95-96 Girls CUP Crew Jrs Gold: Rachel Gary

Rachel Gary
Mid Field

02 Rachel Gary
Position: Mid Field
Email: amyegary@yahoo.com
Profile: Jersey #: 2
High School: Fairfield
GPA: 3.86
Year of Graduation: 2014
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125

Committment Status:

Player Accomplishments:
Fairfield High School Varsity Team as Freshman and Sophomore
OSYSA ODP State Team 2009
OSYSA ODP State Team 2008
Player Contact Information:
Amy Gary, amyegary@yahoo.com (513) 304-6930
Mailing Address:
7404 Preakness Lane Hamilton, OH 45011

Brian Page, Director of Coaching CUP , 513-312-1813
Dan Brady, CUP Coach dbrady@maderiacityschools.org
Patrick O'Leary FHS Lady Indians Coach fairfieldindiansoccer@gmail.com