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Friday, April 10
Welcome to Oklahoma Original Ultimate (Hauck) 2009!


Thanks for visiting the website of the Oklahoma "Original" Ultimate, this team was founded by Harold Copus and Ken Richardson in 1988.  In 1990, Jerry Fuller joined the coaching staff.  In 2000, Copus retired and Richardson took the lead with former Ultimate Short Stop, Adrienne Hauck as Assistant coach.  In 2002, Richardson retired and Hauck assumed the head coaching position with Darryl Williams as assistant.  Rick Fitzpatrick joined the team in 2004.  

The team's mission is to prepare young ladies, athletically and academically, for college softball scholarships. 

Our team consists of young ladies ranging 14 to 18 years of age from various cities within the state of Oklahoma.

We are a competitive 18U Gold summer ball team who will be playing 18U Gold tournaments as well as College Exposure Tournaments this upcoming summer.

Wednesday, July 8
Gold Nationals Okc