Union County Soccer League: Welcome

Monday, September 1

The Butter Braids Fundraiser for the Fall 2014 season was a big success, netting over $3000!  Thank you all for your help and participation.  

Delivery will be made by the company on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at the Anna Heights Baptist Church in Anna.  You can pick up your products between the hours of 6pm-8pm on this night.  

Thank you all.


Tuesday, September 23
Fall 2014 UCSL Tournament Schedule

The Fall 2014 UCSL Tournament scheduled is posted.  Check back for revisions as they are made.  Rainouts will be played the first available scheduled make-up date, as necessary.  All teams will play on October 4, the final day of the season.  Thank you all for your help and participation in making the Fall 2014 a success!
Handout: Fall 2014 UCSL Tournament Schedule

Tuesday, August 5
Get Involved - Help UCSL!!!!

Are you interested in coaching?  Refereeing?  Asssisting with the field layout and painting?  Helping with fundraisers or organizing the Homecoming Parade for UCSL?  The UCSL Board is asking parents, grandparents, and guardians to volunteer to help us out.  For the past 3 years the Union County Soccer League has steadily grown - resulting in 320 player in the Spring 2014 Season.  With that growth comes more responsibilities for each Board Member and volunteer.  The complex is undergoing noticeable changes with the highschool field receiving an electronic scoreboard and new goals and nets.  The complex as a whole now has a water well to help with irrigation.  Electricity is coming to provide a sound system and music during games and tournaments.  Good things are happening and we need your assistance!  Please give any of the Board Members a call or text at any time to let them know what you are willing to help with!  Thank you!

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