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Friday, March 5
Baseball Savvy Newsletter
Notes from the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention, tips for coaches.

Wednesday, October 21
Volunteers and Sponsors


Upland Pony is in need of skilled volunteers. Our field will need work after winterball,  snack bar needs repairs and updating,  if you have time, money or resources we can always use your help.  Please contact any Upland Pony Board Member or e-mail uplandpony@gmail.com with your skill or resource or just let us know you have time and a strong back.  When work begins it will be nice to have a list of active volunteers to call on.

Tuesday, March 8
Opening Day A Success!!! Upland Pony Kicks Off 2011 Season In Style

Opening Day was a success and the games were FANtatstic!  Fans got to see some great baseball as all three games were hard fought and close for the majority of the game.  Game #1 saw a fantastic pitching performance by newcomer Spencer Gunn as the Cardinals beat the A's 13 to 2.  The A's hung tough for the first 5 innings until the Cards bats put it away.


Game #2 might be one for the Upland Pony Record books, 2010 opening day saw a combined no hitter from the Dodgers pitchers, while game #2 Saturday saw two aces go head to head without blinking as the Angels nipped the Giants 1-0.  Angels Jeffery Cross mowed down 14 Giant hitters while newcomer Cesar Fregoso struck out 13.

Game #3 pitted the Red Sox and Robbie Armatas against the Cubs and Andrew Contreras.  The game was tight from start to finish with the Cubs nipping the Red Sox 3 to 2.  Red Sox Jason Gutierrez when deep for the losing Red Sox.




Saturday, August 20
2011 Pony Champions

Upland PONY

League Championship Results

Congratulations to the

2011 Upland Pony Champion Angels

They completed a season where they were in first place from start to finish by beating a very game Red Sox team, which seemed destine to win their third straight playoff. The Angels trailed but battled all game long and couldn't seem to get the big hit when they needed it. That was until the 6th inning, when Jeff Kross doubled to tie the score and the 8th, when Eric Rembecky singled home the winning run. Angels' Mathew Smith got the win in relief while Red Sox James Agabashian took the loss, despite pitching well. There were three home runs in the game, one each by Red Sox Brandon Pires and Agabashian and the Angels' starter, Zac Sturdivant.

The Angels were Zac Sturdivant, Jeffery Kross, Aaron Chavez, Dawson Houlihan, Mathew Smith, Malcolm Smith, Michael Austin, Eric Rembecky, Christian Montalvo, Sergio Olivas, Pedro Gonzalez, and Michael Dean.

They were managed by Steve Rembecky and coached by Chris Smith, Larry Chavez, and J.D. Sturdivant.

Monday, April 23

The Pony Website Game Schedules has been updated to reflect new Saturday Game times.

Tuesday, May 8
Upland Pony Stats Are Coming In And Here Are Our Early Leaders


14                                                   13

Potter- Red Sox 1

Perez- Cubs 1



Home Runs

14                                                  13

O'Brien- Giants 2                         Palhegyi- Dodgers 3

Jauregui- Red Sox 1                     Almandinger- Padres 2

Contreras- Red Sox 1                   Beltran- Dodgers 2

                                                     Fabela- Red Sox 2

(Morin/Martinez- Yankees 1, Hernandez- Dodgers 1, Garcia- Giants 1)




14                                                         13

Thompson- Yankees 7                           Palhegyi- Dodgers 12

Keck/Coppi- Yankees 5                        Almandinger- Padres 9

Cunningham/DiGrazia- Padres 5           Martinez- Yankees 8

Jauregui/Contreras- Red Sox 5          Fabela- Red Sox- 7

O'Brien- Giants 5                                Morin/Kittleson- Yankees 6



14                                                       13

Madzarevic- Angels 9                        Phelps- Red Sox 8

Coppi- Yankees 8                               Plant- Padres 7

Keck- Yankees 5                                Perez- Giants 7

Finlay- Angels 5                                 Luna- Padres 6

7 with 4                                             Lopez- Angels 6

                                                         Vizcarra- Dodgers 6


Stolen Bases

14                                                      13

Potter- Red Sox 4                            Fabela- Red Sox 9

Dean- Angels 4                                 Plant- Padres 6

Keck/Thompson- Yankees 3             Almandinger- Padres 5

Gwozdz/Anzaldo- Giants 3              Gomez- Rays 4

(7 with 2)                                        Sullivan- Cubs 4


On Base Average

14                                                    13

Madzarevic- Angels .636                 Beltran- Dodgers .765

Coppi- Yankees .615                         Gomez- Rays .750

Thompson- Yankkes .556                 Sullivan- Cubs .667

Speicher- Padres .529                     Bahna *12- Rays .647

Jauregui- Red Sox .500                   Chavez- Dodgers .643

Perez- Cubs .500





Wednesday, May 9
Early Leaders in Upland Pony Stats


14                                                                13

Jauregui- Red Sox .474                              Beltran- Dodgers .692

Thompson- Yankees .455                            Sullivan- Cubs .615

Dean- Angels .400                                      Gomez- Rays .600

Madzarevic- Angels .385                           Palhegyi- Dodgers .563

Speicher- Padres .385                               Chavez- Dodgers .545



14                                                              13

Coppi- Yankees 12                                     Martinez- Yankees 10

Thompson- Yankees 11                              Crist- Yankees 9

Dean- Angels 9                                         Plant- Padres 9

Seccombe- Cubs  8                                   Palhegyi- Dodgers 8

Potter- Red Sox 7                                   Appiah- Padres 8



14                                                               13

Thompson- Yankees 10                              Appiah- Padres 10

Jauregui- Red Sox 9                                 Almandinger- Padres 10

Dean- Angels 8                                          Martinez-Yankees 9

Coppi/Keck- Yankees 6                              Palhegyi- Dodgers 9

Castenada- Angels 6                                  Beltran- Dodgers 9



 14                                                               13

Coppi- Yankees 5                                         Aragon- Red Sox 3

Jauregui- Red Sox 2                                    De Los Reyes- Angels 3

Potter- Red Sox 2                                       Martinez/Morin- Yankees 2

Speicher- Padres 2                                      Luna/Appiah- Padres 2

Gwozdz- Giants 2                                         Gomez/Merrill- Rays 2