U12 Lanco United : Welcome

A soccer team is formed...

The sides of the story on how a soccer team is created are limitless.  Everyone involved in this journey of creating our Girls U12 Lanco United soccer team has their unique story.  Whether it was not being challenged enough in their current programs, having their premiere team fold or simply wanting to try something new, every player and parent have their stories.  I encourage them to share those stories because they are/were very motivating and heartfelt.  Also many parents and players felt alone in their soccer journey.  Through this team, they discovered others who felt exactly the same way they did, and it was quite uplifting.  Here is an abridged version of my story.

It all started at a 3v3 tournament when I asked the question, "How hard could it be to form an independent soccer team?"  From this question, I asked more questions and reached out to people.  I found very helpful people in the soccer community.  The more people I spoke with, the more encouragement and help I received!  Even parents with daughters not joining the team would write kind words saying they wished someone had done this years ago-- their daughter had been trying to find a home in soccer for years but finally found one.  Every parents' story kept motivating me to stick with this journey until within two weeks' time, I realized we had a full roster!

I made one more outreach phone call stating we had a full roster except for a goalie and what would the likelihood be of finding a goalie in time for the season.  This phone call opened an unexpected door to our team: Lanco United.  Lanco United is dedicated to building players and giving them the soccer tools necessary to be able to play soccer collegiately-- should they choose to take that path later in life.  Their philosophy and mission aligned nicely with ours and at our first parent/player meeting everyone embraced this wonderful opportunity.  We rallied behind fundraising efforts (to keep the program affordable for all the families) and rallied behind continuing to network to find our goalie.

This has been a wonderful journey thus far.  The players are eager to begin their season with their new team.  We hope you'll support us on our journey!