Teaneck Youth Basketball: Welcome

Welcome to Teaneck Junior Basketbal!

Welcome to Teaneck Junior Basketball (formerly Biddy/IYB and TYB). TJB serves the youth of Teaneck, New Jersey providing Teaneck residents between the ages 5-14 with solid basketball and sportsmanship skills. We host a popular League tournament during the winter months and a summer league for boys. We also have an all-star league for boys and girls.

October 2015


Online registration for the 2015-2016 Teaneck Junior Basketball Season is now CLOSED. 

Questions? Send an e-mail (teaneckjuniorbasketball@gmail.com). 


All games and practices are played at the Richard Rodda Center (opposite Votee Park in Teaneck).

Games are played on Sundays. Girls games/practices (ex. Instructional)  are played on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Practices are held during the week after 6:30 pm. Days and times are at the descretion of the coach.

All registered players will receive a uniform and are expected to wear the uniform to each game.

Instruction Leagues (K-2nd grades Boys and Girls) meet for one hour a week.  There are no weekday practices.

Questions? email us at teaneckjuniorbasketball@gmai.com

REFUND POLICY: (please read carefully)

Refunds will be processed in person on designated Sundays.  If you registered and paid online, the third-party fee will be deducted from your refund. Please bring proof of your payment. (Cancelled check or receipt if you paid in person)


Refunds will given under the following conditions:
Player cannot have accepted a uniform
Player must notify league in writing of intention to withdraw before the start of the season. If player withdraws during the season, a partial refund may be given at the discretion of the league coordinator. All refunds are made in person only on designated Sundays from 12:00-3:00. A cancelled check or e-mail confirmation is proof of payment and no refund will be processed without this. If you paid with a credit card online, we cannot refund the processing charge.


All Star Program

All Star Program Information
The fee to participate in the All Star Program will be $150 per selected player. Fees will be used to cover the cost of uniforms, tournament/league admission fees, referees and score keepersÂ’ expenses. In addition, All-Star players will be required to attend mandatory study sessions before each practice. This new educational component supports our mission to help fully develop players on and off the court.