Union County Soccer League: Welcome


Show your support for UCSL as  player, parent, or coach!  The items shown in the image above are available for purchase at the Concession Stand. 

The soccer bag is ideal for keeping your player's soccer ball, shin guards, and those muddy cleats all in one location while allowing them to easily carry their equipment to and from the fields.  Cost of the bag is $5.00.

Your player works hard and deserves a cool water bottle to keep him/her active!  Cost of the pop-up style water bottle is $4.00.

Parents, Grandparents, Coaches - how many cool Saturday mornings have you spent watching your player, while wishing you had a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate to keep you warm?  You will never have to wish again - you can purchase the travel mug, stay warm, and show support for UCSL at the same time!  Cost of the travel mug is $5.00.

All items read "Union County Soccer League" with a picture of a child kicking a soccer ball.  All proceeds go directly towards the purchase of soccer equipment for the Union County Soccer League.  Check them out at the Concession Stand during your next visit!


Monday, April 14
Spring 2014 UCSL Tournament Week

Handout: Spring 2014 UCSL Tournament Schedule