Upper Canada Football Club: Welcome

Monday, September 12
Upper Canada Futsal Club

The First Bi-Weekly (because I'm busy)Upper Canada Football Club "Golden Handbag Award" given to the person or persons that has proven, through their action, or lack of action, that they leave their balls at home when competing or performing their duties have been determined, because of the amount of nutless decisions, rulings etc in the world, I have created 3 divisions.

Football/Soccer:The original reason for the Golden Handbag award. In Canada, we don't need anyone fueling the haters, nuff said. our first winner;

Alvero Arbeloa of Spain, his blatant dive during the Chile match should have caused his father and mother to die of shame.

Political: self explanatory

First award A tie!!

Adam Vaughan, (not sure of spelliing and not to concerned)who managed to pull library closings out of his ass while mourning Jack Layton, he was the first to do it, declared that the people coming to the ad hoc memorial at City Hall signified the opposition to library closings, bloody classless moron, might have to change this to the "Adam Vaughan award"

Brampton Mayor Susan Fenell, who, in her never ending pandering to the south asian community has awarded the "keys to the city of Brampton" to Russell Peters, the same half wit that called all the white citizens of Brampton white trash, Madame Mayor if I declare all South Asian memebers of Brampton Brown Trash, am I still eligible to be awarded the keys to the city? I better be, you set the standard,

Leadership: this could be a boss, Captain, MPP, MP

Peel Regional Police chief Metcalfe, Why can't he order the dog handler to do what the SIU ask's? Looks like they should have named the mutt "Liability", I had a hard time with this one, insubordination? or collusion, then last Tuesday Sept 06 2011 at approx 7:20 while travelling south on McLaughlin Rd in Brampton I was passed by a full size black van at a high rate of speed, as there was a good deal of traffic at the time, the van "had" to make 6 (six) lane changes in the short distance between McLaughlin and Flowertown, I assumed it was an undercover Police vehicle responding to an emergency and upon turning onto Flowertown (the only time the van indicated a turn) I discovered it was an emergency vehicle, unfortunately no emergency, the driver of the van was the last ETF officer to arrive at "Tony & Jim's" Pizza and sandwhiches (awesome food by the way) and must have been on the hook for dinner, now does the FACT that Peel cops are the worst drivers around make the Chief a deserving winner, to me it looks like the cops have no fear of repurcussions from their superiors, thats terrifying, so Chief Winner, driving public Losers, what could be worse than getting a "fail to indicate" ticket from a Peel cop?