TX Rattlers: Welcome

3-20 TTB Champs
TTB Champs 3-20-2016

We are a 13U AAA (Spring 2016) team practicing in Flower Mound. For inquiries, contact Coach Charlie Carr

Schedule             TEBA Standings

Potential Spring 2016 Tournaments: 

2/19 Rattler Invitational (Bakersfield)
2/27 TNT Annual Spring Opener (McInnish-Carrollton)
3/19 TTB Luck of the Irish (Craig's Ranch)          1st place! CHAMPS!
4/2 Triple Crown Lone Star Classic (Plano/Grapevine)
4/9 TEBA: Keller Barons
4/16 TEBA: Denton Turn 2
4/17 TEBA: TCBA Hogs               RAINOUT
4/23  TTB Run of the Roses (Richardson-Breckenridge)


5/7 TEBA: 1/3pm, Bakersfield (TX Rattlers-Smith)

5/14 TNT May Blast (The Colony) (paid)

5/22 TEBA: 4/6pm, Bakersfield (TCBA Hogs)    Rain makeup 

5/27 Triple Crown (DFW) (?? any better ideas ??)

6/4 H4P Dog Days (The Colony) or Euless Tournament?

6/11 ?????

6/18 Triple Creek?

6/25 TTB -- Breckenridge

7/9-17 AAYBA Week One (paid)

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