Texas Blast Futbol Club: Profiles

Wednesday, October 10


TX Blast! I need your rough drafts by September 15th!

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Sample Letter


Mr./Mrs./Ms. [Coach’s Full Name]
[University Name]
[University Address]

Dear Coach [Coach’s Last Name]:

My name is [Player’s Full Name], and I am a [grade] at [Name of High School]. I am writing to inform you that I will be playing in the ASA 11th Annual College Showcase. I would like for you to come see me play.

I have enclosed my “soccer resume” to show not only my athletic accomplishments, but my academic accomplishments as well. Below is my game schedule for the showcase. I can provide my highschool and club soccer schedules on request.

Thank you for considering me as a student athlete.


[Player’s Name]

Bracket B
#125   2:00 PM   TEXAS BLAST FC         FRISCO FUSION 00G (TXN)                 HP MP-E    
#127   8:00 AM   TEXAS BLAST FC        STING EAST 01G GRAY (TXN)        HP #04    
#128   2:00 PM   FC DALLAS 00G EAST    TEXAS BLAST FC                           HP #14