95-96 Girls CUP Crew Jrs Gold: Welcome

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Welcome to the website for the CUP Crew Juniors Gold Team. We are a girls 95-96 soccer team from the Cincinnati United Soccer Club, located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. We are coached by Dan Brady. As our name indicates, we are affiliated with the Columbus Crew of the MLS and will play in the most competitive U16 league in Region II, the Midwest Regional League. We will also participate in CASL event, Disney or Orange, Jefferson Cup, and other national level events.


Latest Tournament Results (all in the top flight*)...

  • 2011 Disney Showcase Finalist (Copa Division)* 
  • 2011 Adidas Warrior Soccer Classic Champions 
  • 2011 Disney Showcase Champions (Copa Division*) 
  • 2010 State Cup Quarterfinalists (lost in PK's to eventual champions)
  • 2010 Warrior Classic Semifinalists
  • 2010 Elite Invitational (3-1 record)
  • 2009 TPL Champions
  • 2009 Internationals Season Finale Champions
  • 2009 Mead Cup Semifinalists
  • 2009 CU Cup Champions
  • 2009 Murray Cup Finalists
  • 2008 CU Cup Champions
  • 2008 FC Pride Cup Finalists