: Volunteers

Help Wanted!
Yes, I am Pointing at YOU!
Volunteers continue to be critical as our Athletic Association grows with all of our sports! We as parents & the Upper Dublin community are fortunate to have this program and so many options & healthy activities for our children to choose from.

Please keep in mind however that none of our programs are run by paid employees. No Coach, No Administrator or anyone else is paid for the tremendous amount of hours they devote to your children and this community. They do it for the love of the game, the love of our community & most importantly, the love of our kids!
From league administrators to coaches to team parents who just help with the fields or provide snacks at games and practice: A successful league or youth athletic program requires a LARGE number of volunteers to help make each season successful.

We all want our children to have the opportunity to participate in great programs! But to run a great program we need great people, so get involved! Of course we are always looking for coaches, however we do understand that not everyone has the time to be a coach.

But there is room for your help in every sport!!!!

In Basketball, we always need someone to help with the Game Clock & Scorebook, so please don't wait for the coach to have to ask you, step up and offer to help! In Baseball, Softball & Football, there are snack stands, game books & field preparations. There is simply room for every parent to help in someway, so please don't stand there and wait for the coach to do the work, get out there and help get it done!
Think about it, how many times do we as parents disregard the LITTLE THINGS?? How many times do we leave the field or court and let the Coach who does so much for our own kids pick up their trash after the game? Doing something as little as making sure the coach never has to pick up your teams empty water bottle HELPS!
There are many great ideas submitted to us to help make this program even better, but we need YOUR help to make them happen. Please don't ask why we didn't do something, OFFER to DO IT!

So why would you get involved, you already have so much on your plate? (ps. so do the people who run the program )
1. They are your kids & they only grow up once, so take the time and be a part of it!
2. There is room for anyone to help, you need not be an expert in any sport to work at the snack stand, help set up the field, keep the game book etc.
3. This is your community, being a volunteer is a GREAT way to meet GREAT people in the community.
4. There is a tremendous amount of hours spent by a small number of people to make this program thrive, there is some truth to the saying that 2% of the people do 98% of the work.
5. Our personal favorite: Complaints will not be accepted from those sitting in lawn chairs or the stands!

There are small things everyone can do to help. So find a way to help us make this a great program this year & for years to come!

Please email info@udjaa.com and ask how you can help!
Or maybe just ask the coach what you can do to help him!

Thank you,