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Tuesday, October 12
Region 1 League

Hello Everyone-

 As discussed last year I've asked for details for our team's participation in the Region 1 League.  The application deadline is in the middle of November so we need to make a decision, as a team, if we are going to participate or not.  This league will be very tough but will most likely be the best way our girls can get up to speed with the competition we may see at Regionals, if we are successful in winning the VT State Cup again.  Here is a rundown of details:

·         Teams play a seven game schedule – brackets of eight with everyone playing each other once.

·         Games must be played on Saturdays starting in early March and ending early May.

·         We develop our own schedule – we state when we can play specifying when we can travel and when we can host. The league coordinator takes this information and then builds the schedule. This is usually completed by the end of January or early February.

·         Most games are on the road but would look to schedule “home” game(s) on the April Training Weekend at Golden Goal – April 9-10

·         Teams are from New England with some eastern New York teams.

·         Most game days are easily down and back with no overnight – Last year, the U13 boys played in Providence (RI), Hartford (CT) and Lancaster (MA). Game days have two matches scheduled.

·         There is an added cost factoring in league fees, field fees and referee fees. We estimate the cost to be $110 per player. This is actually quite reasonable considering that most teams pay nearly $75+ to attend a tournament with only three games. The only thing not factored in would be the coaches expenses, and we would ask that the families handle this directly with the coach (must cover any hotel expenses as well as gas and meals).

·         The competition is exceptional, the venues are the best (all field turf fields) and the referees are very good. The aim of the competition to be used as “spring training” and that progress and sorting through our system of play is what we should focus on. 

We need to make a decision so please have a response to me by Friday, October 15th.  If you need more information to make your decision please let me know and I'll try to find the answer to your questions.