Fall Cheerleading: Welcome

Fall Cheerleading

Saturday, April 1


UDJAA CHEERLEADING REGISTRATION BEGINS APRIL 1, 2017 For girls entering Kindergarten through Eighth, our program will have an age-appropriate recreation (sideline) team. These girls will practice once a week, after our August cheer camp (evenings), and cheer at weekend football games. The season will end in November with our annual Exhibition, a showcase of all the teams for family and friends. $95 cost

For girls who have at least one year of cheer experience and are interested in becoming more serious about the sport, we also offer three competitive teams.  (Scroll down to see more  info  on our Mini, Youth, and Senior Comp. teams) Please email LauraKCohen@gmail.com if you'd like to be placed on the email list for upcoming Youth and Senior Comp tryouts or want to sign your daughters up for Minis. (No tryouts for Minis, for girls entering 1st-3rd.)

Competition Team Info: Please email Laura Cohen (contact below) to be placed on an email list for more information on ALL competitive teams, sent out prior to tryouts

Senior 14 and Under Team (6th-8th Grades) - requires tryouts, requires one season of cheer experience

Youth 10 and Under Team (3rd-5th Grades) - requires tryouts, requires one season of cheer experience

**** At the Youth and Senior Competition Team level, we HIGHLY encourage girls to take tumbling classes and master their back handspring or higher level skills. These teams compete in National Competitions, where we are scored by percentage of the team which can perform these skills. If girls do not have these skills, but are currently taking classes to work on them, that will be taken into consideration. **** 


Mini 8  and Under Team (1st-3rd Grades) - no tryouts required. One season of cheer (or gymnastics) experience required. Team WILL be capped at a certain size, so please email interest early!





Please contact Commissioner Laura Cohen



Tuesday, April 1

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION NOTE:  If you have difficulty startng the registration when you click on the link below try either of the following: 1) Right click on the logo below and choose "Open in New Window", or 2) copy the link https://udjaa.demosphere-secure.com/_registration into your browser and hit enter. Still having problems email us at info@udjaa.com Thank you.


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