Umatilla Cal Ripkin Indians: Welcome

Tuesday, March 1
Indians Website

                      Welcome to Umatilla INDIANSWebsite!
                             Hello INDIANS!!!
                     Are you ready to set the pace?
          To do it at full speed? Ready to jump into action?
      Then be the contributing player who puts the Team
                            in the FAST LANE...

                              Make this your Ethos
                                 I am an INDIAN,
                        a member of the UMATILLA INDIANS.
                               I live Baseball.
                   the game I place above self first.
                I will never give in; I will never give up,
                No matter how many times they beat us down,
                            I will never QUIT!
                My ALLEGIANCE is to my fellow team mates,
                  I will be found faithful to the end.
                   I am physically and mentally tough,
                     trained, proficient and skilled.
                   I AM  A WARRIOR prepared for battle.
                  The way I play will silence them all!!!
                     Bonded together by this belief,
                   That WE ARE created for greatness…
                I can, I will, I must do with my life that
                        which will live FOREVER…
                           For WE ARE INDIANS.

                                   GO TRIBE...
Practice   Every Tuesday 6:45pm till 8:30pm. 

                Every Friday 6:45pm. till 8:45pm.

                Every Saturday 1:00pm. till 3:00pm . 

Until GAMES begin. the schedule will be updated at that time 

Week day games:  1 hour before game time

Saturday games Be at the Field 1 hour and 15 minutes before game time... 

First Game March 11, 2011 Friday night opening day. Everyone needs to be at the  

North Lake community Park at 6 pm.    

. See you...

It is written: "Many are called! But only a few are CHOSEN."Do you know WHY?  YOU have to choose, YOU have to make your calling and election sure! YOU either choose to do the work, or not to.

BASEBALL is it in YOU??? Everyone will soon know.

                   Be sure to sign the Teams guestbook. Tell us what you think.

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