I will observe all training rules, curfews when traveling, and otherdirections that I may receive from my coaches.


8.        I will do everything I can to foster a playing and practice atmospherethat makes volleyball fun for everyone. 


9.        I will be prepared to play positions that are not my usual positionbecause I know that when asked to do so it is for the good of the team.




Player's Signature


Parents' Code of Ethics


I hereby pledge toprovide positive support, care, and encouragement for my daughter'sparticipation in volleyball by following this Parents’ Code of Ethics:


1.            Iwill encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for allplayers, coaches, and officials at every tournament and in every match and set.


2.            Iwill place the emotional and physical well being of my daughter ahead of mypersonal desire to win. 


3.            Iwill insist that my daughter play in a safe and healthy environment.


4.            Iwill require that my daughter’s coach(s) be fully knowledgeable of theresponsibilities of being a youth sports coach.


5.            Iwill support coaches and officials working with my daughter in order toencourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.


6.            Iwill demand a sports environment for my daughter that is free from drugs,tobacco, and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all volleyball events.


7.            Iwill remember that the game is for youth - not adults.


8.            Iwill do my very best to make volleyball fun for my daughter.


9.            Iwill require that my daughter treat other players, coaches, fans and officialswith respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.


10.            Iwill not question my daughter’s coach about playing time or what position(s) mydaughter plays on any day of competition.





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