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Texas East Little League was created in 2002 as a result of Little League Baseball asking that the State of Texas be split into two entities, Texas East and Texas West. Texas East stretches from the Sabine River in the east to I-20 in the north to I-35 on the west to San Antonio and from there I-181 to the Gulf of Mexico and back to the Sabine River. Although not the exact geographical boundaries, they roughly describe the area covered by Texas East. We are a very diverse group of urban and rural areas. To see the Leagues chartered in Texas East, you may click on the graphic below or on the "Alignment" link in the menu to the left. Please check out all of our menu items as we will try to put as much information as we can out to you. We hope you enjoy our website and come back to visit often.


Saturday, March 19
ASAP Update

"We showed outstanding improvement for this report, I know we can reach 100% total for 2017. Keep up the Great Work."
 Joe L. Patterson Sr.
Texas District 31, District Adm.
Texas East State Coordinator
Member Little League Baseball Inc. Board Of Directors  

Handout: ASAP Update

Wednesday, January 20
Little League Publishes Comparisons between LL Softball and Other Softball Programs

Handout: Little League Softball Comparisons

Wednesday, November 18
Senior League Baseball 2015 Champion: West University Little League (Houston, Texas)

Congratulations to West University Senior boys!  Click on the Headline above to view the 2016 World Series Calendar along with 2015 champions for all divisions of Baseball and Softball.

Southwest Region Champions Advancing to the World Series


Intermediate Baseball:  West University

Big League Baseball:  Montgomery (D28)

Congratulations to all 2016 Texas East State Champions

Congratulations to the 2016 Texas East State Champions.

9&10 Year Old Baseball: Post Oak, D16
9&10 Year Old Softball: Columbus, D13  
10&11 Year Old Baseball: Lamar National, D18
10&11 Year Old Softball: Halletsville, D31
Little League (Major) Baseball: Pearland East D15
Little League (Major) Softball: Seguin, D31
50/70 Intermediate Baseball: West University, D16
Junior League Baseball: Bridge City, D32
Junior League Softball: LaGrange, D13
Senior League Baseball: West University D16
Senior League Softball: Huffman, D25
Big League Baseball: Montgomery, D28
Big League Softball: Calhoun, D27

Licensed Composite Bats

Click on the "Headline" above to download, view and print a copy of the composite bats currently licensed, and approved, by Little League Baseball, Inc. for use. Additionally, a link to the listing of the complete Current Licensed Bat List is available to be downloaded.

LLB Forms and Publications

Click on the "Headline" above to download and print all LLB published Forms, Applications, Instructions, Publications, etc. necessary for the successful operation of your League(s).

Texas East State Umpires

Texas East State Umpires are well trained volunteers who travel at their own expense. Each year, the District Administrators throughout the State submit the names of their finest and most proficient umpires to the Supervisor of Umpires for consideration to both the Texas East State Baseball and Softball Tournaments. Umpires are then selected, from this list, to serve at the Texas East State Tournaments. It is considered very much an honor to be selected to serve at the Texas East State Tournaments, just as it is to be selected for the SW Regional Tournaments and ultimately the Little League World Series. Please remember to treat all Texas East Umpires with the respect which they deserve. 

Regional and World Series Tournament Umpire Application

FOR REGIONAL and WORLD SERIES TOURNAMENTS ONLY: Any umpire desiring to be considered for assignment to any Regional or World Series tournament, must complete a LLB "Tournament Umpire Request Form" and a "Volunteer Application". Upon completion, both forms and a legible copy of your Texas Drivers License must be submitted, annually, to the SW Regional Director in Waco, Texas by November 1st of the current year. Please note that your respective District Administrator must recommend you for all assignments being requested. Any request received after November 1st, of the current year, will not be considered. Click on the "Handout" below to download and print copies of both forms!!!!

Texas East State Tournament Umpire Application

FOR TEXAS EAST STATE TOURNAMENTS ONLY: Any Umpire desiring to umpire in any division of the Texas East State Tournaments, must complete a "Texas East State Tournament Umpire Request Form" and a "Volunteer Application". Upon completion, both forms and a legible copy of your Texas Drivers License must be submitted, annually, to the Texas East State Umpire N' Chief prior to December 1st of the current year. Any request received after December 1st, of the current year, will not be considered. Click on the "Handout" below to download and print copies of both forms!!!!

Hotel/Motel listing for Waco, Texas

Click on the "Handout" below for a listing of Hotels/Motels in Waco, Texas. Be sure to advise the agent that you will be attending a Little League Baseball, Inc. function.



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