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Life Performance
Life Performance Enhancement

High School & Youth Training
At Life Performance Enhancement, we believe true love for the game starts at a young age, which is why we have developed High School and Youth training programs. These specifically designed and tested programs offer the same techniques and strategies that we use with our professional athletes but tailored to the physical demands of those who are less experienced physically. We take a personal approach ensuring that our athletes have a complete understanding of WHY they are doing, WHAT they are doing! Sport performance training, nutrition, and rehabilitation ensure you will remain competitive during the off-season. Our goal is to improve your overall performance on and off the field. We offer training for teams and individuals. Training programs for individuals and teams are available at each of our training locations to support your athlete in reaching their performance goals.

Phone: (626)224-1838

Dicks Coupon Banner 2015
Dick’s Sporting Goods Upland Pony

Upland Pony is very excited to announce its continued partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods.   
Together we look forward to supporting and showing our commitment to youth sports and our community.
To resound this commitment and in preparation for the upcoming 2016 season,
coupons for our league participants are available by clicking on the dicks logo!