Upland National Little League: Welcome

This is the official site of Upland National Little League, "the Home of Fee Free Baseball". We are the ONLY Little League in the United States that for over 65 years has never charged a registration fee.

Inquiries should be directed to League President, Mike Butler at (909) 527-5130.

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We need new uniforms!

Upland National Little League is a fee free little league. We ask of no money from our parents and rely on sponsors, fundraisers, and our snack bar to make our a league a success. UNLL has not charged a fee for over 60 years now and we are trying to keep it that way. Our uniforms have seen better days and while we try to replace a handful every year, we are in need of new uniforms across all teams. Thank you for your support.

Note: First Team listed is the HOME Team.